This couldn't be happening.

But it is.

And you have no control over it.

You try to move your feet, but it's not working.

And you know why…

The tingle increases in your feet, rising, like a blazing fire.

The strongest burn though, is not this. It is in your heart, and not for the first time. The pain increases as you watch the person who means the most to you fall.

You can feel it. The power intensifies, and you know that it is going to go out of control, worse than all times before. But in your heart, you know that no one is dying today. You won't let it happen.

You feel that your neck is much lighter, without your necklace. What an odd time to notice.

As he falls closer and closer to the ground, time seems to slow down, and the feeling in your legs starts to come back.

A melody begins to play in your head. Something you have never heard before, but it's there.

Nineteen moons, nineteen tries,

Too many times you saw him die,

Nineteen slow, solitary seconds,

Until deaths call beckons.

Then it stopped.

Just like that, it was over, gone, just like he would be in a few seconds.

No! You couldn't think that.

There was still hope. Somewhere.

Time was running out, seconds to go.

Seconds before he was gone.

A/N- This is super short, and awful I know. From Lena's POV btw. xD