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Chapter 8 – Explaining to Anne

Everyone agreed it was a smashing idea, even Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin, and so Julian asked if he and Anne could go into the next town on the bus to book tickets for the following night's performance. Aunt Fanny agreed instantly, on the condition that they had lunch first.

An hour later saw Anne and Julian on the bus, heading towards the next town. Julian had spoken with Dick before leaving, and they had agreed that this would be as good a time as any to tell Anne of Elizabeth. That way she would be able to support George when he told her.

So as they climbed off the bus Julian took Anne's arm and led her towards a small cafe across the road. Curious, she followed him, taking a seat at a table. He ordered drinks and ices, then sat, nervously, across from Anne. She could tell from his expression there was something he needed to talk about, but she also knew he would explain in his own time, so she sat, quietly, and waited for him to speak, and, as soon as the drinks had been delivered, he did.

"Anne, I...I need to talk to you about something." Here he paused, and Anne nodded at him to show he could continue. "I met a girl, whilst I was away."

"Only one?" Anne joked, seeking to lighten the mood.

Julian laughed, but the anxious look didn't leave his eyes. "You're too quick. I should have said; I fell in love with a girl while I was away. She's called Elizabeth."

"Does she love you?" Anne asked, startling Julian, who hadn't been expecting that.

"Y...Yes, I believe so."

"Then why are you sitting there looking like a scared kid?"

"I thought you might not approve..." His voice trailed away.

"If she loves you and you love her, what's not to approve of? She'll be the sister I always dreamed of. Do you have a photo?"

"Sure, here." And Ju handed over the photo from his wallet. Anne looked at the photo approvingly.

"She's beautiful. Not in a show off way, just naturally beautiful." Anne smiled at him, then hesitated, obviously wanting to ask something. "Why... Why didn't you tell us before? She could have come and stayed for Christmas."

"I didn't want you to feel like I'd been away for years and then when I returned I had changed; I wasn't your Ju anymore. Plus, I wasn't sure how George would react."

"You told Dick." It wasn't a question.

"That's what Aunty was so specific about that first day. She sent him so I couldn't back out of it."

"Aunt knew first?"

"No, I told Mother and Father first. Mother told Aunt."

"When do I get to meet her?"

"You want to meet?"

"Of course."

"I wasn't sure if..."

"If I'd be jealous? If I wouldn't like her? Ju, if you love her, I'll love her. Now, we've both finished our ices, and it's about time we went to get those tickets."

Julian paid the waitress, and they rose and wandered down the street towards the big tent. Soon tickets had been booked, and they were all prepared for the following night's performance. Once that was sorted they caught the next bus back to Kirrin, and home.


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