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Hey guys and ghouls! You're on "Cupid: Goddess of Love" Tell me, what matters to your heart?; bringing you this Valentine's Day special program.

You all know what love is, right?

If you do, then you probably know about love's special day: Valentine's Day!

And if you know what Valentine's Day is, then you have probably heard about my father (well… adoptive father): Eros; I bet you are aware of his job.

Though, I know most of you know him as "Cupid".

Well, here is where the confusion and my personal dilemma begins.

First of all, my dad's name is Eros. The normies gave him the name "Cupid"… MY NAME!

Well, part of it…

I'm C. A. Cupid (I use my initials because my name is scary long, hideously unpronounceable… and you're just going to call me "Cupid" anyway) I'm Eros' adoptive daughter and goddess of love.

Ok, ok… a goddess in training; I'm as old as teenager love is… so don't go asking my age.

I followed my dad's steps in the "love business" but instead of him I work exclusively with teenagers but not just any kind of teenagers which explains why my favorite activity is to answer monster relationships questions.

Yes, you heard that right… monster relationships!

Didn't you know?

Oh well, duh! How would you know about that? Dad's the one who works with normies or humans as you call yourselves.

I'm more famous between monsters and it really makes my heart burn with fury when monsters act so surprised I'm not a guy.

HELLO! I'm not my dad, ok?

That brings out the second of all: I only work with monsters; normies (humans, mortals, etc) are my daddy's.

Now that we've cleared that out, let me tell share with you a fang-tastic story about the time me, Cupid, spent a week among normies.

It was February 1st and (I know it sounds exaggerated) I was getting everything ready for Valentine's Day.

February 14th means only one thing for a goddess in training: lots of work.

February 1st

"Love letter, love letter, love letter… magazine… love letter, love letter, love letter…"

Cupid yawned lazily as she organized her mail. Being the hostess of a very successful radio show sure was tiring, especially with all the teen monsters and their love problems… and her dad said normies were hard to deal with.

"Love letter, love letter… bills, bills, love letter…" Cupid sighed "Seems like this year is also gonna be a tough one"

A bloody red envelope fell out through all the mail and landed on her feet.

"What's this?" The pale pink skinned girl opened the envelope very carefully and read its content.

A gargoyle girl came inside the studio with a bunch of papers. "Cupid, the show starts in…"

"TAAAANIIIIIS!" The high pitched scream almost broke the studio's glasses, two I-Coffins and a coffee mug.

"Cupid, what's wrong?" Tanis asked in worry.

"Oh my Zeus, OH MY ZEUS!" Cupid jumped around the place holding the letter close to her heart.

"What is it, ghoul?" Cupid handed the gargoyle girl the letter while she continued jumping around.

"Dad says he'll let me go to Earth for Valentine's Day if I pass my last test!" Cupid said cheerfully "Finally new love stories, new teenager hearts that need my help… I'll finally get to help normies and monsters!"

"That… sounds great. Except for one thing"


"Tell me you did read what your test is about"

"Uhmmm no?"

I couldn't believe my eyes. Dad had assigned me the spookiest-freaky-scary-so not cool-dreadful case ever!

I've had heard about the "anti-valentiners"; normies that celebrate "Anti-Valentine's Day" as a way to show how much they are against it and how much they hate it. I found this information terribly outrageous!

I mean, who in the world could hate Valentine's Day?

Who in the world could hate love?

Who in the world could not believe in love?

It was then when I met her. But before meeting her, I met… him.

He was a different kind of monster; a monster I had never seen before in my whole life, a very special client.

And since the moment I met him, something in my heart told me both our lives would change drastically.

New fic is new~ :3

Hi, this is Whoey here bringing you this new story to put us in the mood… V-day's mood. There are some things I'd like to clarify:

-This is my first crossover; honestly I never expected to write one before but… there's always a first time for everything!

-Though I like Monster High, I'm not a hardcore fan of the whole franchise but I know the basics and I investigated the characters and their bios before I dared to write this.

-C. A. Cupid is the most recent Monster High doll and there's not much info about her but the fact that she is mentioned as Eros' adoptive daughter (In the Tale of Eros and Pysche, they do have a daughter of their own called Voluptas or Hedone)

Now about the story:

-Tanis is an OC secondary character; don't bother looking info of her in the Monster High website. Jackson Jekyll, Manny Taur and Cupid on the other hand, do exist and belong to Monster High… not me.

-Again, this will be a TMNT/Monster High crossover (my first one); I don't expect you to go easy on me but flamers will be used to burn Nickelodeon. :3 You have been warned.

-To those who have been reading "Race against death", thank you so much. You guys are amazing; really… I wouldn't be anything without your support and comments. Huggles, huggles! *smooch*

And finally, if you read "Who's back" then you must know this fic will take place after those events so… you know what that means, right?

Stay tune for more chapters! G'BYE!