Chapter 1

Ichabod awoke the next morning feeling like complete shit. He had no alcohol the previous night he still felt like he was about to be sick. Suddenly his stomach rumbled and the barely managed to make it to the bathroom before he emptied his stomach into the toilet. Over and over, he heaved until he was weak and sore.

"Viktor….Help…." He called out to his lover before the undead hessian flew into the room with a look of pure panic on his face.

"Oh my sweet what has happened to you?" Viktor asked stroking his lovers bangs off his face.

"I don't know, I mean I woke up and suddenly I threw up", the young constable muttered weakly. The two sat there a moment before Viktor scooped Ichabod up and set him on the bed.

"Viktor I need to go to the doctor "Ichabod mumbled.

"Oh Ichabod, what is causing you trouble?" the horseman whispered.

"I think I know but I need to go to the doctor and then the apothecary to confirm it "Ichabod said getting up on shaky legs. The hessian called to Daredevil and the two climbed on and rode through the portal and into the world of the living. Then the three set to a slow trot through the woods and to Sleepy Hollow where Ichabod would hopefully find out what's wrong with him. Viktor stopped at the edge of town and let Ichabod off as the horseman couldn't enter the village without causing uproar.

"I'll be waiting right here when you return mein geliebtes " the dead German assured his lover. With a nod, Ichabod set off in the direction of the village doctor Alex Baker. Upon reaching the office Ichabod was brought in immediately to the examination room.

"What seems to be the problem, Mr. Crane?" asked the young man.

"Well I woke up this morning and I threw up everything I ate the previous night and I've had this headache for a few weeks now and not only that, I can't drink alcohol without wanting to vomit" Ichabod explained to. The doctor immediately paled and looked nervous. It was a well known fact in the Hollow about Ichabod and the Hessian being together and the doctor immediately knew what was wrong with Ichabod.

"Mr. Crane, I believe you better take this test to confirm my theory. You'll need these things from the apothecary, a handful of wild mushroom powder, chemicals Y and Z and crushed dragon grass. These will help confirm my theory. And here take this", the Doctor handed Ichabod instructions on how to perform the test correctly, "don't read the end until you have done the test", the Doctor warned.

"Alright thank you Doctor Baker". After Ichabod left the Doctors office he set off to the apothecary and picked up the required items and set off to find the horseman waiting for him where he left him. "Sweetie did you find out what was wrong?" the German asked worriedly.

"No but the doctor gave me a test to find out" Ichabod said. Climbing back onto Daredevil the Constable and the Hessian headed back to the tree of the dead. Ichabod immediately went into the bathroom and read the instructions the doctor had given him.

"Take a flask or glass

Take the dragon grass and wild mushroom powder and mix in with one tsb. of water

Then take chemicals Y and Z and add them to the mixture

Take small sample of blood (a pinprick) and urine

Wait five minutes while letting the mixture set and when the five minutes are up look at the color of the mixture if its blue then you're pregnant and if its green then better luck next time."

Ichabod did the test and looked away. After about five minutes he turned around and got the shock of the century. The mixture was blue - as blue as the deepest ocean. "Viktor…" Ichabod barely managed to croak out, the hessian was in the room in an instant.

"Oh sweetie what's wrong?" he asked the frightened Constable taking his love in his arms.

"Viktor….I'm pregnant…." Ichabod whispered. Viktor said nothing; he was frozen to the spot.