My Heart Chap 8

A/N: Sorry it was so late; I have been a real lazy ass since summer vacation started. Anyway I'll be going to California soon and I doubt I can write while I'm there so I decided to write while I still could. This is the final chapter and there will be no sequel. Sorry but I don't think I could go on with this story. :( Of course I'll still be writing and stuff!

~Eight months pregnant~

Ichabod was now eight months pregnant. His belly had swollen to the size of a large pumpkin and looked a bit too large for a normal pregnancy. However, neither Viktor nor Ichabod seemed to care, they were only concerned about making every last preparation for their little miracle.

"Viktor, I'm so excited for our little one to be here", Ichabod sighed while rubbing his overextended belly.

"Me too, my love", Viktor muttered happily while placing his own hand on his husbands belly to feel the baby.

The baby in Ichabod's belly wiggled around in his space and began playing soccer with his mother's stomach and small intestines, but little did they know that the baby was going to give them a little surprise when it was born.

~9 months pregnant~

Ichabod and Viktor lay in their bed, sleeping peacefully, one's body heat warming the other. Cramps in his lower back prodded Ichabod awake and, not thinking too much of it, Ichabod got up and walked quietly out of the room trying not to wake Viktor. As Ichabod walked his cramps got a little less painful, so he decided to sit and relax on the couch. Unexpectedly, for the late hour, he got a strange craving for something chocolaty and waddling into the kitchen he pulled a bar out of the cupboard and munched happily. After the last of the chocolate left his fingers, the young man heard a soft whinny from the stable that was attached to the house, and he thought it would be a good idea to check up on Daredevil. The constable waddled over as quickly as his belly would allow him and when he turned the corner he saw the powerful black stallion pacing nervously in his stall.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Ichabod asked the horse as the stallion grunted and continued to pace. The mount could sense something was very wrong with his second master, and was trying to warn him. The undead steed pawed at the ground and kicked at his stall trying to get to Ichabod and protect him from whatever was trying to hurt him.

"Daredevil what are you-?" Ichabod never finished that sentence as without warning an intense pain spread through his whole body and set every nerve alight.

The stallion was now hysterical and began to buck and kick at the stall door to try and help his second master. With a few more kicks the door was knocked off the hinges and thrown across the room. The mount snorted and pawed the ground at his other owner as he lay in the dirt every muscle knotted in pain. This upset the ebony creature very much, as he wasn't able to help his friend. Finally, after what like a century, the young constable relaxed, however he was barely able to speak never mind yelling, so in a voice barely above a whisper he told the giant stallion in front of him, "Get Viktor".

The horse somehow understood that the man on the ground was talking about his original master and bolted thought the halls out of the stable to the bedrooms where his rider was sleeping. Viktor was fast asleep when his steed burst into his room and whinnied angrily.

Viktor Startled awake and asked "Daredevil? Why are you here? Where's Ichabod?" Suddenly it dawned on him, if Daredevil had broken from his stall and come to Viktor, then Ichabod must be in trouble - or labor. The horseman felt it was a better idea to go to Ichabod, but he knew the young man needed a doctor, so without thinking twice he mounted Daredevil bareback and raced through the woods to get Doctor Alexander Baker to help Ichabod deliver.

Ichabod, meanwhile, was suffering through hell; he wondered where Daredevil had gone to. Didn't he tell the horse to get Viktor? Suddenly he heard the shouts and panicked voices of his husband and the groggy Dr. Baker.

"Oh mein gelibtes!" Viktor said grabbing Ichabod's hand and stroking his sweaty forehead.

"Viktor?" Ichabod asked barely above a whisper then suddenly the younger screamed in pain as he felt another contraction hit him.

"Alright, it seems like you're ready to push Ichabod" The doctor said, getting the blankets ready for the baby to make its way into the world.

"You can do this my love" Viktor soothed.

"Alright Ichabod, Push!". The young man screamed his pain to the heavens feeling something large move through his temporary birth canal. After several more pain filled screams and agonizing pushes the doctor yelled to the parent to be, "I can start to see the head!".

Viktor looked proudly down at his husband and told the young man "Our baby is almost here! You can do this, sweets!" With one last pain filled agonizing scream Ichabod pushed a little baby into the world.

"It's a boy!" Dr. Baker yelled happily to the new parents. The little one was as red as a cherry, screaming his displeasure at being removed from the warm environment he was in before. The doctor handed the little baby over to Viktor to hold so Ichabod could rest when suddenly Ichabod screamed and began pushing again.

"My word!" the doctor yelled in surprise, "there's another one coming! Ichabod you're having twins!" Viktor was too shocked to do anything but grab his loves hand and try to comfort him as he had with the first baby. Soon enough a little girl made her way into the world, equally angry about coming out of her mother. Ichabod finally lay back, boneless, thoroughly exhausted from birthing his children.

Viktor was holding both babies, cooing nonsense in German to them as they gurgle and hummed at their father when Ichabod awoke. The doctor had since left, after making sure Ichabod was okay and the twins were healthy.

"Viktor, let me see them." Ichabod said weakly, still very tired after having his children. The undead man handed over one of the twins, the boy, to Ichabod.

"You name the girl and I'll name the boy". Ichabod said to Viktor.

The German thought for a moment before stating, "The girl will be called Coraline".

Ichabod considered this for a moment before saying, "I love that name, Viktor. I think I want to name him Toby. Yes, I like that, Coraline and Toby Herrman-Crane".

The babies started to gurgle and mouth at Ichabod's swollen chest, indicating they were hungry and wanted to be fed, so with the horseman's help Ichabod removed his shirt and let the twins latch onto his swollen nipples. As the twins fed and enjoyed their first meal, the two new parents gazed down at their newborns. They couldn't be any happier; they were happily married, had a nice home, and two little miracles to raise and love as their own. Looking down at the babies, they took in how their son looked most like Viktor, with Viktor's pale skin and bright blue eyes, nose, and face shape, while their baby girl looked most like Ichabod, with her bright honey eyes and pale skin, though not quite as pale as her older brother.

"Ich libe dich" Viktor whispered in Ichabod's ear.

Leaning up Ichabod whispered back, "Love you too, forever and always."


And so ends the story My Heart but do not be sad I will continue to write! Until next time, JiJi.