Kurt was in the middle of breakfast when his brother came into the kitchen while taking on his shirt.

„What, you couldn't do that in your room?" Kurt asked prudish while straightening his red and white Cheerio uniform.

„Problem?" Finn asked and grabbed Kurt's bun. Kurt sighed.

„Give it back, Finn." Finn looked defiantly at his brother. Then he raised his left eyebrow, and opened his mouth. „Don't you dare, Finn!" Kurt said and stood up from the chair. Finn slowly led the bun closer and closer to his mouth. „I'm warning you." Finn started smiling while still leading the bun very slowly. Kurt quickly tried to hit it out of his hand, but failed miserable since Finn was so much taller than himself. Kurt knew what he had to do. „Finn. My dear, dear brother… So naive." Finn looked at Kurt.

„What?" Kurt already knew he was going to win this round... Like every other.

„I'm popular." Kurt said. „You're not." He said with a false sadness in his voice. „I can make your life really miserable." He walked threatening against Finn. „Very miserable." He looked up at Finn's surprised face. Why was he so surprised? Like he didn't knew that Kurt could do stuff like that. He slusheed him every week, what had he expected? „Now, give me my bun." Finn stared at Kurt for a few seconds, while pretending to consider it.

„I tried out for the football team last week." He said and threw the bun up in the air, caught it again and repeated a couple of times. „I got in." He looked at Kurt. „Say hello to McKinley's new quarterback." He said and blinked at his brother. Kurt felt like he couldn't move. Finn took a bite of the bun and said: „Looking forward to your cheering at our next game." Then he did a sort of dance out of the kitchen, walked up the stairs and into his room. Kurt stood back with a surprised expression and a heavy stomach. Finn would get popular. What if he – his own brother – would get more popular than himself? It couldn't happen.

Kurt put his hand on Santana's shoulder. „Santana, honey. I need your help." She turned around and looked at him.

„What do you need, babes?" Kurt sighed and put his hands on his hips.

„We need to get Finn off the football-team."

„Wait, your brother is on the football-team now? Wow that makes him ten times hotter." She said and gazed up at the ceiling.

„Santana focus! You can't date him. He's my brother and he's a loser. It's wrong. You're on the Cheerios and you can't—"

„I know it's perfect. It'd be the ultimate status! I'm hot, he's hot. I'm on the Cheerios, he's on the football team."

„Wow, you're sounding like Quinn." Kurt said and scoffed. „Look I need your help. You want to give me it?"

„Of course. Everything for you." Santana said and gave him her usual I'm-on-and-this-is-going-to-be-awesome-look.

„Good. Now let's make up ideas for how to get him off the team." Kurt put his hand under his chin. Santana felt all the chatting around them from the other Cheerios fade as she came up with a plan.

„I'm not sure if it's good, but it's a plan."

„Do tell." Kurt said curious.

„Well, there's this guy on the football-team. He's a new guy—"


„Yeah. Well he's been hitting on me for ages now. He doesn't know that 'I'm playing for the other team'" She whispered. „Well I figured that I'd tell him that we could go out or whatever he wants to do, if he sabotaged it for Finn. He wants to be the quarterback, so he'd gain two things out of it." Kurt stared at Santana for a while.

„That. Is. Genius!" He took her head between his hands and looked her into the eyes. „Oh what would I do without you, Santana?"

„Your life would be miserable. You can't do without me."

„Got a point there." He said smiling. Then he kissed her on the cheek and walked over to Quinn. Santana looked after Kurt while he walked away in his own special elegant way. Then she sighed and walked over to Brittany.

„Quinn, hi." Kurt said when he reached her. She turned her head and swung her long blonde ponytail around.

„Oh hi Kurt." She said and smiled a little. „What's up?" They both knew that they weren't really friends, but they kept pretending. Kurt despised her. The only thing she thought about was status. She was always dating the most popular guy on school just to look cool, she kept using people to look cool.

„I heard you're leaving McKinley soon." Kurt said.

„Yeah. I need a place with more challenge." She said with her superior voice.

„So who's going to be the new head cheerleader?" He asked and tried not to sound too eager.

„Oh I see." She said and put her hands on her hips. „You want the place." Kurt looked intensely at her.

„What shall I do?" He asked. Quinn lifted her chin and looked around the room.

„Do you see that guy over there?" she pointed at a boy in a knitted sweater, who was sitting on a bench with his notepad. Kurt chuckled and looked at the boy.

„Of course. That's Blaine. The biggest nerd of all times." Quinn chuckled stifled.

„Get him in bed. That way I will tell Coach Sylvester that you're suitable for the part as head cheerleader." It felt like a big stone dropped down in Kurt's stomach. What did she just say? Seduce Blaine Anderson. It would ruin his image completely. He'd probably be able to do it, since everyone wanted to be with Kurt, but why Blaine.

„Why Blaine?" He asked.

„I'm leaving soon, Kurt. I need some fun first." She made a fake laugh that made her seem really cold and distant, and then she walked away with her little group of followers. Why did he even have to seduce anyone? He looked back at Blaine and considered it. Blaine looked up, and they got eye contact for a few seconds. Blaine quickly looked down in his notepad again, but Kurt kept staring at him. Then he turned around and walked over to Santana.

„Santana. I need your help on one more thing."

„Is she even sure he's gay?" Santana asked Kurt, when they were sitting to eat lunch.

„Who isn't? It's obvious!" Kurt sighed. „And I could easily seduce that innocent little lamb, but think about my reputation!"

„What if you can't seduce him?"

„What do you mean? Of course I can seduce him."

„But in one month?" Santana straightened her uniform and looked compassionate at Kurt. „It's very unlikely."

„One month? She's leaving in one month?" He clenched his jaw. „I really want to be head cheerleader. It's the moment I've been waiting for in forever."

„He's in Glee you know. With Berry, Chang, Flanagan, Abrams and those people. He will destroy everything you've build up all these years. Is it really worth it?" Kurt scoffed and thought his opportunities over.

„I know what I can do." Santana looked surprised at him. „It'll all be over within a month. After that I can dump him in front of everyone, making me look cool, plus I get to be head cheerleader. You can spread a rumour that that's the reason I'll start hanging out with him." Kurt smiled.

„You do realize that, that way Blaine will hear the rumour too, and he will avoid you?" Santana said and raised her left eyebrow. Kurt stopped smiling instantly, and threw his hands despairing up in the air.

Fine!" He said, „Don't spread the rumour. I will just live with all the talk behind my back."

„But your reputation, Kurt! You've been working so hard for-" Kurt interrupted her.

„I've been working hard for it, yes. But do you realize how much more popular I would get if I actually got to be head cheerleader?" He sighed and looked over at Blaine who was sitting alone at a table and eating a sandwich. Kurt wrinkled his eyebrows. „How come he's not sitting with the other Glee-people?" Santana shrugged. „Even in that loser-club he can't get any friends."

„Good luck." Santana said and kissed Kurt on the cheek. „You might as well start now. I'll be sitting with Brittany if you need anything." Kurt looked at her. „Anything."

„Thanks." He said and stroked her arm.

„Wow Quinn is going to get a laughing fit over this." Santana said and laughed quietly. Then she walked over to Brittany and sat down. Kurt took a deep breath, and started walking over to Blaine. He could feel all the looks he got when he walked pass people. When they noticed he wasn't on his way to the table with all the Cheerios. Normally no one would even dare look at him out of fear, but no one could help but wanting to know where he was going. Please let it be worth it Kurt thought when stopping in front of Blaine's table. Start with being friends. Friends first he thought. He could feel the tension in the cafeteria. Everyone probably expected him to suddenly slap Blaine, throw his food at him, tell him something nasty or just be mean to him. Blaine hadn't even noticed Kurt standing in front of him, or else he was ignoring him, hoping to prevent the next thing, that he might thought would happen, from happening. He was reading a book, impossible to see the title because he had it in his lap.

„Blaine." Kurt said and tried to smile friendly. He felt like it looked so fake – which is was – so he decided just not to smile. Blaine lifted his head by the sound of his name. He tried not to look confused by the sight of Kurt standing there looking at him.

„Can I help you with something?" Blaine asked. „Are you lost?" Flippant.

„I'm not lost at all." Kurt put his tray with food on the table. „Can I sit here?" He knew that everyone had heard it, because no one had said a word since he started walking over there. He knew everyone was waiting for something dramatic to happen. Blaine stared at him for a moment.

„Why would you want to sit here?" Kurt looked at Blaine, fighting the urge to say something rude and walk away.

„I'll take that as a yes, thanks that's so kind of you." Kurt said sarcastic and sat down beside Blaine. The moment he touched the seat it was like everyone gasped soundless and he knew everyone was looking at him. He met Santana's look and she smiled encouraging to him. He took a deep breath and turned around to face Blaine.

„I didn't say you could sit here." Blaine said and closed his book.

„So what book are you reading?" Kurt asked, ignoring Blaine's comment.

„Sophie's world, look why are you-"

„Oh, what's it about?" Kurt interrupted. Blaine sighed and tried to hide a small smile.

„Why are you here?" Blaine asked.

„Just… Socializing." Kurt took the book and looked at its cover. „Wow it looks interesting." Blaine looked suspicious at him. „Mind if I borrow it?" Actually Kurt had no intention of reading this book, but it'd give them a subject to talk about some other day. Plus he had to return it some time, so he'd have an excuse to talk to Blaine.

„Go ahead."

„You're finished with it?"

„I've read it two times before. I think I can survive without it for a while." Kurt smiled at Blaine. Blaine tried to avoid eye contact and looked pretty much everywhere else than at Kurt. „I have to go. I have philosophy in ten minutes." Kurt quickly stood up and Blaine looked surprised at him. „What are you doing?" Actually Kurt had no idea what he was doing. He kept smiling at Blaine, trying to get eye contact. Look at me he thought. Kurt had always been told that people instantly fell in love with his eyes. If he could get Blaine to look in them he'd be his. And that way the cheerleader-spot would be his. „This has been… Weird." Blaine said and stood up. „Bye." The second he said it he looked at Kurt, into his eyes but nothing happened. He didn't stare at him for a second extra like most people did, he didn't seem like Kurt's blue eyes stunned him. It didn't seem like Blaine had felt anything at all. Blaine walked out of the cafeteria, looking down in the ground. Kurt turned around to see that pretty much everyone was staring at him. He walked fast over to Santana and sat beside her.

„Where did he go?" She asked him after everyone calmed a bit down and started their normal chattering.

„Philosophy class." Kurt said and took a bite of his untouched apple.

„Ehm, Kurt?" Santana said and couldn't help but giggle. Kurt looked at her. „There is no philosophy class." Kurt looked at the Cheerios around the table all laughing at him. It's already begun he thought. He stood up and walked out of the cafeteria. He walked over to his locker and opened the door. He pretended to do something inside of it. What was Blaine doing? Didn't he enjoy talking to Kurt? Don't everyone enjoy talking to him… Why had he lied... It wasn't that Kurt was hurt he was just… Surprised. Yes. Surprised. That's the word. While he was thinking about it he saw some familiar red and white striped pants walking by him. He was looking into the ground so he didn't get to see more, but he instantly knew who it was.

„Blaine!" He shouted, before he thought it over. Blaine stopped, almost shocked, and turned around.

„Oh. It's you." Blaine said and looked almost disappointed. Charming? Flippant? Mad? Sweet? Kurt thought. What should I do?

„There is no philosophy class." Kurt said and tried to look hurt. „You lied."

„Why…" Blaine started, and smiled frustrated. „Why do you even care!" He said very loud, almost shouting. „Why are you suddenly talking to me?" Kurt stared surprised at him. „What do you want from me?" he asked and he sounded genuinely wounded. Kurt stepped closer to Blaine, trying to seem seducing.

„I don't want anything from you." Blaine scoffed. „Except for…" Kurt said and looked into Blaine's eyes. „A… Date." There it was. He said it. Now he only had to wait for Blaine to change his stunned and confused to look to something more smile-y, and just make him say yes. One way or another he was going to make him.

„Sorry, what?" Blaine asked.

„You sound so shocked." Kurt laughed.

„Of course I'm sh-"

„'Of course'? Great! Breadstix today at 8." Now just walk away… Kurt thought and so he did. He left Blaine in the hallway staring after him.

Blaine stood in the hallway looking at Kurt walking away. He had never noticed how elegant he walked. Wait, did he just say 8 at Breadstix today? But I don't want to go out with him he thought. He heard a bell chime and a few seconds after people started coming out of the cafeteria, taking their books and going to class. I should probably go to class too he thought and walked over to his locker. He looked at his schedule. History class. While he was taking his books out of his locker Rachel Berry walked over to him with her usual smile.

„The teacher in history is sick. You have an hour off." She said.

„Why are you telling me this?"

„I'm your sister, Blaine. Why wouldn't I?" She brushed a little cloth fiber off his shoulder and continued, „Besides, I heard Ms. Klaufen say it earlier to Mr. Schue, so I figured I should tell you before you went to class." Blaine looked suspicious at her. „Why so paranoid today?" Blaine sighed and scratched his arm.

„I don't know I just…" He looked up at her. „Where were you guys at lunch?"

„The auditorium. Remember? Artie said he wanted to ask us something. Hey, why weren't you there?" Blaine facepalmed.

„That's right, oh I totally forgot! Is Artie mad at me? What was it he wanted to ask about?"

„Oh nothing. He just wanted to ask us for some singing advice, because he wanted to ask this girl out by singing a ballad for her." Blaine felt his stomach starting to tickle, when Rachel mentioned the 'asking out' part.

„Speaking of asking out… Rachel can I ask you something?" Rachel nodded enthusiastic. He told her about the whole cafeteria-scene and how Kurt had asked him out afterwards.

„That is brilliant! Do you realize how popular the Glee club would get if he joined? And he has an amazing voice too. I heard him sing at a Cheerio-performance, and-"

„Rachel this isn't about the Glee club! And why would he even join?" Blaine sighed. „I don't know what to do. I don't want to go out with him. And why would he want to go out with me?"

„You're good looking, Blaine. And you're sweet and nice and caring…" Rachel stroke his arm. „Why wouldn't he want to date you?"

„Because he doesn't know me!" Blaine said annoyed. „Forget it, Rachel." Rachel looked offended at her brother.

„I think you should go out with him. It'd be good for you too. And why would he ask you if he didn't want to?" she put her hair behind her ear and continued. „Maybe he just wants to be friends. Maybe he realized how bad he has acted against you... And the rest of us."

„I don't know, Rachel…"

„It's up to you." Maybe we could just be friends. Blaine considered his options. I mean, maybe he's sweet when you get to know him.

„But he's a complete ass." Blaine said and put his books back in his locker.

„Look Blaine, I don't want to convince you to do something you don't want to…" Yes you do. „I'm just saying that it would be a good opportunity for all of us. Especially you." She poked him on the chest. „I have to go to class. See you." Then she walked away and left Blaine alone in the hallway with the other kids who had an hour off. Blaine walked around the hallway for some time, wondering if he should go on the date or not. I mean what's the harm in doing it he thought. Yeah, sure why not. Why would he come sit with me at lunch anyway, if he didn't wanted to us to be friends? Friends. Nothing more. Blaine had always got crushes fast. Almost every time a sweet guy had talked to him, shown interest in any way he quickly got a crush. But there's no way I'm going to like Kurt anyway. He's so mean.

Kurt arrived at Breadstix at 8pm exactly. He considered wearing his black suit, but then changed his mind, as he didn't wanted this to be a formal date, but more like a friend-date. Out of experience he'd learned that it was best to be friends first. Maybe I shouldn't have called this a date when I asked him out he thought as he waited on Blaine to arrive. He had no idea how Blaine's car looked like so he didn't know what to look after. He didn't even know if he had a car. Maybe he was on his bike. Or maybe he walked over here. Where was he supposed to look? He looked at the parking lot when he felt a poke on his shoulder. He turned around and faced Blaine.

„Blaine! Hi!" Blaine was wearing a white blouse and a black shirt. He still wore the white and red striped pants. He had no socks on and had black formal shoes on. „Glad you could show up." Blaine stared at Kurt for a few seconds, and then decided he might as well could make the best out of it.

„Yeah. Or else you'd just slushie me." Blaine joked and started to walk inside of the restaurant. Kurt walked after him with a smile on his lips. A waiter showed them to their table and gave them both menu cards.

„So what are you having?" Kurt asked to start a conversation. It was more awkward than he'd expected.

„Can I ask you something?" Blaine said and put down the menu card.

„Fire away." Kurt said in his own charming way, and kept looking at the card.

„Why did you ask me out on a date?" Blaine asked, not sure he wanted to hear the answer.

„No, no, listen Blaine. This isn't a date." Blaine raised his left eyebrow suspiciously. „No, we're here as friends." Kurt looked up from the card and called at a waitress.

„Why would you want to be friends with me?" The waitress came and Blaine straightened his back, after noticing he had leaned forward while talking to Kurt.

„What do you want?" she asked and took a pen and notepad out of her pocket.

„The Caesar salad." Kurt said.

„Yeah, I'll just have the same." Blaine said, without really noticing what Kurt had ordered.

„Drinks?" she asked.

„Coke." Kurt said and smiled to the waitress.

„Same." Blaine said and the waitress walked away.

„Sorry, you were saying?" Kurt said and smiled at Blaine.

„Why would you want to be friends with me?" he asked again looking directly in Kurt's eyes.

„Enjoy your dinner, Blaine." Kurt said and put his arms on the table. Blaine sighed. „So what do you usually do on Friday nights?" Blaine looked at Kurt like he was trying to figure something very hard out.

„It's different. Normally I just read." He answered.

„Reads? On a Friday night?" Kurt said laughing. „Well isn't this much better then?" Blaine tried not to smile. „You can smile. It doesn't hurt."

„I know."

„You don't smile a lot… At least not in school. You should try it." Blaine leaned forward and looked Kurt deep in the eyes.

„Give me a reason to do it." Kurt stared into Blaine's hazel brown eyes. He had never noticed how much they shone. Normally Kurt could read people through their eyes, how they felt, what they were thinking, if they were lying etc. but with Blaine; nothing. All he could see was just his brown eyes with a touch of green in them. He seceded from Blaine's look just in time for the waitress to bring them their salad.

„I will make you smile by the end of the day." He said. „And that's a promise."

Kurt and Blaine walked out of the restaurant while discussing some stuff from school. Kurt walked over to his car and Blaine followed.

„Even though you've been a bit paranoid all day, I've had fun." Kurt said and looked at Blaine.

„Yeah, me too." Blaine said. „It kind of surprised me how different you are when we're not in school." He started smiling, and it was like his whole face suddenly started to light up.

„You should smile more often, Blaine." Kurt said and ignored what Blaine had just said. „See you in school on Monday." He opened the door to his car and wasn't sure what to do next. Should he just take off? He wasn't going to hug him that was for sure.

„See you, Kurt." Blaine said and turned around and started walking back to where they came from. The second Blaine said his name Kurt felt a tickly feeling in his stomach he hadn't experienced before. It was the first time Blaine had said his name, ever. He tried to shake the feeling off him, without any luck though. He decided to drive home and just try to forget it. Like he had forgot to think about his image that day. The way Blaine was so relaxed and casual all the time made him feel comfortable. Now all he could think about was hoping no one saw him with Blaine.