It's Monday. School. Kurt thought and stood out of bed and dragged himself over to his mirror.

„Wow. Looking good today." He said sarcastic to himself as he saw his reflection. He did his daily face cleaning and put on his Cheerio uniform. „Hair" he said as to remind himself. He sat in front of the mirror and studied his hair, what he should with it. As he sat there and did what he liked best, he had totally forgot about his 'mission' to seduce Blaine. Actually he hadn't thought about it all weekend. All the things he thought was cute, fascinating or interesting about Blaine, he now found boring, annoying and ugly. Like his red and white striped pants; at the date he thought it had been an interesting detail to make his outfit complete, now all he could think about was just where you could get a pair of pants that ugly. Blaine's dark brown, curly hair didn't seem elegant, not even pretty anymore. Every time he thought about it he just pictured a brown blob on the top of a face filled with flaws. The eyes he had gazed into at the date, the eyes he barely couldn't stop looking at all that night, the ones that had captured him and made him feel spellbound just seemed insignificant now. Just two brown dots on a face with a blob on the top.

He walked downstairs and as usual he was the first one down. He sat to eat breakfast when Finn came into the kitchen. He stopped by the sight of Kurt.

„Morning." Kurt said without removing his look from the table.

„Good morning." Finn said and walked over to the refrigerator. „How's the Cheerios?" he asked without seeming interested in the answer.

„Never better. How was the camp this weekend?" Kurt asked without even bother trying to hear what Finn answered.

„Better than being home all weekend." Finn said and sat in front of Kurt at the table. „What's with this Blaine guy? Are you two going out?" Kurt slowly raised his head.

„What?" He said and couldn't believe what he had just heard.

„I heard you were out on a date three days ago."

„It wasn't a date." Kurt said and started unconsciously to move uncomfortable around on his chair.

„Then what was it?" Finn asked and couldn't help but smile a bit. Kurt looked down on his plate, ignoring Finn's question.

„Where did you get that from anyway? You've been away all weekend."

„I have a phone. Mike told me."

„What he just wrote it to you all casual and just- Wait what?" Kurt stared scared at Finn. „How does Mike know?"

„So it's true?" Finn said and smiled.

„No. It wasn't a date I just-"

„Hey I'm not here to judge. You can date whoever you want, I just want to make sure who it is." Finn said and laughed.

„We're not dating, we're just friends."

„Since when did you become friends with Blaine Anderson? You're always talking about image and status, and now suddenly you're all over Anderson?" Finn said and sounded suddenly really frustrated.

„I'm not all over him." Kurt said down in his plate. „I'm going to school. See you Finn." Kurt began to walk out of the kitchen.

„By the way, Kurt. Trying to bribe Sam won't work. He's loyal to me." Kurt turned around.

„He's also very into Santana."

„I told him she was gay. He's not anymore." Finn looked serious at his brother. „Why are you always trying to knock other people down to make yourself look good? Even your own brother." He sounded so disappointed. And if it hadn't been because Kurt was convinced Finn was faking it, he would've thought what he was doing over one more time.

„Whatever." Kurt said and walked out the door. So Mike knows. And Finn. That's some of the most popular guys on school. So therefore everyone probably knows Kurt thought as he drove to school. He hadn't even thought about what Blaine felt about this, he hadn't thought about Blaine in any way. He was just trying to save his image, even though he deep down knew it was impossible if he wanted that spot as head cheerleader.

Blaine rolled out of bed and sat on the floor for a few minutes.

„Get up…" he said, and forced himself to stand up. He looked in the mirror and studied his face. The same brown curly hair, and the same hazel brown eyes with a touch of green in them. „Fine." He said to himself and got dressed. He never did anything to his hair, it always looked fine the way it did. He put on a blue chequered shirt, a pair of grey pants and a white bowtie. Then he walked downstairs and sat to eat breakfast.

Unlike Kurt, Blaine had thought a lot of their date through the weekend. What he was going to do if Kurt asked him out again, or what if he pretended not to know Blaine when they came in school, and he had even imagined that Kurt would just came up and kiss Blaine when he saw him. But the thought of Kurt and him kissing was so unappealing that he had pushed it away and locked it in, and he had no intention of ever thinking about it again. He was really just going to go to school like he used to, and just see what happened. And if Kurt would pretend not to know Blaine, that would be fine. He didn't plan on this friendship to go any further. It was wrong in every way, especially when you think about how much Kurt wanted to establish his image as one of the most popular guys on school. He couldn't be seen with Blaine, and Blaine knew that. That one date was an once-in-a-lifetime and he wouldn't mind it not happening ever again. He did have had a bit of fun on the date, but it wasn't anything he couldn't have with his other friends. Of course Rachel had asked him out about the date after he got home last Friday, but he hadn't really said anything about it. Actually he didn't know what to say. „Yeah we had some fun. Talked. Ate. Bit awkward." There wasn't really anything to tell her. Nothing had happened.

After he had eaten he took his bag and walked to school.

Kurt walked over to his locker and looked around for Santana. Usually they met by his locker before the first class to discuss their weekend, or just stuff on their mind. He took out his math books from the locker and placed them on the floor while closing it. He was about to pick up the books when he felt a vibration in his pocket. He took out his phone and saw a text from Santana. „Sorry, can't make it to school today. xo" it said. Kurt sighed and was about to put away his phone when he got another text from her saying: „Don't forget the Blaine-thing. It might seem like there's still a long time till the month is over, but there really isn't. Good luck!" his heart dropped down in his stomach. The Blaine-thing. He had totally forgot about that. He really didn't have the energy to put up an act today, faking to like Blaine. What was he even going to do? Ask him out again? Just talk to him? Follow him around? A lot of different thoughts went through his mind as he picked up his books and walked to math-class. As he passed the stairs he saw Blaine. He was putting stuff into his locker and as he went his fingers through his hair Kurt stopped walking. Should I go over there? He thought. His legs reacted before he decided. He stopped walking when he reached Blaine.

„Hi." Kurt said and felt his breathing getting shaky. Blaine turned his head around and looked at Kurt. Then he took his books and closed his locker.

„Come to slushie me?" Blaine said cynical and started walking towards his classroom. Kurt made a fake smile and walked after Blaine.

„No I came to say hello." He said and got up on the side of Blaine.

„Hello, then." Blaine said.

„What are you having now?"


„Oh, me too." Kurt said as they reached the door to the classroom. Blaine didn't answer; he just walked in and sat down beside his sister. Kurt walked over to his usual seat where Brittany now sat alone because Santana wasn't there. He sat down and said hi to Brittany. Then he looked over at Blaine. Why do you have to dress like that? He thought and sighed.

Finally lunch break and Kurt walked with Brittany to the cafeteria.

„So are you and Blaine an item now?" Brittany asked. Kurt stopped and looked seriously at her.

„Where did you here that?" he asked and clenched his jaw.

„Sam." Brittany said and sounded distant. Kurt started walking again and thought about what he should answer.

„We're not an item. I just thought that socializing with other people could be good for my social reputation at this school." He said. „You know, showing people that I can be friends with anyone."

„Only last week you slushied him." Brittany said with a delicate voice.

„That time is over now…" Kurt said and wished that it wasn't true.

Blaine sat to lunch with Rory and Tina when Kurt walked into the cafeteria. Blaine got eye contact with him and the whole Friday flashed for his eyes in a few seconds. He looked away when he noticed that Tina and Rory was looking at him, and gave all his attention to a piece of cucumber on his plate. Tina started laughing.

„What was that?" she asked and looked shortly at Rory.

„What was what?" Blaine asked and pushed the piece of cucumber around in a circle with his fork.

„That look." Rory said and smiled.

„What look?" Blaine asked still looking down.

„You know what look." Tina said, but continued since Blaine didn't answer. „When you looked at Kurt." Blaine stabbed the cucumber with his fork.

„There wasn't any look. You have all looked at him before." Blaine said.

„But not in that way." Tina said and looked at Rory for support.

„No, we're looking at him in despise, while you just looked at him like you were longing after him." Rory said and looked compassionated at Blaine.

„I wasn't longing after him." Blaine said and looked up. „I was just looking at him. Sometimes people look at other people, you know."

„Hey we're not judging. If you like the most horrible and mean person who slushies all of us, that's fine." Tina said sarcastic and looked judging at Blaine.

„I don't like him. And he's not that awful." Blaine said.

„And now you're defending him, that's-" Tina started but Rory cut her off.

„How do you know how he's like?" he asked. Blaine stared at him for a moment.

„Just a guess." He hadn't told other than Rachel about the date, and he wasn't planning to.

„A guess?" Rory said suspiciously. Blaine quickly stood up.

„A guess, yes." He said emotionless and walked away. As he walked out of the cafeteria he thought about how he had acted against Tina and Rory. He shouldn't have been so cold. He should just have told them the truth. They would've understood, they were like a family to him. And what was the worst thing that could happen? He wasn't going to see Kurt again anyway. He walked out in the hallway, which was emptied for people, since it still was the start of the lunch break. Blaine walked over to his locker and looked at his schedule. English. He looked at the clock and sighed when he realized that he shouldn't be in class before 35 minutes. He closed his locker and sat down on the floor. He didn't wanted to go inside the cafeteria again, since he would have to face Tina and Rory again, and he couldn't be bothered to apologize and explain right now. He closed his eyes and saw flashes of the whole day in the dark. Suddenly he heard some footsteps, but he kept sitting on the floor since he figured it would just be someone coming out of the cafeteria after eating. But the footsteps came closer and as they stopped right beside Blaine he opened his eyes. He now faced Kurt who was sitting in front of him. He backed up a little and Kurt smiled a bit.

„What are you doing here?" Blaine said and sighed.

„Just wanted to talk to you." Kurt said and chuckled. „Why are you sitting here all by yourself?"

„I don't know what else to do before class." Blaine said and went his fingers through his hair.

„Why don't you sit with your Glee-friends?" Kurt tried not to make it sound like a bad thing, even though he had done it so much that it was hard not to make it sound like he was mocking Blaine. Blaine shrugged and looked around in the still empty hallway.

„Kurt? Can I ask you something?" Kurt nodded and tried to keep his smile going. „What do you get out of talking with me?"

„What do you mean?" Kurt asked.

„Since Thursday you haven't said a word to me without them being mean. Then you asked me out, and now you're talking to me and following with me to class. I don't know what to think." Blaine said and felt a little relief after telling this. Kurt clenched his jaw and started to move uncomfortable around on the floor. He certainly couldn't tell him the truth.

„There is no specific reason. Can't you just accept that I want to be friends?" Kurt said and tried to sound hurt. He looked up as the first footstep began to sound. Kurt quickly stood up and looked confused at Blaine, like he didn't know what to do with him.

„You can go. You wouldn't want people to know you're talking to me, right." Blaine said, and stood up when Kurt didn't move. „I'll do it for you." Blaine walked away while the other students began to come. Kurt felt lost in all the chattering around him, and he walked quickly to his locker. What do I have to do to gain that boy's trust? He thought as he opened his locker.