A few days went by where Kurt didn't talk to Blaine. He had to find a way to gain his trust, before talking to him again. It wouldn't help talking to him every day if Blaine didn't think that Kurt was sincere in what he was doing.

It was Thursday that he and Santana came up with the idea.

„Thank you for helping out with this, Santana." Kurt said as they sat on his floor with a bowl of popcorn in front of them.

„No problem. You're my best friend, Kurt. I'd do anything for you." Santana said and smiled at him. „Oh and I'm sorry that getting Finn off the football team didn't work."

„It's okay." Kurt said and looked at the popcorns like they weren't there. „I've got other things to think about now." He ate some popcorns. „Maybe I should just drop it. Is it really worth it?"

Yes! It is, Kurt! Head cheerleader."

„I guess you're right." He sighed and ran his fingers through his soft, brown hair. „Okay, so any ideas on how to get his trust?"

They had come around a lot of ideas. Kurt joining the Glee club („Never in my life." Had Kurt said.), telling Blaine that he loved him, which they ended up with thinking was a bit too much. They had even considered Kurt kissing Blaine, but Kurt would rather not do that yet, plus it wouldn't really help on gaining his trust.

„I know it!" Santana suddenly said and almost jumped by enthusiasm. „And it's so simple!"

„Do tell." Kurt said curious, and watched her long black hair move gracefully as she spoke.

„Wow how come we didn't think about this before." Santana said and chuckled discrete. „All you have to do is just to talk with him in public. Make him think that you don't care about what the others think." Kurt sighed.

„But Santana. I've already done that. Remember? The first time I talked to him."

„But back then nobody knew what was going on."

„What do you mean?"

„Right now everyone thinks that you two are dating, since everyone knows about the 'date' last Friday." Santana leaned forward as if she were about to tell Kurt something secret. „Back then they didn't know what to think. If you do it know, Blaine will see that you really don't care about who knows about you two."

„'You two'? We're not dating, Santana." Kurt said and looked at her as if she had lost her mind.

„You kinda are, Kurt. Stop trying to convince yourself the opposite." She looked strict at him. „Either ways, you will date him eventually." Kurt looked at her and knew she was right. If he was going to get Blaine in bed he had to date him first.

„Can't believe I'm actually doing this." Kurt said and felt a bit depressed by the thought of it. „It's like I'm selling my body."

„Don't be so dramatic." Santana said and ate some popcorn.

Kurt woke up early the next day. He sat up in bed, rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock. 5am he thought and closed his eyes again. While he was lying there, trying to fall asleep he couldn't help but think about Blaine, even though he tried not to. Cheerio practice. I need to learn the new choreography, even Brittany can do it… I wonder if Blaine will come watch a performance one day he thought and turned around as he noticed his mind once again revolved around Blaine. Think about things that have nothing to do with him he thought and went through every possible subject, but somehow he ended up connecting it all to Blaine. He decided to get out of bed. It was around 5:30am when he sat his feet at the floor and sauntered over to his mirror. He sat and looked at himself when he noticed he actually wasn't that tired. Kurt silently slipped downstairs to eat his breakfast. It was way too early to do his hair now. He opened the refrigerator and was surprised when his stomach started growling when he saw the food. He closed the refrigerator and walked over to the big bowl with buns. He grabbed one and ate it while tiptoeing upstairs so he didn't wake anyone up.

He sat down in his bed and ate the last piece of bun before picking his phone up from his nightstand. He texted Santana, since he didn't know whom else he could write to this early. But as he had expected she didn't answer. He went through all of his contacts again and again, and stopped at „Blaine" when he had passed him for the third time. Why would he even be awake? Kurt thought at looked at the clock again. 8 past 6. He sighed and considered writing to Blaine. I really shouldn't before I've talked to him today. He threw his phone down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Blaine walked to school that Friday with his sister. They walked a bit in silence before Blaine asked: „How's things going with Finn?" Rachel looked confused at her brother with her big brown eyes before looking down in the ground and walking faster.

„I don't know what you're talking about." She said like she was discussing politics. „Me and Finn isn't even friends. He barely knows I exist."

„Come on, Rachel." Blaine said and caught up on her. „You obviously like him." He said and smiled at her. Rachel put her brown hair behind her ear and looked scared at her brother.

„Okay, but you can not tell anyone!" She said and grabbed his wrist. „It's a secret." She whispered.

„I won't." Blaine laughed. „Are you thinking about doing anything about it?"

„I can't, Blaine. He's popular now. I'm in the Glee-club. As I said, he doesn't know I exist." She said and looked down in the ground again. Blaine put his finger under her chin and lifted her head up.

„How do you know before you try?" Rachel looked intensely at him before turning her head and chuckling nervously.

„Why don't you follow your own advice, for a starter?" She asked him.

„What are you talking about?" He asked in his own special way.

„Kurt." That one word made Blaine feel like his stomach had just curled into a ball.

„Why do you always ask me about him?" Blaine said. Rachel quickly turned around so her hair swung round and landed on her right shoulder.

„Look, Blaine I know you like him. I just don't want you to get hurt if he doesn't like you back. He might be using you. And I think you know that, is that why you haven't talked in a few days?" She looked concerned at him while walking backwards.

„I don't like him." Blaine said cold. „And I am perfectly aware of that he's using me." He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed deeply. „I would just like to know why." Rachel nodded.

„Promise me you'll stay away from him."

„I don't have to. I have no reason to be with him."

Kurt walked over to his locker and opened it.

„Hey Kurt!" Kurt turned around by the voice of Santana.

„Santana!" He said and waited for her to come over. She pushed her way past a lot of people before reaching Kurt.

„Hi!" She said and gave him a big hug. „Sorry I didn't answer your text this morning. What were you doing up at 6am?" she asked.

„I woke up at 5 and couldn't fall asleep again." He tried not to think of why.

„Oh. Okay." She said. „So what are you going to do with Blaine today?" Kurt shrugged and took out his books from his locker.

„I don't know." He said and tried to sound like he didn't care, or like he hadn't thought about it. „Probably just talk to him."

„But what are you going to say?" she closed his locker to get his attention. „Kurt, you can't do this without thinking about it. What are you going to say?"

„I don't know, okay." And he didn't. He had given it a lot of thought, but he couldn't think of anything smart to say. He decided just to say hi and see what would happen. „I'm just going to see what happens." Then he kissed Santana on the cheek and said: „See you later." And walked away.

„Kurt!" Santana shouted after him, but Kurt just raised his left hand and shouted back: „I know." Actually he had no idea what she was going to say, but he doubted it would be any help. Nothing could really help him now, only himself. The sooner he realized and admitted to himself that he had to give up everything he had build up to get Blaine, the better. He kept saying „I'll get it back again in a month" to himself. He stepped inside of the classroom and looked around. Quinn were sitting with her group of followers, laughing at an inside joke. She looked up when she saw Kurt and smiled at him. Not a happy smile, not an encouraging smile, it wasn't evil either, actually Kurt didn't know what kind it was. All he knew was that it was really creepy, so he decided to find a place to sit. He looked over at his normal seat and then he saw Blaine. He was sitting alone. Normally he was sitting with his friend Artie, the kid in a wheelchair who always wore knitted vests. The class felt more empty than usual, but that was maybe just because not many people had math on A level in their year. He looked one last time at Quinn who was staring pleased at Kurt, though something in her look made him feel like she wanted him to screw up, like she was just waiting for him to make a laugh out of himself. Might as well please her he thought. He felt really uncomfortable when he walked past his usual seat and over at Blaine's table. „Can I sit here?" He asked and put his books at the table.

Blaine didn't even noticed when Kurt came into the class. And now he was standing there asking to sit beside Blaine.

„Sure." He said and regretted it as soon as the words had left his lips. Kurt smiled and sat down.

„Thanks." They stared at each other for a moment before Kurt went on; „So have you heard that we're getting a new kid in class?" Then he got Blaine's attention.

„What? Who?" Blaine asked and closed his notepad.

„I don't know. It's this guy from Dalton Academy."

„What's his name?"

„Sebastian I think." Suddenly it was like Blaine was seeing something beyond of what Kurt could.

„Sebastian Smythe?" He asked and kept staring out in the room, without really seeing anything.

„Yes! Yes, that's his name." Kurt said and smiled. „Do you know him or are you just really good at guessing?"

„I know him." Blaine said and made a stifled chuckle. „I've met him before."

„Where?" Blaine closed his eyes for a bit longer than a standard blink.

„We dated once." Kurt felt his head getting heavy.

„Dated?" he asked.

„Yeah. Me and my sister were spying on Dalton, to see how good their Glee-club was, since they were going to be at regionals too." Blaine looked at the clock. „And it just sort of happened. They discovered us, we got to talking, and Sebastian asked me out." Why am I even telling him this? Blaine thought. Kurt was about to say something, but got interrupted by Karofsky who now stood in front of them.

„Is he bothering you, Kurt?" he asked. Blaine straightened his back and sighed.

„Go away Karo—" Blaine started, but Kurt intruded.

„No, we're just talking. Why would he be bothering me?" Kurt said and looked confident at Karofsky.

„Talking? Anderson and you? I thought that the rumour of you two dating weren't true." Karofsky said confused.

„Well it is. So you can go now, Dave." Kurt said and gave him a look like he was stabbing him with his eyes.

„Actually we're not—" Blaine started, but got interrupted by Kurt again.

„You can leave now."

„That was very stupid of you, Hummel."

„Oh we're on last names now?" Kurt asked and chortled stiffly. „You were actually interrupting, Karofsky. Me and Blaine were talking." Karofsky came with a snide comment and walked away. Blaine stared speechless after him.

„What did you do that for? You could just have told him something else." Blaine said, but couldn't help but like that Kurt had defended him like that.

„What's wrong with the truth?" Kurt asked and his before harsh, unsympathetic eyes quickly changed to a much more kinder, softer and warmer look. Blaine stared into his eyes for a few seconds, yet it felt like several minutes had passed by when Blaine said: „Nothing." Kurtfelt his breathing getting shaky.

„I'm not ashamed to be friends with you." He said.

„Just a moment ago you told Karofsky we were dating." Blaine said and looked down at the table, avoiding eye contact.

„Speaking of that, what are you doing tomorrow night?" Kurt asked.

„Why?" Blaine said and looked at the clock again. The teacher would be here any minute now.

„My place. 6pm." Kurt said and turned around on the chair, as to say that the conversation was over. Blaine wanted to say no, but something kept him from declining. He actually wanted to go to Kurt's place. And though his sister's words 'promise me you'll stay away from him' went through his mind he agreed and said: „6pm."