Kurt came home from school that Friday and checked in his fridge after food worth eating. He was home alone, and his dad wouldn't come home before Sunday so he had the whole house to himself. He had been alone for a couple of days, and the only thing he felt like eating was nutella. What are we going to eat tonight? He thought as he took out the nutella jar. He grabbed a spoon and ate some of the nutella. He walked up to his room, while playing with the spoon, which was half inside of his mouth. He looked at the clock. 4:46pm he thought and placed the nutella-jar at his nightstand. He looked around in his room. So messy. He put all his pillows in their right place, did his bed, hid away all his hair- and skin products away in his drawer and picked up some clothes from his floor and pushed it in his closet. He was in the middle of a very hard process of shutting his closet when he heard his phone vibrate. He put a chair in front of his closet and walked over to his phone. He had got a text from Blaine; „It was the red house, right?" Kurt smiled. He had told Blaine his address around 4 times and every time he told him: „It's the red house. It's hard not to notice it." He sat down on his bed and answered: „Yes it was." He thre his phone on the bed and forgot about the closet. He looked at the clock and was surprised by how much time he had spent cleaning his room. It was almost 6pm. Kurt quickly changed to something more casual than his Cheerio-uniform, ran downstairs and looked out the window. He noticed he was trying to calm himself, saying 'it'll be all right. Just don't do anything stupid. He wouldn't have come if he didn't wanted to' to himself over and over. Why am I so nervous? He thought and looked once again at the clock. 6pm. He straightened his shirt and ran his hand gentle through his hair hoping to feel how it looked. He ended up running to the nearest mirror to ascertain that it looked good. He was studying his face when he heard the doorbell ring. He felt his stomach make a somersault and he walked slowly to the door. He opened it and faced Blaine with his dark curly hair, his brown and green-ish eyes, and the crooked, kind smile that only Blaine could do.

„Hi." Kurt said and took a deep breath.

Blaine looked at Kurt. His hair looked perfect, like he had used the least two months on making it look good. His delicate features, the fine nose, the blue-green eyes, the smooth skin. His small half-smile and gently raised eyebrows that made him have a slightly surprised face expression.

„Hello." Blaine answered and felt a bit awkward. Kurt calmly shook his head as if he had just remembered something and said: „come in, come in." Blaine stepped inside of the house and looked around. He was in a small, bright hallway with a door on the left. At the right there were a staircase, he couldn't see what it led up to though. At the end of the hallway there were an open door, which led into the kitchen, but he could only see half a table and a few chairs. „It's not much. My bedroom is the best." Kurt said and looked like he regretted saying it seconds after. Blaine laughed and took off his jacket and scarf.

„I like it." He looked fascinated around on the same things as before and handed Kurt his jacket and scarf. Kurt hung it up and walked to the door to the left.

„Come." Kurt said and Blaine walked after him into the living room. The walls were beige and it looked very minimalistic. He sat down on the blue couch and looked up at Kurt.

„So when's dinner?" Kurt looked at him for a few seconds before laughing with a soft voice.

„So when will your dad get back?" Blaine asked and opened one of the pizza boxes. The steam rose from the hot pizza and he took a slice. Kurt took one of the other slices.

„Sunday." He said and wished he could say something more. „He's in Belgium."

„What is he doing there?" Blaine asked and ate some of his slice.

„Work. He's gone quite often." Kurt said. „So usually it's just me and my brother."

„Right… Finn." Blaine said and leaned back in the chair. „Where is he now?"

„At a friend's place I assume." Kurt said and decided to change the subject. „So tell me about Sebastian. Why did you break up?" Blaine raised his left eyebrow and smiled slightly. Then he shook his head and made a stifled laughter.

„It was nothing. I just didn't—"

„Wait, you broke up with him?" Kurt asked. Blaine nodded and continued.

„I just didn't feel that anymore. He did though…" He chuckled nervously and ate the rest of his pizza.

„What do you mean?" Kurt asked curious.

„I mean, it's been a while since he's contacted me, but back then he tried pretty much everything to get me back." Stop talking about it Blaine thought.

„And now he's at McKinley." Kurt said and smiled. „Great." Blaine made his special crooked smile.

„Hey it's alright. He's a good guy."

„Sure." Kurt said and ate his pizza.

Kurt and Blaine sat in the couch, and Kurt was laughing at something Blaine had just said.

„Oh my god, yeah, that's amazing." He said and kept on laughing.

„It's true though." Blaine said and felt his cheeks starting to hurt because of his constant smiling.

„I know. I know." Kurt said, still laughing. Blaine watched him, as he was laughing, and noticed Kurt's eyes sparkle more than usual. „Anyway… Tell me about your glee-club." Blaine stared at Kurt.


„I'm curious. And I want to get to know you better!" Kurt said and sat legged in the couch, facing Blaine.

„Well…" Blaine started. „It's amazing." He chuckled subdued and continued: „They are like my family. Well Rachel is my family, but you know what I mean. It's the place where you get to be who you are, and no one is judging. And you can sing of course, which I love. And with the others it's…" As he was talking about them it was like his eyes were watching something beyond of what Kurt could see. Blaine looked so happy. He must really love Glee Kurt thought and listened to him talking about how they would spend their class, how they'd plan their set list for sectionals, regionals and nationals.

„Well it all sounds very good." Kurt said and smiled. Blaine looked like he was considering something and then he got a very serious face expression.

„You should join." Kurt felt his heart drop. What? „Yeah, you should. I've heard you sing. You're really good, Kurt." Blaine said and took Kurt's hand. Where Kurt's heart just a second ago was down in his stomach, he now felt like it was running around all over his body, making him feel warm inside. He suddenly felt very aware of how he was sitting. He couldn't and wouldn't move. If he moved just one centimetre Blaine would probably remove his hand and even though he didn't wanted to admit it to himself, Kurt didn't wanted him to.

„When have you heard me sing?" Kurt asked, and tried to ignore the warmth from Blaine's hand on his own.

„At Cheerios practice." Blaine said and smiled. „You're amazing." He didn't move either. Kurt looked into Blaine's eyes, and felt like he could sit like this in forever. He didn't ever want to move. Maybe except for…

„Okay." Kurt said and leaned in, closer to Blaine. He waited a few seconds to wait and see if Blaine would pull himself away, but when he just sat there staring at Kurt, he closed his eyes and leaned further in to Blaine. The moment their lips touched Kurt felt like the whole world disappeared. The few noises that had been there before, the silent buzzing from the refrigerator you could hear from the kitchen, the TV they had turned on just a few moments ago even the small "click click" from the clock on the wall disappeared. The only thing Kurt could hear now was his own and Blaine's breathing.

Blaine felt his heart skip a beat as Kurt kissed him. It felt like only a second when Kurt dragged himself back. With still closed eyes he felt his heart slow down. He wanted it to last longer. He wanted to feel that feeling again. The feeling where everything inside of him was tickling, where his heart was beating so fast and loud that Blaine was surprised Kurt didn't hear it. He wanted to kiss him again. He opened his eyes and faced Kurt. He didn't know what to say, he couldn't really remember what they were talking about before. Luckily Kurt said something: „I'll join."

The rest of the night went smooth, they laughed, talked and discussed stuff.

„It's getting late." Blaine said at 11pm. „I should go home." Kurt nodded and stood up.

„You're probably right." He said and smiled. They walked out in the hallway and Blaine took on his jacket. Blaine didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay all night, just talking to Kurt. Just being with him. This had been the best night he had had in ages. Kurt stared at Blaine for a moment, and when he didn't show any sign of saying goodbye Blaine thought what the hell and walked up close to Kurt. He kissed him gently and felt the same feeling in his body as before. Then he felt Kurt's arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist and kissed him more passionate. He felt Kurt's hand move up and every single thought in his mind left, when Kurt ran his fingers through Blaine's hair. The only thing he could feel was the warmth from Kurt's body against his, his lips touching his owns and his hands in his hair. And the only thing he could think of was that he never wanted this to end. He wanted to stand there forever, kissing Kurt.

Kurt had never felt anything like this. He started smiling while kissing Blaine again, and felt Blaine's breathe as he chuckled faintly before pulling back. No Kurt thought as he loosened his grip in Blaine's soft hair. No. He didn't want it to end. It couldn't end. This was how everything was supposed to be, it couldn't stop. He felt dizzy and barely noticed Blaine saying „See you Monday, Kurt." Before walking out of the door. Monday? Did he say Monday? Did he have to wait until Monday before seeing him again?