Kurt woke up the next morning feeling really confused. He didn't know what to think about the whole Blaine-thing. Yesterday he had felt so happy. He had gone to bed with a smile on his lips, with him and Blaine's kiss fresh in his memory. As he thought about the kisses he got more confused. What had made him kiss him? Kurt felt his head getting heavy when he thought back. I said I'd join the Glee club. Why did I do that? He thought and rolled around on his stomach. His bed felt softer than usual, and he didn't feel like getting up soon. He buried his head in his hands and took a deep breath. It's going to be oka— his thought stopped abruptly as he smelled his hands. Blaine. His hands still smelled of Blaine's hair. It was a sweet scent, and Kurt needed to order himself strictly to go wash his hands before actually doing it. After he had washed his hands around three times, he walked downstairs and sat in the couch, too lazy to do anything. As he sat in a legged position the previous night went through his head in flashes. He rubbed his eyes and went his fingers through his hair. Get out of my head! He thought as a picture of Blaine came up in his head. He stood up and sauntered out in the kitchen, and sat down.

He put his hands under his chin and closed his eyes. He didn't even try not to think of Blaine now, it was pretty much impossible. He pictured their last kiss and though he'd never admit it, he tried to recall the taste of Blaine's lips. The way his hair felt against Kurt's hands, the way they had stood so close to each other. He opened his eyes and got a bit disappointed not to see Blaine in front of him, even though he knew that it couldn't happen. He felt hollow in his stomach, and it wasn't because he hadn't eaten breakfast yet and was hungry. He was missing Blaine.

Blaine woke up at around 1pm. He had fallen asleep very late the night before, because he had had to walk home since he missed his bus. He kept recalling the previous night. He hadn't felt this happy for a really long time, and if it wasn't because he was always scared of seeming desperate or needy, he would've wrote to Kurt as soon as he got home. He picked up his phone on his nightstand, still lying in bed, and looked at the display, hoping for a text from Kurt. His heart skipped a beat when it said "two new messages" but felt more disappointed than he had ever felt, when he saw they were both from Artie. First one said: „Hey Blaine. Movie night at my place tonight. Come!" It was sent a few hours ago. The next one was only a few minutes old and it said: „Are you coming? I need to know." Blaine considered it, and answered: „Who else is coming?" it might seem a bit mean or odd to Artie. Like Blaine would only come if some special persons came. It wasn't like that, though. He just wanted to know. A few minutes later he got a reply: „Glee." Great, so that meant that his sister, Rory, Mercedes, Tina and Artie would come. He was about to answer when he remembered something. Kurt said he'd join Glee. But was he even serious? And would it be weird to invite him to this? Especially since the others didn't know about him and Kurt. Me and Kurt… he thought. Were they even an item? They had kissed, but that didn't necessarily mean that they were together. He dropped the thought and answered on the text: „Sure. I'll be there." He threw his phone on his bed and regretted it as soon as he got a new text. He couldn't be bothered to get up, he was sure it was from Artie anyway, so he just kept lying in his bed, until he slowly fell asleep again.

He woke up a few hours later by the sound of his door slamming.

Blaine!" He quickly sat up by the sound of his sister's voice. She was standing in front of his bed and looked judgemental at him.

„What?" He asked tired and rubbed his eyes.

„I've been calling at you for ages. It's almost 3:30pm, why are you sleeping?" Blaine shrugged.

„I was tired."

„Get up. Mom and dad are out grocery shopping. I told them you'd be up by now."

„Oh I'm sorry, mum." Blaine said and threw his duvet aside. He heard a noise, as if something heavy had just hit the ground. „What was that?" he asked. Rachel bowed down and picked up his phone from the floor.

„It fell down when you took off your duvet." She gave him his phone. „Don't forget we're going to Artie's later." Blaine nodded and watched as his sister walked out of the room. Then he remembered he had got a text before he had fallen asleep again, and looked at his phone. "1 new message." He opened it and felt his stomach tickle when he saw whom it was from.

„Kurt." He said and smiled. The text said: „What are you doing today?" Blaine thought of Artie and the other Glee members. He considered what to say before answering: „Artie's place. Why?" He put the phone on the bed and took off his shirt. He walked over to his closet and grabbed the first shirt he saw. He put it on and heard the text-sound. He practically ran over to his phone and looked at the text from Kurt. „Just wanted to hear if you could maybe meet up later." Blaine stared at the text and regretted he had told Artie that he would come over to his movie-night. „I can't. Going with the glee club to Artie's place later…" he answered. He sat with his phone in his hands and thought about a way to get out of the movie night, when he realized what he was doing. Was he really trying to find an excuse to ditch his friends to spend time with Kurt? No, he was going to Artie's place later. And he was going to have a bloody good time! He felt his heart starting to beat a bit faster as he read the next text: „I was just hoping to spend some time with you, before Monday. I miss you." Blaine read the text again. I miss you. He thought as he read it for the third time. He misses me. He couldn't help but smile as he answered.

Kurt was sitting in his kitchen. He had just texted Blaine he missed him. It was partly because he was actually missing him, though he would never admit it, and partly because he wanted to get this whole thing over with. The Blaine-thing. He counted the days, and realized he had only "known" Blaine for ten days. We've known each other for ten days, and we've already kissed. He thought and sighed. Was he moving too fast? And how long did it have to take before Blaine would want to go sleep with him? Maybe he could make it happen soon, it really seemed like Blaine liked him. Kurt wasn't sure of his feelings anymore. He had sat in the kitchen for so long, thinking about it that he didn't know what to believe anymore. He could still remember yesterday's feelings from when they'd kissed, the happy feeling when they were talking and how comfortable he had felt in Blaine's presence. But he could remember the feelings he had had against Blaine before all this, too. The feelings of disgust and repulsion whenever he had seen him on the hallways. He didn't know what feeling filled the most, but he knew he had to figure it out. He couldn't keep on like this, not knowing what to feel about Blaine. It could ruin the whole plan. His plan about seducing Blaine, sleeping with him, be head cheerleader and then dumping him in front of everybody and get his old reputation back. He couldn't do that if he actually had feelings for him. But why should I have feelings for him? He thought. Yeah sure I might like him as a friend, but nothing more. And I have enough friends. He tried not to think of the urge he had had yesterday to kiss Blaine. He tried not to think of anything right now, only how he just liked Blaine as a friend. I just need him to think I like him as something more. He felt the vibration from his phone and checked the text from Blaine: „I miss you too." Kurt tried not to smile, but it was impossible. He felt the warmth spreading from his stomach out in his arms, and he forgot all about the thoughts he had just had. He stroke his fingers over his phone-keyboard and answered: „So can we meet?" It didn't take long before the answer came. „No. I'm going to Artie's remember!" Kurt sighed and answered: „Then when can I see you again?" He needed Blaine to think that he was desperate after seeing him. He waited for a while, but when he still hadn't got an answer he walked into the living room and crept under the blanket in the couch. As he was lying there, still in his sleepwear, he closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

Blaine was walking with Rachel on their way to Artie's, when Rachel suddenly stopped and turned around to face Blaine.

„Blaine, what did you do last night?" Blaine clenched his jaw. He hadn't told anyone about his visit at Kurt's place, not even his sister. His parents didn't really care where he was, so he hadn't had to tell them.

„Just with a friend." Blaine said and regretted it as soon as he had said it. The only friends he had were Rachel's friends too. She probably knew that he wasn't with anyone from the Glee club.

„What friend?" Rachel asked. Blaine sighed and walked a bit faster.

„Why do you care?" He asked and tried not to sound too harsh. She put a hand on his chest, and stopped him. She took a deep breath, looked down in the ground and put her hair behind her ear.

„Were you with Kurt?" she asked with a delicate voice. Blaine didn't know if he should tell her or not. I might as well. It will come out anyway. He thought.

„Yes." He told her and watched as she lifted her head and gave him a nervous smile before looking kind of sad again.

„I asked you to stay away from him... You promised—" she started, but Blaine cut her off.

„Wasn't it you who started with telling me that I should go out with him, in the first place? I even made him join Glee club." He said and started walking again. He heard her soft steps behind him, and she quickly caught up on him.

„So are you two going out now?" She asked worried. Blaine shrugged and slowed down.

„I honestly…" He started and thought about their texts earlier. I miss you. He kept seeing that one sentence in his mind. He had told Kurt that he was busy all weekend, and that he'd be seeing him Monday, but he hadn't got an answer. He thought about their kisses, their date. The fun they had had. „… Don't know." Rachel took his right hand and squeezed it. They walked a bit in silence before Rachel said something.

„So he's joining Glee club?" Blaine shrugged.

„I think so. I mean he told me he would." A picture of Kurt saying „I'll join" popped up in his head and he felt an urge to hug him tight. Instead he kept walking down the sidewalk, holding hands with his sister.

They reached Artie's house around 6pm, and Tina came out, giggling, and opened the door for them.

„Welcome to the house of Artie!" She almost fell over when she leaned out to hug Rachel.

„Are you high, Tina?" Blaine asked and laughed quietly. Tina shook her head and stepped back inside.

„No I'm not. Just lost balance." She said and laughed at Blaine, before hugging him too. „It's upstairs, come, come." Rachel and Blaine put their coats on the stairs as usual, and followed Tina upstairs. Rachel and Blaine got greeted with hugs and kisses on the cheek from their friends. They had already put on a movie.

„What are you watching?" Rachel asked and sat down beside Tina in the couch. While everyone was talking Blaine took a look around. He had only been her one time before, and he hadn't been able to remember how it looked. It wasn't a small room, but it wasn't that big either. In one of the corners a table stood with Artie's computer, pencils, a few books etc. At the left corner a grey sofa were and there could easily fit six people or so. On the other side of the wall there were a TV, a bookshelf a few boxes here and there and his closet. His room had a lot of black and white, and it wasn't like you'd imagine his room to be. It was so sophisticated, and frankly Artie didn't seem like the most sophisticated type. Blaine sat down by Rory and looked at Artie sitting in his wheelchair beside the sofa, watching the movie.

„This movie is more boring than I thought." Rory said and smiled that cute little smirk that only he could do. His whole face lit up and his smirk just seemed so small and innocent. His Irish accent tended to confuse Blaine about what he was saying sometimes, but he had more or less gotten so used to it that he understood pretty much all that Rory said.

„We could talk instead." Tina said and shrugged. Mercedes nodded.

„Yeah, that sounds nice." She said and leaned up against the wall.

„Really? Just talk?" Artie said and chuckled nervously. „There's not much to talk about." He said and Blaine knew that he was hoping the girls would agree and just put on another movie. Tina and Mercedes looked at each other.

„There must be something." Tina said.

„And there is." Rachel said and crossed her legs. „We're getting a new member in the Glee club!" Blaine felt suddenly nervous, like before a big presentation. Is she talking about Kurt? He thought. He took a deep breath and listened to Rachel. „A new kid. His name is Sebastian." She looked complacent around on the others. Blaine suddenly couldn't feel his feet. The feeling spread to his legs and he felt it go all the way up to his head before he couldn't think properly. Rachel seemed to notice because she added: „And Blaine he did mention that he have a new boyfriend, so I don't think you have anything to worry about."

„What would I worry about?" Blaine asked and felt the others looking interested at him.

„I just know from back then when he tried to get you back." Rachel said with a gentle voice. „You didn't exactly like him more because of that."

„He's a good guy." Blaine said. Rachel nodded and looked at her brother with her intense look.

„Yes, he is and he really seems like he have changed to the better." She said and smiled. „Anyway, guys." She looked at the others. „What do I get for getting a new member into our club?" Blaine noticed Mercedes whispering: „Well you can't get a solo, because you already have all of them." He was about to ask her if something was wrong, when he thought of something. He said it before even thinking about how to put it.

„I have a member too." Everyone looked at him.

„Who?" Rory asked when Blaine didn't say more.

„Kurt." Everything got silent and Blaine could barely hear anyone's breathing anymore. „What?" No one said anything; they just sat there looking at each other with suspicious, scared or confused faces.

„Why Kurt?" Tina asked calm. Mercedes took over: „You could've asked anyone on the entire school, and you picked Kurt?" Blaine shrugged.

„What's wrong with Kurt?" He asked and looked at his sister for support. She looked down when their eyes met. Blaine continued: „He's not that bad a guy, actually."

„How would you know?" Mercedes said and gave him a judging look.

„Yes, how do you know?" Rory asked and put his hand under his chin. „There was that time in the cafeteria too." Tina nodded encouragingly at Rory and put her hair behind her ear.

„Yeah, you said something about him not being as awful as we thought, or something." Blaine shook his head gently, and made his crooked smile. I might as well tell them he thought and turned around so he was facing everyone.

„I've been on two dates with him." Blaine had thought that he was going to experience the most awkward silence ever, but instead they all looked at each other and Artie took the word.

„When?" Blaine felt everyone staring at him, and he didn't know what was the right answer. The truth.

„The past two Fridays." Blaine said and felt the tension in the room. He looked at his sister to might get some sort of encouragement, but she was still looking down, and her bangs covered for her eyes.

„Why?" The question they had all wanted to know. Why would he ever date Kurt? Blaine sighed and kept looking at Rachel.

„Does it matter?" Tina moved uncomfortable in her seat and looked at Artie with a strange look. „Can we talk about something else?" Some of them nodded agreeing and Rachel finally looked up, without meeting Blaine's look though.

„Music?" She asked and walked over to Artie's iPod speakers and turned on „Can't Fight This Feeling". „My favourite song." She said and smiled at Blaine.

Quinn woke up at 7am Monday morning and sat up in bed. She took the pants on the end of her bed on and the top of her Cheerio-uniform on. She looked in the mirror and smiled confident at herself.