Quinn walked into the school, and looked around. Nothing had changed during the weekend. Same old yellow lockers, same ugly walls, and the same people spreading out when she passed by. She tightened her ponytail and walked over to her locker. She put in some books and took some out, and as she closed her locker she couldn't help but gasp as she saw Rachel Berry's face in front of her.

„Rachel, what are you doing here?" She asked and looked around her, hoping no one was watching. She remembered clearly telling Rachel not to talk to her in public.

„I know I'm not supposed to talk to you now, but I have a reason." She said and looked desperately at Quinn.

„What is it then?" Quinn asked and looked everywhere else than at Rachel.

„I just want to thank you for letting Kurt joining Glee. Especially when you think about how many times you told me, that you didn't want anyone from The Cheerios to join our club." Rachel's big smile faded as she saw Quinn's face. „What?"

„Have Kurt joined Glee?" She asked, but didn't get to hear an answer before she saw Karofsky coming, gave Rachel a nervous look, and walked slowly away.

It had felt like ages until school ended, and Quinn quickly walked out in the back of the school, behind a dumpster. She had waited for about fifteen minutes when she saw the familiar brown hair and the red and white dotted dress. She smiled softly and looked around after people, but when she couldn't see anyone in the whole yard, she walked over to Rachel in her own special way; it almost looked like she was floating. As soon as she reached her they looked at each other for a moment, before Rachel stroke Quinn's cheek and kissed her lips tenderly.

„Hey." Quinn said and smiled faintly. „So tell me about Kurt joining Glee." She said and quickly sounded more serious.

„It was just something Blaine said." Rachel said, and seemed more interested in playing with a wild lock of Quinn's hair than the conversation.

Blaine?" Quinn asked and removed Rachel's hand with a sweep.

„Yeah, they're going out." Rachel said and put her arms behind her back.

„Oh really?" Quinn said. She wanted to smile bigger than ever. Her plan was going perfectly. This should be fun. „I have to go, Rach." She said and kissed Rachel's cheek. Rachel turned her head a bit and kissed Quinn's lips before pulling back.

„Okay." Rachel said. Quinn stroked Rachel's arm as she walked past her. Her and Rachel's relationship was quite new, but so far they had been doing better than expected. They had managed to keep it a secret, which Quinn wanted to do, at least before she transferred. Rachel had given her friends clues, so that they were all thinking she liked Finn Hudson. Everything was going perfectly. Actually she had never expected to fall for anyone like Rachel Berry, the overambitious girl from Glee club who couldn't keep her mouth shut for more than five seconds, but after their project in Spanish they had done together, no one could deny there had been chemistry. As Quinn was walking back home, she took out her phone and texted Kurt. „So you and Blaine are an item? I wonder how long there will go before everyone knows…" she had walked for a while before she got an answer. „Who told you that?" Quinn got a bit surprised to see that Kurt wasn't denying it, but she guessed he had realized that he couldn't keep it a secret forever. „That doesn't matter. And you're joining Glee club too?" she wrote and was happy as she felt that familiar feeling of having power over someone else.

Kurt had just read the last text and felt suddenly so helpless. The fact that Quinn knew wasn't even such a big problem, it just felt like everything was getting too much. Like everything was rambling down in front of him. Everything he had walked around with for years now, suddenly felt like too much. The fact that he had never gotten along with his brother, that his father wasn't home very often, plus his mother's dead was still affecting him even though it had been around 8 years now since she had passed away. And his unsolved feelings for Blaine. Deep down he knew that he was crazy about Blaine, he was sweet, kind, handsome, funny and caring, but he put everything he had ever dreamt of in High School on stake by dating him. Was Blaine really worth it? Kurt sat down on his bed and buried his head in his hands. He didn't know where all these emotions suddenly came from, it just felt like a plug had been pulled out of the place he kept all his emotions locked up, and now they were all running around in his head, making him feel depressed and dizzy. He felt the tears pressing, and unlike every other time he had almost cried, he let them run. He felt the teardrops roll down halfway of his cheek and then hitting his hands, making them wet. He was about to remove his hands from his face, when he heard someone knocking on the door. Kurt looked up and had to think quickly about what to do.

„Who is it?" he said and tried to hide the shaking in his voice, from the crying.

„It's Finn." His brother's voice said from the other side of the door.

„Come in." He didn't care about Finn seeing him like this. Normally he would, but right now he had too much to think about, to even try to care.

„Is it true that you're joining—" Finn stopped talking as he saw his brother's face. „What's wrong?" He said and sat down besides Kurt.

„I don't know…" Kurt said, and couldn't help but think it was the truth. He really didn't know what had made him feel this way all of sudden. He closed his eyes as he felt the tears coming again. He felt Finn's arms wrapping around him, and Kurt put his head on Finn's shoulder when he couldn't hold in the tears anymore. He had never felt this intimate and secure in anyone's arms before. Maybe Blaine's… He put his arms around Finn and felt safe and protected as he cried.

Kurt woke up a few hours later. He was laying there for some time, before rolling over on his right side. The whole thing about Quinn telling everyone about him and Blaine, and him joining Glee club seemed really meaningless right now. All those thoughts had left his mind as he realized that the only thing he was thinking about as soon as he woke up was Blaine. He reached out and grabbed his phone from his nightstand. He thought about how he would love to solve at least one of his problems soon, and he might as well start with the easiest. He turned on his lamp as he texted Blaine: „Hey, can we meet?" It didn't take long before he got an answer. „Of course." He smiled as he wrote the next text. „Behind breadstix in half an hour?" The answer came a bit later than before, but it didn't matter, he knew what the answer was going to be before he opened the text. It said: „See you there."