Kurt was waiting behind breadstix, rubbing his hands against each other. It didn't take long before he could discern Blaine in the dark. He was walking with his hands in his pockets, and looking straightforward. Kurt suddenly got a really big urge to run up to him and just hug him really tight, but instead he just stood still and watched, as Blaine got closer.

„Blaine." Kurt said and took a step forward.

„Hi." Blaine said and stopped in front of Kurt. They stared at each other for a few seconds in silence, before one of them spoke. „So why did you want to meet up?" Kurt looked at Blaine for a moment without answering.

„Let's walk." He said, turned around and started walking. He opened his eyes surprised when he felt Blaine taking his hand. He noticed he started to blush and was happy that it was dark already.

„I just noticed you were cold before. You were rubbing your hands against each other." Blaine said. Kurt tightened his grip on Blaine's hand and kept walking without saying anything.

After they had walked a few minutes, they reached the small forest Kurt often wandered around in, when he had something to think over.

„Blaine, about joining Glee club…" Kurt started and felt Blaine's hand loosen. Kurt squeezed his hand. He wouldn't let go. „Maybe it's not a good idea."

„Why not?" Blaine asked emotionless.

„I don't think your friends will like it very much." Kurt said and stopped up. He looked at Blaine; he could barely see his eyes in the dark though. He dragged him over to a small spot there was lit with a small lamp, and stood by the light. Blaine was looking down on the ground and had his loose hand in his pocket.

„They won't mind." Blaine said and looked up. „I really like you… Kurt." Kurt felt his heart starting to pound faster than usual. „Would you please join Glee club?" Blaine looked at him with his big brown eyes, and even thought Kurt really wanted to say no, there was no way he could do it. He shrugged and smiled weakly.


Blaine noticed the shadows in Kurt's face disappear as he started to move again. He wasn't going to walk again though. He was looking up at the sky.

„Come lie with me?" He asked and pointed at a spot with grass. Blaine nodded and tried to resist the desire to kiss Kurt, to taste his lips again, to feel the closeness from him, he had been longing for in way too long now. Instead they walked slowly over to the spot and sat down on the dewy grass. They looked up at the cloudless sky, still holding hands.

„Do you ever wish that you could pause your life?" Kurt asked. „Just for a few minutes. So you could experience some moments for a bit longer?" He lowered his voice. „Just for a few minutes…" Blaine looked at Kurt and knew exactly what he was talking about. As he was looking at Kurt's flawless face with all these delicate features, the clean lines and the shiny eyes gazing up at the sky, seeming not to notice that Blaine was watching him, he wished to pause his life. This was how he wanted to spend every day. Gazing up at the sky with Kurt, holding his hand.

„Yes." He said and felt a bit excitement in his stomach as he moved closer to Kurt, putting their interlaced fingers on his lap. Kurt didn't even seem to notice that their arms were now touching. He was looking up at the sky, like he was seeing something Blaine couldn't.

„Blaine?" Kurt asked with a gentle voice. „Can I tell you something?" Blaine watched as Kurt turned his head. His eyes were glistening, and his commissures of his lips were slightly quivering. Blaine nodded, not knowing what to say. „I'm so sorry for what I've done to you in the past." He said with a shaky voice. Blaine looked concerned at Kurt and squeezed his hand.

„Don't worry about it." He watched as tears built up in Kurt's eyes.

„I'm sorry." Kurt said, with almost no voice. „If I knew you back then, like I do know I would never had—" He stopped talking as he started to tremble over the words. A tear dropped from his eye and he lifted his head to look at Blaine. He met his hazel brown eyes, almost black in the darkness, and didn't remove his look from them one second as Blaine dried the one tear away from his face. Another tear dropped from the other eye, whilst Blaine removed his hand.

„Don't worry…" Blaine said and kissed Kurt's cheek where the tear was running down. „… About it." Blaine stroked Kurt's cheekbone, and let go of his hand to put it on Kurt's other cheek. He held his head in his hands and looked into Kurt's eyes. „It's okay."

Kurt suddenly went numb. The warmth from Blaine's hands on his face made every thought in is his head disappear.

„It's okay." Blaine said and smiled at him. How did I get so lucky? Kurt thought as he relished Blaine's touch. He closed his eyes for a bit longer than a standard blink, and when he opened them it was like Blaine was the only thing he could see, like he was the only thing that mattered.

„Kiss me." Kurt said softly, and straightened his back. Blaine smiled shortly, almost too quick for Kurt to notice, before removing his hands from his face.

For a second Kurt thought Blaine was going to leave. Every thought possible ran through his mind in that one second. What if he didn't wanted to kiss him? What if he thought it was a stupid thing to say? What if he had been faking it all, and now he was going to laugh at him and tell him that he didn't feel anything? He felt his heart drop. That couldn't happen. Blaine put his hands on the grass for support as he leaned in towards Kurt. He pulled back before his lips had barely touched Kurt's. Kurt closed his eyes as he unconsciously pushed his head a bit forward to find Blaine's lips again. He put his hands on Blaine's chest and softly pushed him back. Blaine moved his hands behind him on the grass so he didn't fall back, and let Kurt take over the kiss. Kurt stroke Blaine's cheek with his lips as he turned his head. „You take my breath away." He whispered and Blaine could feel his breath getting heavy. Kurt tried to get a hold of his thoughts, as he kissed Blaine again. Blaine clenched his hand in the grass as he tried to get a grip of what to do. All he wanted to do was just to lie here all day. Blaine's hands slipped in the dewy grass and he fell down on his back. Kurt fell down on Blaine's stomach and couldn't help but laugh. „Are you okay?" He asked, and pushed himself a bit up.

„I'm fine." Blaine said almost soundless, with a smile on his lips as he kissed Kurt again.

Kurt woke up Tuesday morning with his head facing down in the pillow. He lifted his head and stared down where his head had been. How could I breathe with my face down in that pillow? He thought and laughed silently. He got out of bed and put on his Cheerios uniform. He ran his hands over his clothes before sitting down in front of his mirror, doing his daily morning routines.

Blaine was walking to school with his sister without saying a word. Say something. He thought. He didn't know why they didn't have anything to talk about. Normally they could talk about everything and nothing, but now there was just silence.

„There's Glee today." Rachel said. Blaine looked at her.

„I know." He said and tried not to sound too cocky.

„I'm going to tell Sebastian the times today." Blaine nodded. „Since he's joining." She said and looked down. „You should tell Kurt." Blaine nodded, without really hearing what she was saying.

„Yeah…" He shook his head. „Wait, what?"

„Yeah, you should tell Kurt about what time we practice." She said and looked surprised at her brother. „He is joining right?"

„Yes he is joining." Blaine said. „I mean he told me he wasn't sure yesterday. But then he said okay…"

„So you were with him yesterday?" She asked and sounded almost hurt.

„Why does it always surprise you so much?" Blaine asked and laughed. „You almost sound hurt." He smiled at her.

„Are you dating?" She asked with a soft and vulnerable voice. „You and Kurt?" Blaine nodded, but then shook his head.

„I think so, I mean I don't know, actually." He said and sounded confused himself.

„Maybe you and Kurt isn't such a good couple. You don't have anything in common." Rachel said. She didn't sound hurt anymore, not at all, now she sounded almost superior.

„How would you know? You don't know him, Rachel." Blaine said a bit harsh. „Besides, you like Finn Hudson. It's not like you're the perfect couple either." Blaine noticed a small smile on Rachel face though it disappeared as quick as it came. „What?" he asked.

„Nothing." She said. They didn't talk for the rest of the way, but she didn't seem mad or hurt anymore. Almost happy.

As they arrived to the front door of the school, Blaine turned to face Rachel.

„You have been trying to hide a smile for the rest of the way over here, Rach. What is it?" He asked and pushed her gently to the side to let some juniors pass.

„Nothing." Rachel said and had to once again hide a subtle smile.

„It was after I mentioned Finn." Blaine said. „Are you dating or something?" Rachel made a stifled chuckle and swiped him off with a hand movement.

„As I've said, he doesn't know I exist." She was about to say something more when Quinn passed by. Quinn. Rachel thought and as if they could read each other's mind, Quinn slightly turned her head and looked shortly at Rachel before walking inside of the school. Rachel, who had forgotten about Blaine, gazed after her girlfriend. It was killing her that she couldn't grab her and hold her tight, like every other couple could.

„Rachel?" Blaine said and waved a hand in front of her face. Rachel didn't seem to notice it at all, and walked inside the school, not sure of what to do when she reached Quinn. Blaine stood back and gaped after her, before walking inside too. He walked down the halls, looking for his sister as he saw the familiar light-brown hair that looked flawless, the face with all the delicate features, and for a moment he forgot everything about Rachel. He walked up to Kurt and felt a relief as he saw the smile on Kurt's face when he saw him.

„Blaine." He said controlled with a soft voice.

„Kurt." Blaine said and couldn't help but smile. They looked at each other for a moment, then Kurt looked around him as to see if anyone was watching before hugging Blaine really tight. Blaine felt like his stomach was heating up and he closed his eyes as he put his arms around Kurt. His hair smells really nice. Blaine thought as he let go of Kurt. „Kurt I have to ask you something." Blaine said. Kurt smiled a bit and said: „Yes?" Blaine took a deep breath and instead of asking Kurt where their relationship was at, like he had wanted to, he just blew out the air he had just sucked in and laughed nervously. Kurt leaned up against his locker and ran his fingers through his hair. „Where are we at?" Blaine asked, and realised after just one second that Kurt could possibly have no idea of what he was talking about.

Kurt ran his fingers through his hair as Blaine asked him: „Where are we at?" He could see on Blaine's face that that wasn't quite how he had wanted to say it, so Kurt just stood still and kept quiet. „Us… You know." He continued.

„Oh!" Kurt said quite loud. „Oh I know what you mean. Our relationship." He tried to keep it down, but he might as well say it as it was, since he couldn't even keep it a secret anymore. Blaine nodded, and smiled shy. „Where do you want to be at?" Kurt asked and straightened his uniform. He could see that Blaine hadn't expected that response. Kurt chuckled and stroke Blaine's cheek. „Let me know when you've figured it out." Then he walked away from Blaine and to the next class.

Blaine stood back by Kurt's locker, looking on the people passing by. „Where do you want to be at?" Blaine thought and made his crinkled smile. Where do I want to be at? He asked himself and started walking down against his own locker. He saw Rory when he was walking down the hall, and followed him with his eyes until they had passed each other. He walked to English class and sat down besides Tina, as usual.

„Hey." Tina said and smiled at Blaine. Blaine gave her a genuine smile.

„Hey Tina." He said and put his books on the table.

„So we all discussed it, and as long as you're okay with it… Then we're okay with you dating Kurt." She said and seemed like it had been very hard to say. „You just have to understand, we don't want you to get hurt." Blaine barely noticed what she said and decided just to nod at her. „Did you hear what I said?" She asked and poked him at the arm. „You can date Kurt." He heard that last part.

„I would even if you guys wouldn't let me." He said and gave her his full attention.

„I know, and we realised that. So therefore we're okay with it."

„Good." Blaine said and smiled at her. „What would you think me and Kurt was?" Blaine asked. „Like, our relationship." Tina looked at him with a confused look.

„I don't know, Blaine. I don't know a thing about your relationship." She said and made an awkward smile. „Why?"

„Just trying to figure something out." Blaine said and opened his book as the teacher came in.

It was at the end of the day, Blaine saw Kurt by his locker talking to Santana. He felt a bit awkward when thinking of interrupting their conversation, since he didn't really know Santana that well.

He walked up to them and said: „There's Glee now." Before walking past them and down the hall to the room the Glee club practised.

Kurt looked after Blaine as he passed them. There's Glee now. Blaine's words ran through his head. He looked at Santana.

„I thought the rumours wasn't real." She said and gave him a suspicious look. „You're really joining Glee club?"

„If you've heard rumours, why didn't you just ask me?" Kurt asked.

„As I said, I didn't think they were real." She answered. „Until now of course." She said and looked up at the ceiling while laughing. „Wow Quinn must be dying of laughter right now. She made you join Glee." She said and kept laughing.

„She already knows, I don't think she's still laughing." Kurt said emotionless. „Besides, it wasn't her that made me join." He started walking towards the same room as Blaine and said: „It was Blaine." He walked into the room, letting Santana stand alone on the hallway looking after him.

„So you like him now?" She yelled after him, but didn't get a reply.

Blaine sat down besides Rory and an empty chair, where he figured Kurt would sit. But when he came into the room, he looked around and sat down in the front between Rachel and Rory. Blaine didn't get to think about it, since their teacher; Will Schuester walked in.

„So, Glee club!" He said and threw his bag on the big black piano, which was placed slightly to the right from the left door in the room. „I found a Journey song, that we-" He stopped talking as his look landed on Kurt. „Are you lost, Kurt?"
Will knew that Kurt had thrown slushies at the Glee-kids, and that he hadn't exactly been the best friend to them. All the stories he had heard about Kurt hadn't exactly given him a reason to like him. Kurt shook his head and smiled a gentle and charming smile, Blaine had never seen before.

„Not lost, no." He said with a kind voice. Will looked at the Glee club, and got more confused as they saw their accepting faces. „I've joined Glee club. I'm sure someone must've informed you about it." He said in such a thoughtful and compassionate voice that it felt like the room was sitting still all quiet just to listen to him talk. Suddenly Rachel stood up and put her hair behind her ear.

I think that we should all give Kurt a shot at showing his inner…" She paused and looked around the room. „… Glee-member." Blaine chuckled silent and crossed his arms.

„Thank you, Rachel." Kurt said and looked at her with a soft look. He knows her name. Blaine thought and moved uncomfortable around on his chair. Why was Kurt's voice suddenly so mellow and calm, and his look so different than usual.

„Kurt, why are you-" Blaine started but stopped as he got a look from Kurt that made him feel really misplaced. Kurt turned his head to the other members and said: „You are not very many, are you?" They all stared at him, but it was Rory who answered.

„No, not many people want to join." Kurt looked at him for a moment with an empty look before talking again.

„Sorry, I was totally lost in your accent for a second." He smiled at Rory and continued: „Well I can might help on recruiting new members. Trust me Glee clubbers." He smacked his hands together, and smiled encouraging to them all. Blaine looked at the others, and as he saw their faces he started to think that making Kurt join Glee might have been a bad idea.

„We can do it together." A voice from the back said. Blaine turned around to find the voice. He had to hold in a small gasp as he saw Sebastian. He had forgot all about him joining Glee. „I want to help too." Sebastian said and stood up. „Together?" He asked and lifted both of his eyebrows. Kurt turned his head slightly and made that "surprised and fascinated" smile, that only Kurt can do.

„Sure." He said. Blaine felt someone had just curled his stomach into a ball and stepped on it.

„I mean, I should do something for this club too, right?" Sebastian said and smiled at Kurt.

„Fantastic." Will said, though it didn't sound very genuine. Blaine removed his look from Sebastian and looked at Will instead. „As I said I've found a Journey song we haven't done yet." Will said and chuckled nervously.