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Disclaimer: "I tried to do the right thing, ended up with nothing good, I blame BRUNO HELLER" (if you know some of these lyrics then you are in good stead for my challenge!)

A is for Accidental

"Jane?" Lisbon's voice floated across to his sleeping form on the couch "Jane?" she reached him and shook his shoulders

"Hmmm?" his eyes opened sleepily and stared into the emerald orbs before him "Oh Lisbon" he yawned "What have I done?"

"Shall I go and get the book?" She asked sarcastically and he chuckled. Lisbon shoved his legs across and perched on the end of the couch. Kicking off her shoes, she wound her legs underneath her and leant into the corner and felt the comforting feel of leather engulf her, calling her to sleep

"Seriously?" Jane's voice brought her back to reality "Did you just come to sleep on my couch" she raised an eyebrow "Not that I mind of course" he added hastily. Because he didn't, he most certainly didn't. "I was just curious"

"Well you were on the right lines earlier" Lisbon decided to make the most of the limited time she had on his couch

"I've done something?" she just looked at him and he laughed "Course, sorry- I've always done something." Jane sat up properly and looked into her eyes "Something more annoying than usual? No, it's… not as bad as normal? Something, recent… probably today or you'd have come sooner. Something I should realise quickly, something precious to you, important to the day, you need it… so, coffee?" he smacked his forehead in understanding "you're stressed because I knocked the remaining coffee down the sink?"

Lisbon nodded and then laughed at the silliness of it, turning her face away and making to get up

"Hang on Miss Lisbon" Jane pulled her back down "I haven't apologised yet"

"Jane, you never apologise" she looked down at her hands which he hadn't realised he was still holding on to. Not that he let go, of course.

"Well, change is gonna come" she looked up expectantly "I am now officially apologising for every single thing I have done which has annoyed you, is annoying you and ever will annoy you" he lifted her hand and kissed it

"Apart from today" she whispered and he frowned in confusion "I shouldn't be annoyed at you for something accidental"

A smile spilled across his features "I know that you know I know how important coffee is to you. I wouldn't do that on purpose" she joined him in his smiles "I've tried everything to not be a nuisance Lisbon"

"I know Patrick, I know" he brushed some hair out of her face

"Then prove you forgive me" Lisbon looked up, frowning in confusion "Just smile" he prompted

"Sure" and she smiled that beautiful smile before giggling and falling into his side. He wrapped an arm around her waist and joined her laughter. When they had calmed down a bit, she looked at her watch, "I should go"

"Or, you could stay here"

"I could, but it might be a bit…"


"Precisely" she still hadn't moved, both hypnotised by the other's eyes "Ask me to stay" she whispered

"Teresa Lisbon," his arm found her shoulders "Stay."

"I said ask, that was an order"

"Who cares. It's been a horrible week Lisbon." He noticed she didn't move and understood. That blasted wall between them was stopping her from letting go "Teresa, you can cry if you want"

She shook her head "just, please don't let me go"

And he didn't, and they both slept better than they had done in a very, very long time.

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This was 'accidental' because I happend to be listening to Olly Murs' song and thought it'd be appropriate. So, I have actually stuck in a few more song titles in this fic, including some lyrics from one of his songs in the disclaimer. I have no idea if you americans know who Olly Murs is or not, but I did it anyway :P let me know when you know!