Hello to you my lovely readers,

This is a note to say sorry and to explain myself to you all. Basically, I'm not going to finish this alphabet :/ I know it sounds like I cant be bothered and stuff but I have realised that this isn't what I want to be doing at the moment. Its different for everyone I guess, but my parents have only just realised the two different lives I have- the way I am around my friends (and FF) and how I am with them and at church.

Im sorry for not finishing this story, but im gonna stop with the writing for now, aologies for that :(

Sorry guys for not continuing with this and all my other writing but I think it has to stop now. And that was a totally depressing thing that I've gone and shared with a load of random strangers who actually don't know... but I didn't want to just leave you all hanging and not knowing what had happened to me!

You've all been lovely

Saz xxx