I'm back! This is called Desire Kills. The pairing is still Cassie and Nick and will be all the way through. This chapter is going to just run over everything that has happened and the second chapter is where the real story begins. Here goes. Oh, and also this story is written in first person, I feel I write better through this.

One year later.

It has been a year since everything happened. A year that Nick and I had been dating.

A lot had changed within the group.

Faye was dating Doug and had been for the last ten months. I seriously don't know how that relationship started. They just showed up one day, their arms around each other, Doug's hand in the back pocket of Faye's jeans.

Laurel had only just got with Shaun, two weeks ago, they were really shy together, it took them a month to finally gather their guts and admit their feelings to each other.

And Deborah started dating Chris! Again I don't know how that happened. This happened about a month ago. This seriously shocked everyone! We knew they were hooking up at one point but they just showed up holding hands.

Diana missed being with Adam, especially now that Adam and I weren't soul-mated anymore.

He went a little crazy after that. He was angry all the time. It had seemed that Nick and Adam had completely switched personalities.

Nick was a complete sweetie. He was the same cold Nick with everyone else, but with me he was my Nick.

Adam was just, not Adam. We all tried to avoid him as much as possible nowadays. He was arrogant, and he snaps at people a lot. So yeah, we avoided him.

Diana was miserable lately. I hated to see Diana so sad, she would try to not show it but we all could see through her charade. I felt so bad.

It was all my fault, I watched her now, as she sat near the cliff, watching the waves crash against the rocks. I sighed, my heart tearing for what I had caused.

I felt warm arms wrap around my torso and instantly I knew it was Nick.

'It's not your fault Cass', he breathed in my year, 'it's his fault, he's being an ass'.

I sighed again and complained, 'but if I hadn't had come here, then…then…' I was starting to hyperventilate.

He spun me around holding me at arm's length, 'Cass, Cass, breathe, calm down, it's not your fault, like I said he's being an ass, first he was practically begging for this soul-mate thing to you to go away and now he wants to be soul-mated to you, I mean, what the hell is that about? He isn't only hurting himself, I would talk to him but he would try to knock my teeth out, and because I promised you, I can't fight back, he won't listen to anyone, perhaps he will come around, but it's not your fault, if it's anyone's fault blame destiny'.

I nodded, a tear escaping and I buried myself in his arms, he was right, but still I couldn't help but feel that it was my fault.

'Maybe, you should talk to her', he suggested.

I laughed lightly, 'are you kidding? The last person she wants to talk to is me at the moment'.

He shook his head, 'You are her best friend, she needs you, I will see you at home'. He gave me a quick peck on the lips, not really giving me a choice but to talk to Diana.

I sighed again (I was doing that a lot lately) and walked over to the cliff, before dropping down next to her.

'Hey Cassie,' she tried to smile brightly, but I saw right through her.

'You don't need to act around me, Diana, I know what you're going through, well sort of anyway, and it's all my fault, I am sorry', tears escaped her eyes as well as mine, I pulled her into my arms and we both sobbed, until our tears dried out, and our throats were dry.

'Finally, she said, 'It's not your fault Cassie, it's Adam, I don't know why he is being this way, I want my Adam back'.

I nodded, 'I will do all I can to get your Adam back, I promise', I vowed.

And I would. I was determined. I was a witch on a mission.