Okay I can't promise when the next chapter will be, all I can tell you is, it might be a while. I'm moving to university/college on Sunday, and as you guys know, university/college life is pretty full so... might be a while. But I will not give up on these stories!

Straight after the last bell rang the next day, I walked to my locker and pulled out my uniform for Dunkin' Donut's along with my books of the subjects I would need to study tonight during and after my shift.

I sighed heavily and yawned, I was so tired, I really didn't feel like going to work but I had to. But first; Dina's, I needed to hand in that application I had picked up last night. Even though we did that spell last night, I wanted to be sure we could keep the house, not all magic can be reliable.

I felt arms wrap around my waist and lips at my neck. But they weren't the lips I was used to.

I grabbed at the hands and abruptly turned around to face... Adam.

"What are you doing?" I hissed angrily, "I'm with Nick!"

He shrugged looking indifferent, "you didn't seem to mind last time". Guilt stabbed through me.

"Well that's over now, and we didn't do anything when Nick and I were together before".

"So I can't touch my soulmate?" His eyes blazed and he grabbed at my arm. He clutched at it as if it were a lifeline. He was delusional.

My heart rate sped up in fear. "A...Adam I'm not your soulmate anymore, p...please let me go", I begged. He was clutching my arm to the point of pain, I knew I'd have a bruise there.

"We are! Destiny pulled us together, what we feel can't just stop! What we feel is forever, and now we can be together, forever". He lifted his hand to cup my cheek, his eyes blazing with passion; unwanted passion on my side. I flinched away trying to escape his hold.

"Don't try to get away from me", he shook his head, "you can't escape destiny", he whispered.

His grip on my upper arm tightened, and I cried out in pain.

"Hey! Get your hands off her!" I saw Nick start running towards us out of my peripheral. Adam dropped his arm and ran in the opposite direction, but not before leaving me with a spine-chilling sentence.

"We will be together, no matter what I have to do to get you back".

I leant back onto the lockers in shock, the adrenaline in my body was slowly ebbing away, my body started to shake, and tears fell from my eyes. I felt Nick take me into his arms, he rocked me for a while as I started to sob quietly, I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling safe in his arms, and not wanting him to let me go. Ever.

"You're okay, Cass, you're okay, I've got you, baby". Nick rubbed his one hand up and down my back, comforting me, the other was tangled in my hair.

After a while, I had finally stopped shaking some, and the tears had finally subsided. I pulled back slightly to look into his eyes.

"How did you know?" I used my sleeve to wipe the tears from my face.

Nick leant his forehead against mine. "I felt your fear and your pain", he gently stroked my bruised arm, "plus, you hadn't shown up at the car, I got worried".

"You felt what I felt?" He nodded in confirmation. That hadn't happened before. "It must be the red cord", I mused.

"I think it might be", he cupped my cheek, and gave a look so full of love, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

He closed his eyes briefly, "Cass, I don't know what I'd do without you, I love you so much, I couldn't lose you, not again, never again". His jaw clenched, he kissed me fiercely, he held on to me tight as we kissed.

We briefly separated. "I love you, too, Nick", I whispered, returning my lips to his.


I finished work at 11 PM, grabbing my school books, I headed out the door where Nick was waiting, leaning sexily on the car. I grinned tiredly, glad to see him. He opened his arms to me and I fell into them.

"Hey", I mumbled, my eyelids felt heavy, I was so tired.

"Come on, let's get you home, before you collapse". He dragged me to the passenger side of the car and buckled me in. I faintly felt him kiss my forehead before fatigue overtook.


I felt arms under my knees and back, and warmth on one half of my body. Nick was carrying me into the house.

My eyes fluttered open, "I can walk", I complained while yawning.

I felt Nick's chest vibrate as he chuckled. "I'm sure you can, but at the moment your dead on you're feet, now sleep".

I was more awake now, as we passed over the threshold. "I can't, I need to study some more".

Nick sighed and placed me on the couch, before going back to the car, dropping my books by the couch and going to lock the front and back doors.

I picked up a math book and started to read, my eyes felt heavy but I had to stay awake.

"Baby, come on, it's late, and your tired, it's Saturday tomorrow, have a lie in and just relax for once". He reached out to take my book, but I clutched it to my chest.

"I can't, I can't fail Nick, plus I'm working tomorrow, a twelve hour shift".

Nick sighed again and managed to pry my hands from the book and placed it on the floor. "You won't fail, you work too hard to fail, by the rate you're going, you'll burn out, just let yourself have a day to relax, and you don't have work tomorrow, I just called your boss and he agreed that you need a day off".

I sat up abruptly, "What?! I'll lose money! We can't afford to do that!" I panicked.

Nick reached out to me, running his hands up and down my arms. "Cass, baby, calm down, he agreed to still pay you tomorrow, he said you're his best employee, and he understood that you need to rest, at least for one day".

Everything in me was telling me to work, but a small part of me wanted to collapse back on the couch and not move for a while.

I sighed, "fine, but I will be studying all day tomorrow".

Nick smirked, "no, no, we are spending the day tomorrow..." he kissed the side of my neck, "...just relaxing...", he kissed my chin, "...having...fun", he suggested as his lips caught mine. I melted into him.

How could I refuse such a request?


The next day, I woke up to Nick's snoring and the midday sun beating through the curtains. I had gotten used to Nick's snoring, but the midday sun, I wasn't used to seeing when I first wake up. I'm normally awake by the crack of dawn.

I felt so well rested, I hadn't felt like this in a while. I liked it, I smiled brightly and stretched. I felt good.

Nick's arm resting over my stomach, moved slightly and his snoring ceased.

"Morning", he grumbled sleepily.

I giggled lightly, turning on to my side so I was facing him, "afternoon", I corrected him.

His hand slid up my back, pulling me closer to him, a smile playing at his lips, "now this is the life". He opened is eyes finally, blinking a few times, before his gorgeous mahogany eyes met my blue ones.

"You're so beautiful". His palm rested on my cheek as he cupped it and leaned in for a kiss.

I felt so loved, he held me like I was the most precious thing in the world.

Then we were interrupted.

It was really strange. There was a series of popping noises as bouquets upon bouquets of red roses and violets appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly it stopped, and we were engulfed in the heady scent. We both sat up, looking around at out bedroom in shock. It was full of them!

"By the look on your face I'd say that, their not from you", I asked Nick, taking a wild guess.

"No", Nick answered, still looking around at our room.

Suddenly another pop sounded and a note fell onto my lap. I picked it up hesitantly.

And it read...

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I know you love me,

And I will have you.