Chapter 1

"WE'RE MARRIED?" Ziva screamed, eyebrows reaching the top of her head.

"WE'RE EXPECTING A BABY?" Tony's voice (unlike Ziva's) was the sound of pleasure, "WICKED! I'M GETTING A DINOZZO JR! SOMEONE I CAN PASS ON MY ENDEARING CHARMS TO!"

"This is no joke, Tony," Ziva had her hands on her hips, "A baby is a serious thing. They take up a lot of time and money. We need tests and ultrasounds- not to mention equipment."

"Yeah," her husband replied, "There is that. But it's still amazing." And with that, he took her hand, pulling him to her. They kissed softly for a couple of seconds, holding each other in each other's arms. After they broke apart, they both looked at each other, with a smile. Suddenly, Ziva thought of something.

"The marriage," the words dried in her mouth, "How did it happen…?"

"I don't know," Tony took her hand and led her into the bedroom, towards the drawer on their right in which the certificate had been found.

"Forensics test?" he suggested, looking closely at it.

"What's the date?"

"11.12.11- the evening that we all went out for a drink."

"I remember," Ziva nodded, "We were so drunk that Abby had to drive us home. It was before we conceived our child."

Tony bit his lip in thought, "Yes, yes. How about we just think about it in the morning?"

Ziva grinned and responded by kissing him briefly on the lips- short and sweet.


The couple molded into each other, their arms wrapped around the body of the other one. The wind outside was bitter, hitting the window, causing it to shake. The bed sheets flew up and down to the beat of Ziva's snoring. Tony sighed, still awake. The loudness of his wife made his want to hit himself over the head with a batch of coffee.

"Sorry baby," she'd somehow known about his state of consciousness, "I'm going to the doctor's soon."

"Rule 6," Tony let her snuggle closer to his chest.

"I'm surprised that you've remembered that," Ziva joked.

"I'd remember anything that relates to you in some shape or form."

There was a grin from his partner as he held her closer, enveloping her with his arms. She smiled against his hairy chest.

"I was glad that I didn't have to explain the undercover mission," Ziva eventually spoke.

"I'm not," Tony began to kiss her again.

It was their second proper kiss as a married couple.

'And it feels great,' the pair both thought as they got lost in slumber.

I was begged for a sequel- so here it is. I'm quite proud of it, to be fair. If you haven't read yet, please do- or you won't have any idea about what's happening.

Have you guys seen the promo for A Life before His Eyes! There's apparently going to be a Tiva and McAbby storyline- I REALLY HOPE THAT'S TRUE. I can't believe Shannon, Kelly and Franks are back! I love them! And Ari, grr. But then again, if we didn't have him, we wouldn't have had Ziva.

Peace be with you xxx

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