Hanataro's Big Boobie Adventure

Bonus Chapter- Nel and Orihime

Bleach and all of it's characters belong to Tite Kubo.

The war was over and everything was normal. Soul reapers, arrancars, and even humans like Ichigo's friends were getting along quit well, in fact many friendships were made because of it. Especially between Orihime and Nel. Nel visited Orihime quit often, and they had a lot of fun together. Even though there was still some tension between some, like Ichigo and Grimmjow. They were still doing good. Today was Hanataro Yamada's day off, so he decided to go to the living world and pay everyone a visit. He went to Ichigo's home but saw that he wasn't there, in fact, there was no one there. He went to Kisuke's, but they weren't there either. He walked around town for a while thinking to himself.

"I wonder where they went." He thought to himself. I Hope they're okay, knowing Ichigo and his dad, they could be little….stupid at times. His sisters are also a little crazy, especially Miss. Karin."

He walked not knowing where he was going. He arrived at Orihime's house, and heard laughter coming from inside.

"Maybe they're in there with Miss. Orihime." He thought, as he ran up to her apartment.

He knocked on the door and waited. Orihime opened the door and was a little surprised at seeing him there.

"Oh Hanataro, can I help you with something?" she asked.

"Yes, can you please tell me where Ichigo is?" he answered her.

"Oh, Ichigo went with his family on a trip, he won't be back in a week." She answered him.

"Oh, okay." He said a little upset. "Sorry to have bothered you."

He was about to leave till he heard someone call from inside.

"Who is it, Orihime?" asked Nel, walking over to the door.

"Oh, it just Hanataro looking for Ichigo." She answered.

"Oh, hey Hanataro." Greeted Nel, as she saw him. "It's been a while since we saw each other, Harribel and I haven't forgotten the last time we met" she continued with a sly smile on her face.

This made him blush a little bit, as Orihime just stared on confusion.

"Umm, what happened the last time you met?" she asked, causing them both to blush.

Nel smiled as she blushed, as for Hanataro, he just looked away a little shy.

"Let's just say, we did more than just talk." Answered Nel, a naughty smile on her face.

Orihime looked at her a little more confused.

"We had sex." She said, causing Orihime to blush.

"All three of you?" she asked a little amazed.

"Yup, it was great to release all the tension we had built up inside of us." Answered Nel

Orihime looked at Nel, then at Hanataro, then back at Nel.

"We also, did something similar." Orihime said, blushing a little. "With Rangiku."

Nel looked at Orihime, and then at Hanataro, and smiled.

"What do you say we have a little fun while we're all here?" she asked, her naughty smile returning.

"Umm, well I don't know." Answered Orihime.

"I have to be back at the Soul Society by morning." He said, a deep blush on his face. It's not that he didn't like how sex felt, he loved it, but he was always shy about it.

Nel walked over to the door and pulled him into the room, and closed and locked the door. She lead them to the bedroom and sat them both on the bed.

"The last time we did this it was in the bathroom." Said Orihime, a little nervous, too.

"Well, first the bed, and if we still have energy after the first few times, the shower." Answered Nel.

Hanataro didn't say anything. He just sat there as Nel removed her clothes. She was just a beautiful as the last time they did this. Orihime was next, she got even more beautiful since he saw her last. She grew, a lot. He was a little shy at first, Orihime was much bigger than last time, and he was smaller than her. He didn't move a muscle. They went over to him and sat down on each side of him and started kissing him all over. They pulled his shirt off and started kissing his small chest. They kissed and nibbled on him for a while, before Nel got on her knees and pulled down his pants exposing his boxer shorts. (He's wearing human clothes in this one, or was wearing human clothes.)

She pulled them off letting his already hard penis to pop out. She grabbed it, gave it a few tugs, and put it in her mouth and started to blow on it. Orihime joined her on the floor on her knees, and started to lick him. Together they licked and sucked on him as he fell back on the bed, trying to control his breathing. He grabbed one of orihime's pillows and squeezed it tight trying to hold in his moans. He gritted he teeth as they worked their magic on him. His body twitched and convulsed a little bit from the sensation he was feeling. He felt it before, but no matter how many time he felt it, it kept getting better every time. They kissed each other as they worked on him, their tongues going at it, competing for dominance of his cock. They sucked and licked a little bit longer, before he released all over the floor. They looked at each other and smiled at what they just did to him. They stood up and laid next to him. They were both much bigger than him, but they didn't care.

Nel got up and on her knees again, and put his softening prick in between her breasts and started to squeeze them together, sandwiching him between them.

"That's exactly what Rangiku did." Said Orihime.

She watched as Nel worked her tits.

"Hey Orihime, want to give it a try?" asked Nel.

"Al-Alright." She answered, a little nervous never having done this before.

He just laid there not knowing what to do. He felt Nel release his dick from her breasts, and then felt Orihime put him in between hers. They felt really good, nice and soft, softer than the last time he felt them. He got hard again quit quickly this time.

"So who first?" asked Orihime.

"You go first." Answered Nel.

"Are you sure, Nel?" asked Orihime.

"Sure, go right a head." Assured Nel.

Orihime climbed on top of him as she took hold of his erection and slowly guided it to her opening and gently put him in. He went in rather easily this time, but he still felt really nice inside her. She slowly started moving her hips as she started riding him. Nel got behind her and started squeezing and massaging her breasts from behind. Nel licked and kissed Orihime neck, as she played with her breasts. As Orihime's riding started getting a little faster. She was already sweating from the heat of their bodies. She tilted her head back and kissed Nel as they made out on top of him. He looked at them breathing heavily as he started to thrust a little harder up into Orihime, as he reached up ,and grabbed her breasts, and started to massage them. They got bigger than last time. They were also softer, too. He played with them, squeezing them, and gently pinching her nipples as he did causing her to gasp in Nel's mouth. Nel and Orihime made out for a while before they let go of each other. Orihime turned back to Hanataro, and leaned in forward, not all the way, but enough to get him in a lip lock. She kissed him, as Nel fingered her clit from behind. This caused Orihime to let out soft moans as her fingers entered her. Orihime released his mouth and let out some loud moans as Nel started to finger her much faster, as Hanataro put his hands on her hips and started to thrust up in to her faster as well. Orihime was breathing hard and heavy as she felt them both inside her. She wasn't going to last much longer. A few more pump and she exploded in to a huge orgasm, spilling her juice all over them. Making Hanataro explode too. He released deep into her, filling her up. They were breathing heavily as their orgasms subsided.

Nel was the first to speak.

"My turn." She said joyfully.

Hanataro and Orihime didn't respond, they just moved a little bit. Orihime got off of him pulling his liquid coated dick out of her. Nel cleaned him off and started to stroke him again, to get him hard again. Orihime sat there for a while and watched. Nel slowly played with his meat. Soon, Orihime joined her and they both were stroking him at the same time. He got hard again, and Nel was happy that they would do it again. The last time they did it was over two months ago, with Harribel in Hueco Mundo. She wanted it the same way he gave it to Harribel. She laid next to him her back turned to him on her side, as he turned to her knowing what she wanted. He put his again erected penis in to and started pumping into her. He pumped into her a quit a pace. He was getting used to the feeling again, as he thrusted into her. He had her in a scissor position as he increased speed. She was making different sounds as he went faster and got harder, encouraging to go deeper. She was talking dirty to him as he pushed in to her. Orihime was getting turned on by Nel's words, and wanted more. She crawled over to them and started kissing him from behind. He wasn't as muscular as most of her other male friends, but he had a cute little body, and a nice dick. And he was learning how to use it, and he was a quick learner, too. Nel started to let out some squeaks as he thrusted with everything he had, he went all the way in to her. Their skin smacking against each other as they made contact with each other. A few more thrusts and they both came with loud orgasms. They laid there, Hanataro's arms around her waist as they both were breathing heavily as their orgasms subsided. Orihime was on her knees next to them smiling at them. Hanataro opened his eyes and saw that she still had the big number 3 on her back. He traced it with his index finger causing her to gasp a little. He kissed it making her a little wet again. He pulled out of her and sat up.

"So, now what?" he asked them.

They looked at each other.

"I think it's bath time." Answered Orihime, in her usual joyful voice.

"Yeah, it is." Said Nel, smiling at him.

The two girls stood up, and carried him to the bathroom. They turned the water on and when it was just right they got in. It was barely big enough for the three of them. Thay washed each other, Hanataro got hard again, being so close to them. They were all on their knees as they washed each other.

"You went first last time, now it's my turn to go first." Said Nel, as she turned away and got on her hands and knees, as he got behind her, already knowing what she wanted, as he plunged in to her. She started at a medium rate as he thrusted in to her. He put his hands on her butt cheeks for leverage as he pumped a little faster. She was letting out small gasps as he moved in and out of her. She looked back at him, and encouraged him to go faster, which he did. He pumped her ass like there was no tomorrow, as Orihime was behind him kissing him from behind. Hanataro was breathing heavily as he pushed into her at a fast rate. His balls slapping against her clit every time they made contact with each other, making a loud smacking sound as their skin made contact with each other. He reached forward and grabbed her shoulder as he pulled her back a little making his thrusts harder. Orihime was fingering herself behind him as she continued to lick and kiss him, even nibbling him a little bit. He and Nel were getting close again, as his thrusts increased in speed and in strength. A few more thrusts and they both came, she spilled in side the tub, her juice mixing with the water. He looked back at Orihime, who had stopped fingering herself, and was staring at him with a soft smile on her face. Nel leaned back against him, as she kissed his neck. She pulled him out of he, and turned to them.

"It's your're turn." She said to Orihime.

Orihime nodded and started to clean his dick with her towel while also making him hard again, she turned around and got in the same position Nel was in, as he entered her from behind. He went slowly, until she told him to speed things up. He did as he was told and started to push into her faster and harder. He put his hands on her butt like he did with Nel for leverage as he went faster. He pounded her ass with everything he had, making her scream in pain, and pleasure as he went deeper into her. He was really letting her have it; all the sex he had up until now has really helped him. He had improved in his time and speed, and he had gotten used to the sensations he got everytime he entered a woman. He thrusted into her faster and harder eveytime. She was really getting in to it as she let out loud moans and gasps, as she breathed heavily. As they fucked, Nel started masturbating to them. As he pushed his dick deeper into Orihime, she in pushed her finger deep in to herself. He leaned forward and moved his hands to her breasts and massaged them as he fucked her. They were slowing down, as they got closer. He went faster for a few more seconds before one last hard thrust pushed them both over the edge. They erupted in a heavy orgasm, as they came. She spilled into to tub, as he spilled into her. The sounds of their orgasms caused Nel to lose control and she too came in the tub, with an orgasm of her own. They stayed like that for a while before he pulled out of her. They didn't say anything during the shower. They cleaned each other off, got dressed and went to the other room. Hanataro had to wear the same clothes he came in since he didn't bring anymore clothes with him. They ate and chatted about things that have happened over that last year and a half. Hanataro missed Orihime's cooking, again it looked weird, but it was the best thing he had ever tasted. They fell asleep after a few more hours of chatting. The three of them had more in common than they thought.

The next day, he and Nel had to go back. He went back to the Soul Society, and she returned to Hueco Mundo. They waved good bye to each other and left.

"That was fun, even though I didn't find the others." Thought Hanataro as he walked away. "I think I might be falling in love, with Orihime."

He smiled as he walked to the senkaemon. He had fallen in love with Orihime, but did she love him back….

The End.

I know, I'm making quit a bit of Hanataro stories, well this is why; he's one of my favorite characters, and I'm tired of almost everyone pairing him up with dudes. My stories might not be that good but still, I like them. I have other stories in mind with Hanataro. Listen, I'm cool with homosexuality, I support it, but it just gets old after a while. And I have seen a lot of hentai; anime, manga, and random pictures and I noticed that guys like Hanataro get laid a lot with girls. There are a few authors out there that pair him up with girls and I thank you for doing something different. Authors like Baelparagon, I really enjoy your stories and I agree with you Hanataro doesn't get enough love, if any. If I'm not mistaken, after Ichigo's fight with Renji in the Soul Society ended he was badly injure, right. If Hanataro hadn't been there to heal him when he did he would have never made it to save Rukia, remember he barely made it in time to stop the Sokyoku thing from killing her. Hanataro pretty much saved them both by healing him. I think most soul reapers are stupid thinking medics are useless. If they didn't exist, the Soul Society would pretty much be screwed. Think about it, the strongest in the Soul Society is Head Captain Yamamoto, right. It took him over two thousand years to get to where he is right now. Two thousand years of kicking ass, and no disrespect, getting his own ass kicked. Now tell me, all those times he got his ass kicked, again no disrespect, how many times did he come close to death, and when he came close to death who was it that healed him, medics. If they hadn't been there he would have died a long time ago and never had made it to where he right now, and who knows what the Soul Society would be without him, for all we know, it might not even exist, the hollows could have taken it over by now and it would be part of Hueco Mundo, or worst Hell. There would be no Squad 11, or any squads at that, the soul reapers of today probably wouldn't even exist. Okay, that's enough of my rants, se you next time. I have other stories involving Hanataro coming up.