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Suggestions:"Mythical Beings and Mystical Feelings" by Emmelz Liebe. Tells the tale of another shifter who imprints on Jacob Black, who has imprinted on 'Nessie' Cullen. A brilliant Twilight story, for those who love the wolves.

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The Red Crayon

"Pride can stand a thousand trials, The strong will never fall, But watching stars without you, My soul cried."

Robin de Noir

Classic French Needlepoint was not at all what Eleanor expected. To be sat there threading and unthreading needles to makes pictures with.

"Surely we could just use paint?" Eleanor wandered to herself as she stabbed the needle into her finger yet again. She was not enjoying what Mrs Heliotrope made out to be 'fun' and 'interesting'. It was slow and frustrating. "Why do people enjoy doing this?"

Loveday saved the day by coming in and telling Eleanor that the seamstress will see her early next morning. She saw the bored look on Eleanor's face and asked her if she wanted a tour of the house. Not wanting to pass on the opportunity, she gladly accepted.

Loveday led her through countless corridors detailing the rooms and generally history of the manor. After passing yet another staircase, Loveday finally got them back to the beginning. Eleanor had enjoyed herself surprisingly but was soon completely overjoyed when Loveday opened a set of double mahogany doors.

"And this is the library. We have countless books and scrolls about most things in the world. But I'm sure you would rather see..." She stopped when Eleanor ran a loving hand down the spine of a dark blue book. Noticing the loving gleam in her eye, Loveday smiled. "I see you like books. Well then, you are welcome to come in here and read whenever you like. I daresay Sir Benjamin will be glad of a reading companion. He constantly moans and groans about the lack of reading in this household. He thinks I will become a bad influence on Joshua." Loveday winked at Eleanor. "I'll call you for dinner." She said leaving Eleanor to look around the magnificent library.

Books on all topics, all shapes and sizes, made from all different book bindings were placed on bookcases all around the room. There were even piles of books littering the floor where there was little space on shelves. A ladder was attached to a metal pole that ran the course of the upper shelves. There was a slightly second floor that featured a comfy looking window seat that looked out an ornate semi-circled window onto the grounds below. Two bookshelves were on the same balcony either side of the seat, with a single spare dusty shelf. The ceiling was painted with a scene from Romeo & Juliet, with naked cherubs surrounding them. The room itself was rectangular, about half the size of an average school hall. There were tables dotted around the place with books cascading round the edges and dominating the centre.

It was the most beautiful room Eleanor had ever been in. Pulling the blue book she had ever so lovingly chosen from the shelf, she climbed up the ladder to the window seat and began to read.

.*. .*. .*. .*. .*. The Red Crayon .*. .*. .*. .*. .*.

After a long and boring talk about what will be done for the missing girls, Robin was glad when he got back to Moonacre. Ever since the incident with the 5000th Moon, Robin had felt somewhat compelled to be in Moonacre Manor, supposedly to make up for the time he missed there as a child.

Entering through the double doors, he was met with Loveday re-arranging flowers in the foyer. Grinning, he snuck up behind her, only to be foiled.

"You do realise I heard the door open. Silly boy, you need to be quicker to sneak up on your sister." Loveday said a smile in her voice as she turned to Robin who looked slightly abashed.

"Fine. You win this round." He said smirking.

"How was the talk? And where is Ben?" Loveday asked pouring Robin a drink from a whiskey tumbler.

"Tiring, I have been assigned to look into it. Something about me being the heir and I should act like it and blah, blah, blah." Robin said sinking into a chair and accepting the drink. Ever since Maria left for London he had acquired the taste for alcohol. "Sir Benjamin stopped at the village to get something and said to tell you that he will be back within the hour, and to start dinner without him."

Loveday frowned at the news but said nothing. She missed Benjamin already but was not the type to prevent him from going places just because they were married.

"Well then, you should go wash up, there is mud all over your hands. After you have, can you please tell Eleanor that dinner is ready, she is in the library. I daresay in the time it takes you to get clean, dinner will be set." Loveday smirked as Robin rolled his eyes. "Oh, and please attempt to be presentable, we do have a guest. Also try to flatten your hair, or I will just have to cut it off!"

Robin grabbed his head as to hide it from Loveday and her scissors. She saw what he was doing and went to hit him with a pillow, but he dodged just in time. Sniggering, he went to wash.

.*. .*. .*. .*. .*.

Coming back a little later, without his hat on, he pushed open the doors to the library quietly as not to alarm the occupant.

Eleanor was still sat on the window seat contently reading. The book in question was called 'The Swan Kingdom' by Zoë Marriott. It told the story of a princess whose brothers were turned into swans and she must complete the spell to change them back. Eleanor was enjoying it immensely and did not notice a figure come into the library.

Looking around, Robin spotted her atop the balcony, lounged gracefully on the window seat. She had one leg laid flat with the other pulled up. The skirt of the dress was positioned daintily over her legs with her feet poking out the end. She had taken her shoes off for comfort and her hair was more unravelled from the braid causing a blonde waterfall to shield part of her face. Robin could still see her smile as she read the words printed on the pages.

Walking in the room towards the ladder, Robin began to climb, feeling a lot like Romeo on the balcony scene, that having been the only book he properly read and enjoyed. Getting to the top of the ladder he placed his strong chin on the wooden railing looking at the peaceful Eleanor.

As if feeling his gaze, she looked up from her book and slowly turned her head, jumping slightly when she saw Robin staring at her. Robin took in her shocked features as he stood taller on the ladder.

"Sorry; Loveday said to tell you that dinner is ready." He let go of his one hand on the ladder as he gestured to the other room. Losing balance he began to fall backwards throwing his hands in the air. Chucking the book at a pillow, Eleanor lunged forwards and grabbed his hands pulling him back towards the ladder causing her to stumble to her knees as the momentum caught up. Looking up from her kneed position, her wide blue eyes were met with his chocolate brown ones. Both breathing slightly heavily, they stayed in that position for what seemed like a lifetime before she released his hands and turned picking up her book.

Robin watched her place the book atop another on the bookshelf, his heart beating wildly. Not for the loss of balance but for the sudden contact from the mysterious girl. She turned, looking at him, before he slowly climbed back down the ladder.

"Well, that was interesting."She thought to herself looking at the boy from atop the balcony. Now it was her turn to think of Romeo & Juliet. Slipping on her shoes and climbing over the barrier, she climbed down the ladder at a graceful sideways position.

Not wanting her to stumble, Robin put out his hand as she accepted it. Holding out an arm, when they were both ground level, he escorted her to the dining room.

"Sorry, again, for that." He mumbled to her. She smiled at the bashful boy, happy that she was close enough to review his handsome features. She noticed he always had a slight smirk at the corners of his mouth, giving him a cocky but loveable look.

"I bet he goes down well with the ladies. Pity, he probably has a girlfriend. But his eyes are so captivating, I wish I were her." Shaking her head very slightly at the silly notion, she resumed her seat next to Loveday, as they entered the dining room. Robin took what seemed to be his general chair, which happened to be right across from her.

"I wonder how Loveday made that happen." Eleanor thought, smiling.

Robin looked at the girl sat across from him; she was smiling at her food not really eating.

"I wonder what she is thinking about. Her lips need occupying. Would anyone notice if I just...leaned over and..."Robin stopped himself as Benjamin entered, gave Loveday a kiss and began wolfing down his food. "How she loves him, I wonder sometimes."

.*. .*. .*. .*. .*. The Red Crayon .*. .*. .*. .*. .*.

As dinner was so early, Loveday went and got Joshua up. Everyone was seated in the room that featured the piano, including Digweed, whom had come to join them. Mrs Heliotrope was perched on the end of a sofa as Digweed sat down next to her, pulling her onto his lap. Eleanor smiled as Mrs Heliotrope's cheeks blazed. Robin, seeing the exchange, rolled his eyes towards Eleanor who giggled silently. Sir Benjamin turned his head as his wife joined them holding a yawning baby.

Eleanor's heart melted at the boy's big brown eyes and tuft of brown hair. He had rosy red cheeks and a dimpled mouth, smiling sweetly at his mother. He looked to be about one maybe one and a half, but still incredibly cute. He had his hands reaching out to his father whom picked him up with ease as a cute giggle escaped his small lips.

"Ah Joshua, you are becoming quite the Merryweather!" Sir Benjamin told his smiling son before Robin and Loveday both cleared their throats. "I, uh, mean Merryweather-de-Noir, of course!" He quickly stated stopping the playful glares from his wife.

"Well I should think so! I do not want my son growing up to be prejudice." Loveday smirked at Benjamin.

"That woman will be the death of me child. Do not ever get married." Benjamin whispered in Joshua's ear as Loveday came up behind him and hit him gently round the head.

Eleanor and Robin watched the exchange smiling all the while. Digweed and Mrs Heliotrope were still snuggled up together. Right then a messenger came running into the room.

"Sir Benjamin, Lady Loveday; Cynthia, wife of Derek Adams, is having her child. Your presence is requested Lady Loveday." The messenger stated.

"Derek is a good friend of mine," Sir Benjamin said getting up. "I think congratulations are in order, as long as the child and mother are ok."

Loveday handed Joshua to Mrs Heliotrope as she busied herself on a stool reaching for a bag labelled "Loveday's Extras". Inside it was various instruments and medicines for child birth. Being the lady of the manor she was expected to help with the village families. She also immensely enjoyed welcoming life into the world.

The messenger waited for the couple whilst taking the time to gaze round the room. Eyes resting on Eleanor, he walked forwards slightly and bowed to her.

"James Hickery my lady, at your service." He said taking her hand and kissing it brashly. Unsure what to do, she just smiled gently. Robin, whom was watching the exchange take place, stood noisily causing James to jump. Eleanor took this moment to retract her hand and place it firmly in her lap out of reach.

"Lead the way, boy." Sir Benjamin said, kissing Joshua on the cheek before exiting the room. Loveday followed soon after.

"Be good Joshua," she told her gurgling son. "Get him to bed in about an hour please, Mrs Heliotrope, I doubt we'll be back before then."

As soon as his parents left the room, Joshua began brawling taking Eleanor by surprise, making her jump. Robin, who was still standing, gave her a reassuring smile.

"That child always makes noise, makes you wonder how he's related to me." Robin said, heart beating fast as Eleanor's body shook with silent laughter.

Mrs Heliotrope, who hadn't been around children since Maria was a babe, was stood holding Joshua in the most awkward position, making him cry harder. Hating the noise, Robin strolled over taking his nephew from the erratic woman's arms. Joshua hushed down immediately; causing Mrs Heliotrope to make a small noise of disgruntlement. Digweed took her hand, excusing them.

It just left Robin, Joshua and Eleanor.

Eleanor was still sat down not sure what to do. Standing up she took a proper look at the room, noticing the big mirror, the pink flowers and the grand piano. Taking note of the darkened windows, she walked towards them searching for the moon.

Joshua was making sniffing noises as snot dribbled down from his nose. Robin thought this incredibly cute until some trickled onto his sleeve. Frowning, Robin tried to hush the small boy.

"Shh little Josh, it's me, Uncle Robin." Robin muttered. "Mummy and Daddy will be back soon, but I will be looking after you."

Eleanor heard Robin talking to the small boy, after locating the moon; she leaned against the windowsill watching Robin play with his nephew.

"Awww he's so cute! I wish I had a child to look after," She brooded. "I wouldn't want one in this world as of yet, but one day. Robin is going to be an excellent father. His wife will be so lucky to be picked up in his strong arms. Did I really just say that? Rather, think that? Dammit! It's a good thing people can't hear how much swearing I seem to do."

Robin turned round with Josh to see Eleanor leaning gracefully against the windowsill. Her dress fitting her form strikingly causing him to want to be nearer her. Using Josh as an excuse, he walked over to the window.

"Beautiful night tonight. The moon is surprisingly close though." Robin said feeling foolish. He was talking to her practically about the weather! What the hell was wrong with him! Thinking to himself furiously he looked down to notice her looking up at him. They were surprisingly close together, almost touching.

Josh helped the slightly awkward situation by reaching out his short arms towards Eleanor. He seemed fascinated with her yellow hair making grabbing notions with his hands.

"Um...I think he wants you?" Robin said awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck as Eleanor took Josh. Robin felt even more awkward when their hands brushed, but said nothing of it. Eleanor was holding Josh with the degree of a master as Robin wiped the snot from Josh's face with a handkerchief. Josh nestled his face into her hair as he fell asleep soundly.

There was silence as neither of them knew what to do. Robin broke it by suggesting they took Josh to bed. As Robin led the way to Josh's room, Eleanor placed Josh into his cradle as Robin put the blankets over him. Both leaned into the cot as Robin said "Goodnight little one." Eleanor mouthed the same words as they quietly left the room.

Feeling a sense of silent awkwardness, Robin stuck out his arm chivalrously as he led Eleanor to her room. He felt strangely at ease with the blue eyed girl who captivated him the day before when she burst into his camp. She had powers, but now was not the time to ask her about it. Instead, when they reached her door, Robin spoke once again.

"I hope your day was alright, things considering. I promise I will make everything better. And, um, goodnight!" He stuttered slightly, taking her hand and placing his lips to it gently.

Her hand was warm and her pulse raced as he kissed it. For two years, she had had nothing but sorrow, but today was the best day of her life. Smiling at him, whilst looking up through her lashes, he released her hand as she silently bid him goodnight.

Turning the handle and walking into her room, she lay against the door as his footsteps slowly died away.

"I wish this could last forever, but I am not naïve enough to believe it. Wow he's amazing. " Getting ready for bed, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

.*. .*. .*. .*. .*.

Feeling out of sorts, Robin took of his jacket and shirt, and got into bed. Thinking to himself about how shy and foolish she makes him, he fell asleep dreaming of ways he could kiss her properly.

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