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It was sunny Friday morning when Team one came to HQ after a night call. All of them relieved that they kept the peace again . They have got whole weekend off from the work. They happily greeted Winnie and started to head to their changing rooms knowing that team Four is on shift already.

"Hey Boss, can you wait a sec? Commander Holleran is here. He want to talk with you . They are waiting in briefing room" - Winnie's voice sounds a bit concerned.

"They?" Greg looked surprised "Fine. Let's see who's with Commander then. Thanks Winnie."

Greg smiled to her and entered the briefing room closing door behind him. Whole team froze when they heard that someone is together with Holleran. Who could it be? Another creepy psychologist like Toth? What they wanted from them? Jules and Sam has exchanged looks between themselves. Was it about them? Did commander change his mind and want to split them up to different teams? Was it possible? They hadn't exposed their feeling at work even whole team knew that they together. They were professionals after all.

Ed seemed to be worried. He scratched his bald head and blew heavily the air from his mouth.

"Let's sit and wait for Boss here. We gotta stick together" Raf broke the silence that was existing between team members

"Guys, no worries . Probably they want to raise our wages" Spike was trying to loose a bit tense atmosphere .

Sam was standing next to the wall. He crossed his arms and was looking at Jules that sits next between Raf and Spike. She combed by hand her ponytail that was a bit messed up after taking off SRU cap. Muscles on her face were tense. He noticed that she was bitting her lower lip nervously. She was definitely stressed. He knew her better than any of the SRU team member. Sam know that she has been worrying that Chief came here to split them up. Maybe it wasn't Toth but definitely it was someone important . He wanted to comfort her. Let her to nestle in his arm and feel safe. He knew that only next to him Jules let herself to lower her shield. Only to him she showed that she is vulnerable person. That sometimes she hasn't got enough strength to be put her 'I'm a badass Jules' mask on. However as far as he knew her, he was sure that he couldn't hug her here. Besides all of them were worries, they hadn't got a clue who was with Holleran and what they want. Maybe it wasn't about them, but if wasn't about them so why Chief came here with this mysterious man?

The mind meditation of Sam was interrupted by door opening from briefing room. All team stood up . Boss came out with Chief chatting but when they saw team in front of them, they looked surprised.

"Parker, did your Team resign from their day off?" Commander seemed to be amused looking at Team One tense faces.

"I haven't got a clue but I'm gonna rush them a bit. Move people, you deserve to some free time" Greg smiled to his teammates.

"Boss is everything ok? Not very often Chief come here with some outside person" Ed replied scanning Greg's face

"We're good. No worries people, we still can keep the peace together if you want to ask me about it" Parker stated "Besides it's not so outside person that all of you think . Sam, General Braddock wants to talk with you on privacy. Will you join him in briefing room?"

Team looked surprised of unexpected visit . All of them directed their eyes on Sam. He straightened up and tensed all his muscles. The only thing that he could say was "Yes, sir" and he entered the briefing room energetically.

"All right people, move your asses on your houses. I want to see you fresh on Monday" Greg ordered and went to changing room.

Team began to follow his Sergeant. The only person that left behind was Jules.

"Constable Callaghan , you're staying?" Holleran asked while leaving the HQ.

"No, I'm going. I just have to check something before I go" she replied.

All in all, it wasn't a lie. She want to check how Sam's talk with General will go . She sat next to the briefing room doors. They were open a bit. She wasn't proud of herself that she wants to make eavesdropping but it was beyond her. She took a file of last call to cover up a bit and started to listen coversation. However, it didn't sound very pleasant.

"Samuel, you have disappointed me. Again" sharp voice of General cut the air like a knife.

"I was never good enough for you, General" Sam tried to talk with his father "I can't be fulfillment of you expectations. I've got one life and I'm gonna live it on my own."

"Don't talk like this to me Samuel. You let me down in Afghanistan, but that's ok. You are my son. You told me that you want to join SRU. So I've talked to old friend and he put you in Team one, and what? You let me down again. You get involved with your teammate, putting on line whole team. You put on a shame my name. You're Braddock, you are not allowed to slander it back and forward."

"I'm not…."

"Don't interrupt me Samuel!"

"Yes , sir."

"I wanted to pull you from here. I've granted a position for you overseas. You can make a difference there, and what did you do? Reject it? For what? For being just a plain cop? For some night one stand girl …"

"Stop talking about her like this. You have no right. If you came here only to insult me or Jules, consider this talk as finished Dad" Sam yelled and left the room. He passed next to Jules not even noticing that she was there.

Jules felt like adrenaline was running through her veins. Why General speaks to HER Sam like this?

"Can we talk a minute, sir?" Jules heard her own sharp voice coming through her mouth. It wasn't even a question, it was a statement . She wanted to talk with him. NOW. Jules felt like she was standing next to herself. Getting involved in family issues wasn't a good idea but she wanted to defend Sam .

General turned around looking surprised that petite brunette was using this type of voice in front of him, in front of mighty General Braddock. Jules was bravely staring in General eyes. She noticed that he was probably about fifty-five years old, tall and well built. Definitely Sam got in his genes handsomeness after his father.

"Young lady , who are you?"

"My name is Julianna Callaghan , member of SRU team one and…"

"And the cause of distraction of my son"General interrupted her "So you are this , how he called you? Oh yes, 'miracle that changed his life'. You are one of the reasons why he rejected my offer to make a difference overseas. Rejected the chance to put name Braddock in glory…."

"With all the respect sir, he is putting Braddock's name in glory. He is great team member , he's wonderful leader and one of the best snipers that I've got a chance to work with."

"What do you know about being a sniper , girl. Well, for me you're just plain girl that got a chance to play a cop. Only man know how to react in stressful situation, only men can be good enough to be a partner to other team member. You... you are just a woman. You should stay close to the kitchen, not playing with the sniper rifle."

Jules felt like her emotions gonna burst out in a minute. She knew that men didn't take seriously her job even that she earned her spot on Team One by hard working. Jules knew that only way to show General that he was wrong is to face him at the shooting range.

"You want to check how I'm taking care with rifle , sir? Now, at long distance shooting range?"

"Miss Callaghan, I have no reason to compete with you at shooting range. I was a sniper and I still go tone of the best scores when I take tests…"

"You afraid that a plain cop can beat you?"

Jules voice was audacious, she needed to put General's nose until light. General looked at her with some mercy.

"Fine, maybe when I'll show you how sniper should shoot, you will leave my son alone" he responded.

"Winnie, we're going with General at shooting range, call there to get us a spot. Now." Jules asked Winnie.

Seconds later Sam, Spike, Ed and Raf showed in their changing room's door. Greg was standing next to them.

"Winnie, did Jules leave her changing room already? We're going to the Goose for breakfast" Sam softly asked dispatcher . She looked at him and said:

"Sam, I think you have to wait for her a bit. She has just gone to shooting range to do some shots. With your father. I assume that they want to show each other who's better sniper"

Sam just felt like his blood coming out from him. Jules with General at shooting range, it will be something big.

"Samtastic , is your father know what he is doing? Compete long distance shooting range with Jules? Hers accuracy is better than anyone of us. She's good as hell in that." Spike smirked

"I assume that my father perceive Jules only by her gender."

"O—k. So we better move to see who's better. General who is a sniper in army or our Law Enforcement of the year - Jules. I'll take bets. Who's on it?" Spike cheered like a kid.

Whole team headed to long distance shooting range. Sam didn't know what to expect. Why even Jules got in this whole General thing. What for she was competing with General. The team arrived when they were shooting already. They sat on grass watching how will things go. Sam felt like his heart was trembling. After fifteen minutes they saw the results . Jules got 100% , General 98%. While Spike cheered of winning 20 $ from Raf, Jules and General were walking towards team talking with each other.

"Fair enough. You're excellent sniper . I'm impressed. I own you apology. You are good enough to be partner for man at this kind of work . However, it doesn't' t make you a good partner for my son . You showed that you're strong and masculine and he need a woman. Soft, caring and astonishing. Someone who can be a mother for his kids and my grandchildren. Can you be a perfect woman for Samuel Julianna?"

Jules stopped without saying a word.

"That what I thought" General spoke and walked away leaving her standing still.

"Samuel, your mother wants to eat a dinner with you tomorrow. We got reservation at Spinnaker's restaurant at Rosewood drive at 6 p.m." General said in a tone that brooked no opposition "Don't be late."

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