In this story it is from the port of view when they were 13.


So here it is again another Mike Newton party. Don't get me wrong, I love his parties, it's just everyone says that they are going to be playing Spin- the-Bottle. I have never kiss anyone and I want to use it on someone I love and someone who matters.

I am at my locker at school when someone wraps their arms around my waist and lifts me in the air,

'I wonder who...' I thought sarcastically

"Edward put me down AAHHH!"

Me and Edward have been best friends since we were two.

"Why are you afraid of heights?"

"I not even that high up, now put me down!"

"Okay." he put me down "So are you going to the party?"

"Uh, I don't know, I don't really want to."

"Yes, you do know. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just I don't want to play Spin-the-Bottle."

"Oh...well you can still go and just not play or you could play, I mean I'm playing."

"If I don't play I will be considered a loser."

"Not to me"

"Well of course not you."

"Please, Bells."

"No, Eddie."

"That's it you're getting it."

"Getting wh- AAH Edward put me down!" He had lifted me up by my waist, again.

"Say your sorry and you'll go"

"FINE! Just put me down, I'm sorry"

"Good, I'll come by your house later at like 8 and we will walk there."

"Whatever, but if I have to kiss Newton I'm breaking your arm."

"What if you have to kiss me?"

"What if I don't want to kiss you?"

"Well, I want to kiss you"


"Woah, don't get me wrong its just I have kissed all the girls except you."

"HAHAHA! If I would have kissed all the boys I would be the school slut. You're a man-whore."

"Bella, I just said I wanted to kiss you."

"Well iI hope you get lucky at the party and get that, Best friend." I said the last part sarcastically

"You wouldn't back out?"

"Well, no, that wouldn't be fair to anyone else."


After that awkward conversation I went home and got ready for the party. When I heard a knock at the door I opened it and Edward scared me by giving me a huge hug.

"Thanks for going Bella." He gave me a kiss on the cheek, we always did this.

"Sure thing."

So we were off, it was quiet till he started asking me questions.

"So do you want to kiss me?" He said a little to hopeful



"Edward we here."


When we walked in we saw everyone running around like little kids and playing around.

"Bella, whats up?" Mike said

"Nothing. Whats up with you?"

"Nothing, oh hey will you be playing Spin-the-Bottle later?"

I saw Edward freeze next to me. He narrowed his eye at mike, wonder why.

"Um yeah."

"Good." Woah, what was that about?


"Come on, Bella." Edward said in an angry voice

"Sure, hey, whats wrong?" I said



"Its nothing really."


"Finally." I heard Edward say

We walked in the next room, the boys were on one side and the girls on the other in a circle. I sat next to Angela and Edward next to Erik.

"Okay so one person spins who ever it lands on you have to kiss for at least 5 seconds. Than whoever it landed on will also spin next." Mike announced

"Okay." Everyone said

Mike went first it landed on Jessica. Then Jessica spun it and landed on Erick. When Erick spun he Angela. Than Angela spun and got Edward. I chuckled as he looked surprised and excited to spin. When he did it spun what felt like forever, Then it landed on ME. He looked up and smiled, I just glared at him. He came towards me so we stood up.

"Ready?" He asked



He then put his hands on my waist and leaned in, when his lips came against mine my eyes went wide and my heart fluttered. I then closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. When we came apart a few seconds later he smiled and said..

"I knew I would get to kiss you."

I laughed and I kissed him the same as last excepted he look surprised like I did. We stayed like that till someone cleared their throat and I turned to see it was Mike, of course. We both then had to go. As we walked home it was silent.

"Hey, Bella."


"Why did you kiss me again? Don't get me wrong I liked it."

"I don't know maybe I like my best friend as more than a friend."

'"Oh, um I was thinking and I want to ask you something."


"Umm do you... ya know.. want .to perhaps want to be my.. girlfriend?"

"Oh... I.. uh... sure."


Just then I noticed we were at my house we stopped on my porch and he leaned in and kissed me I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist. We pulled away.

"I could get used to that." I said

He laughed and I went inside.