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This is what happens when I'm stuck on other fics. XD I get ideas~! So...sue me! *cackels and runs away* Anywho, yet another vampire fic from me...well, kinda. You'll see~! I try to make each one of these fics unique, ya knows? XD So enjoy~!


Soft, orange lights flickered on and off on the streets of midtown Karakura, illuminating them and showing off some of the nightlife. Puddles reflected the lights, leftover from morning's rain. A figure ran as fast as he could down the streets, the light shining on his orange hair, giving it an odd, almost sickly tint. He breathed in the cool air as he rushed down an alley, his shoes splashing noisly in the puddles. Shit...I thought I felt them... He thought as he rounded a corner. He came to a dead halt and hid behind a brick building. He slowly peaked around the corner to see three figures, laughing.

"Man, that whore was awful!" One figure, tall and lanky, said, sounding disgusted. The boy's eyes narrowed as he slowly reached into his pockets, fingering a long, sharp knife.

Damn...there's three of them. He thought, checking to see if there were others hidden in the shadows of the alley.

"That's cause she was a whore. You honestly can't expect them to taste good. Filth, the lot of them." The second one, more muscular laughed.

"All humans are." The third put in. "Nothing tastes good anym-" He was cut off as the boy's knife entered his skull with a sickening 'thunk'. Before the others could react, he stepped out from his hiding place and drew a long, black katana and rushed the other two figures. The first one he managed to take off guard and his black blade easily severed his head from his body. The third one, however, easily dodged him and backed away.

"Slayer..." He hissed.

"Vampire scum, the lot of you..." The boy returned with a smug grin. "If nothing tastes good anymore, why continue living your unlife?"

"Tsk, never had Slayer's blood before...maybe you'll taste better."

"Like I shall give you a chance to even nick me with your talons." At that, the boy rushed the vampire, and as he swung, his blade met air. Shit... He turned quickly to prevent the vampire's talons from entering his back. "Nasty thing, ain't 'cha?"

"Tsk, arrogant Slayer." The vampire backed away and attempted to attack from the front. The Slayer easily knelt down and rolled past and right before the vampire could turn around, he took his katana and sent it straight through the unbeating heart of the vampire. He watched as the vampire fell, his body turning shriveled, then to dust.

"Good riddance..." He murmered and wiped his bladeo on the ground before sheathing it, once again vanishing.

"My my...well done." He turned around to have a pale hand around his throat. He looked up, his brown eyes locking with molten gold and deep obsedian. "Never expected anything less from ya, Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Ogichi Shirosaki..." He hissed out between his teeth and kicjed the vampire in the chest. He felt the hand fall away and he attempted to sheath his sword, but a cackle in the distance made him look up. The pale white vampire was lounging on the roof of an office building.

"Ya killed them in less than five minuets. I think that's an improvement there, Strawberry boy." Ichigo glared at the vampire. Ogichi Shirosaki had been the one vampire he could never kill. He had been hunting him for years since he joined the Slayers.

"Get down here and let's see how quickly I can kill you." He snarled. The albino cackled again, long and loud.

"Neh, another time perhaps, eh? Till then, see ya~!" He watched as the mysterious vampire seemingly vanished.

Ogichi Shirosaki...I will kill you... Ichigo thought as he pulled up his hoodie and began walking out of the dim street. You can count on it...I swear on my soul I'll end you!

Prologue end

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