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Chapter 3: Something's Up

Ichigo streatched as he walked down the Hall, the sunlight shining here and there through the windows. He made his way to the Library, a huge room filled with nothing but old books and new, one of the largest rooms in the Headquarters. As he walked around, he stopped briefly, noticing Izuru at the table, his head buried in a book. "Hey, morning." Izuru jumped slightly, his eyes red from lack of sleep. "Something up?"

" I caught up in this book and all..." Izuru sighed, closing it and rubbing his face. Ichigo sat next to him, a thoughtful look on his face.

"Did you and Shuhei get into a fight?" Izuru stared at Ichigo for a second before bursting in laughter, his voice echoing through the near empty Library.

"No! Oh hell no! I mean, after last night he-"

"Ok, stop right there, I get it." Ichigo groaned, yet smiled. "Man, you worry me sometimes, you know?"

"I hear that a lot." Izuru sighed.

"Alright, well...I have watch again tonight, so I'm gonna mope inside today. If ya need something, lemme know, ok?" Ichigo grinned and waved at his friend.


"What else?"

"Well...don't wear yourself out."

"And you get some sleep, ok?" With that, Ichigo left his friend for the Training Grounds.

The Training Grounds was right behind the large home, a wide field down the hill filled with targets, both still and electronically controlled. He watched as Renji struck a target with his special sword, Zabimaru. It could extend with a simple thought from his mind. Ichigo knew that some Slayers weapons held some magic inside them, yet his wasn't as special, other than in helping him see in the dark, making his aim with his daggers nearly perfect. He could also summon his sword, Zangetsu, to his side when needed. "Yo, mind if I train with you guys?"

"Oh, hey Ichigo!" Renji turned around but smacked right into a target as he continued running.

"You idiot, watch where your going!" Hisagi grumbled, Kazeshini over his shoulders. "I almost took you out with this!" Ichigo merely chuckled and whippe dout his knives, throwing them into three targets nearby, dead center.

"Geeze, you're precise with these things..." Renji froze as one slid easily right next to him before he got away from the target. He yanked it out and threw it right back at Ichigo, who easily caught it by the handle.

"Nah, just have better aim than you do, pineapple." Ichigo smirked. Renji rolled his eyes as Ichigo stood next to him. "So...usual regimen?"

"Sure, why the fuck not?" Renji smirked. Both Slayers leapt backwards before rushing at each other, swords drawn. With a residual clash of the metal and a 'clang' through the air, the other Slayers gathered around. Whenever Renji and Ichigo trained, it was like a public event, many people placing bets. He watched as Hisagi looked at Renji and placed a bet on him.

Jerk...he thinks I'm gonna lose... He rolled his eyes as Renji rushed at him. He side-stepped and aimed for Renji's back, but was quickly blocked. Damn...

"C'mon, I know better than to-" Ichigo quickly punched Renji in the face, sending him sprawling to the ground. "Ouch! The fuck man? !"

"Never let your guard down." Ichigo shrugged. Renji huffed and Ichigo smirked at the snickering he heard.

"Shut up!" Renji then rushed again, but extended his sword the moment Ichigo's touched it.

Damnit all! Ichigo threw one of his knives, pinning the extended part to a tree.

"You ass! I thought we were sword fighting!"

"My knives are a part of my sword. That's how I see it." Ichigo rolled his eyes as he grabbed Renji's sword and yanked him forwards, sending him falling face first to the ground. "I win again." Ichigo said as he held the tip of his black blade to Renji's throat.

"You were fighting dirty!"

"No rules is the best way to train, you dummy." Ichigo smirked, sheathing his sword. "the enemy never fights fair."

"Or at least yours doesn't..." Renji murmered. He caught the hard look Ichigo gave him and sighed. "Sorry."

"You're right, he doesn't play fair. Ugh...I'm gonna take a nap." Ichigo streacthed and started heading back to the large mansion, leaving his knives behind.

" many does that make?" Shiro asked as he sat in the small apartment living room, the blinds closed.

"Three Slayers and five vampires missing, or dead." Grimmjow sighed. "Honestly, why are you concerning yourself with this?"

"It affects us all Grimmjow." Ulquiorra replied before Shiro could.

"Tsk, yeah right. What happened ta D-Roy was-"

"Yes, it was a common thing, but these cases are different. They all go missing before they wind up either dead or are still missing." Shiro explained. "I wanna make sure this never happens to you guys. I mean, can ya blame me?"

"Oh whatever. You're just as likely ta gut us as ta help us Shi." Grimmjow scoffed, but he knew the albino was being serious. " 'Sides, ain't yer pretty little rival supposed ta be on the hunt tonight?"

"What does Ichigo have ta do with anything hmm?" Shiro tsked. He would never admit that he found the Slayer dangerously attractive, and more than once had to jerk off to visions of him.

"Maybe ya should worry about him instead. That's all I'm saying." Grimmjow shrugged. Ulquiorra rolled his emerald eyes in annoyance.

These two are like twin brothers... he thought.

"Nah, boy's tough, he can handle himself." Shiro admitted. "But I'm sure we'll bump into each other tonight at some point."

"You mean 'you'll taunt him, he'll get pissed, and then you leave him, cackling while you run'?" Ulquiorra stated. Shiro stuck his blue tongue out and huffed.

"Whatever floats yer boat emo bitch." He retorted. Shiro streached his arms, sighing when they popped and shook his head. "It's all fun and games, until it's time for us ta kill each other for real."

"Pft, you're more likely ta rape him first." Grimmjow muttered. He was sent flying when a foot connected to his face.

"I ain't a Hollow damnit! I ain't gonna do something as shitty as that Grimmjow!" Shiro shouted. The teal haired vampire laughed and Shiro just shook his head. "Getting me all riled up is fucked up man..."

"But it's so easy for him to do so." Ulquiorra pointed out.

"Tsk, I'm going to watvch some TV in my room. Leave me alone." As Shiro slammed his door shut, Grimmjow just smirked and looked over at Ulquiorra with a lustful look in his eyes.

Oh great, now we're alone... The albino vampire rolled his eyes.

Ichigo groaned as his alarm went off. Why oh why must I get up so late at night... He thought as he slammed on his alarm clock. He slowly rose and slid on his shoes. He placed his sword next to him and reached for his knives, only to notice they were missing. Crap, I left them at the grounds! He bolted up and started running down the Hall, almost running into Hisagi.

"Whoa Ichigo!" Hisagi barely had time to side step as the oranget came to a halt. "Where you going so quickly?"

"I left my knives on the Training Grounds! Gotta get them before I patrol tonight!" Ichigo shouted back.

"Hey, ya seen Izuru?"

"I saw him earlier today in the Library! Gotta run!" He nrearly tripped as he bolted out the back door and raced to the targets. He nearly shouted when he noticed his knives weren't there. Damnit did Renji hide them? ! He cursed in his head. That fucker better be ready for some pain when I- He froze when his foot suddenly stepped in something wet. Ick, what the hell? He looked and, in the dim lights, he noticed he was standing in a puddle of blood. What...what is... He slowly looked ahead and gasped out in shock. Laying a few feet away was Izuru, with Ichigo's knives in his head and chest.

Chapter 3 end

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