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"I knew you'd look like a dream," Edward murmured from his spot in front of the mirrors.

We'd been in the practice studio for well over two hours. He'd shown me a few pieces that he'd choreographed for himself and for James—there aren't words to describe Edward moving across the floor by himself—before he went over the part that he'd done specifically for me. Me. And it was perfect. The ideas he had went hand in hand with what I was best at, what I loved doing the most.

My second dance teacher had drilled it into my head that you genuinely had to feel something for the routine you were performing. She'd told us all that you could tell from a mile away who enjoyed what they were doing and who could connect with it. She was right. As I'd gotten older, it was evident who loved dancing and who didn't. Who appreciated their piece, no matter how big or how small it was, from a hundred feet away.

I think that's what made Edward's choreography so special, because it was all the things that I loved doing. It also helped that he'd been very hands-on with my tutorial while in his fitted t-shirt and shorts. I could've told him that I understood what he wanted me to do but why would I do that?

"I'm just the puppet for your masterpiece," I smiled at him, coming out of the last position I'd been in. Brushing off my knees, he walked toward me while I did the same.

Those murky green eyes focused on my mouth as he stopped in front of me. His eyes searched my face slowly. "God Bella," he whispered a split second before dropping his lips onto mine.

His arm wrapped around my lower back, pulling our hips in together so much closer than any other time, while his free hand rested on my cheek. It was slow, languid kisses of tongue and soft lips that made me curl against him. There was just something about him that made me want to have his mouth attached to mine forever.

After a moment or two, he pulled away just a bit, licking his lips at the same time. "I feel like you've drugged me," he admitted with heavy-lidded eyes. "You've burned your way into me, little bird, and I don't get it."

Edward's words shot an arrow through the length of my insides. Feeling brave, I went onto relevé to plant my lips on the corner of his hot mouth. I knew what he meant, what the battle was like. I didn't want to think about him, so I found myself fighting his image in my brain and the feel of his lips on my skin, constantly. And it'd only been a few weeks.

"Bella Swan," he murmured gently against my ear before placing a kiss directly underneath it. I couldn't even find it in me to care that I was a little sweaty and probably tasted like a salt shaker. The hold he had around my hips tightened, pulling me in flush to his pelvis. "Do you have plans tonight?

I shook my head. "No—"

The opening of the door made us both turn to look in the direction of it, wondering who was coming in while we were still against each other. As a blonde head peeped in, I realized that Edward hadn't loosened his hold a millimeter.

"Huh," a voice I didn't recognize wafted through the room. The girl Alice and James had both pointed out as Rosalie, took a single step into the room, keeping the door open with her foot. Her eyes traced our position lazily, a smirk covering her beautiful face. "This is interesting."

"Get the fuck out," Edward told her.

She simple stood there, not moving an inch. "Is the new girl going to be in your showcase?"

A muscle in his jaw quivered. "I'm not kidding. Get out."

Rosalie narrowed her eyes before shrugging. "Whatever. Don't have sex in here, this is my favorite studio," she barked before backing out of the room.

As soon as she'd left, Edward shook his head and dislodged his arm from around me. "She gets on my fucking nerves," he groaned. "She hates me but then she gets pissed off when I don't ask her to perform in my showcase. James would cut off my balls if I ever asked her."

"Because of Emmett?" I asked, referring to how they'd dated for a short time.

"Because she's a bitch," he corrected me. "Rosalie has her head in a different universe." He sighed and gestured toward the door. "She killed my mood now. Do you mind if we quit for the day?"

"No, it's fine." I thought briefly about what he'd been asking me before the Yellow Demon, as James called her, had come in. The snarl of frustration in her tone made me worry about what she'd say to the rest of the company about Edward and me. Not that it mattered because it's not anyone's business. I didn't even know what was going on. His words about burning did just that to my tissues.

His warm hand landed on my lower back when I straightened up after putting on my shoes. "Eat with me?" he asked softly against my ear.

How could I say no?