Hey everyone, I started this one a year ago and deiced it would be fun to finish write it. It is for the month of February, at least that's how long I am giving myself to finish it. I will pick on my other story later. Also I might do a sequel to Accidental House of Horrors, but that won't start till August. All for now, Enjoy!

Not a Date?

"Will you stand still you pesky little rat!"

"Say please and I might consider it."

The evil Doctor Eggman fumed at the idea the daring little girl proposed. "Fine! Will you PLEASE stand still so I can smash you!" Screamed the doctor as two metal hands came crashing down, nearly hitting the young pink hedgehog. The girl swung her hammer at full force, meeting the cold unfeeling metal hands and knocking the attack aside. The giant robot that the 300IQ genius sat in started to tip over, but quickly caught it's balance.

"Why you little.."

"Hey you only asked me to stay still, you don't say anything about not fighting back."Amy Rose said slyly as she leaned on her hammer, casually but keeping her guard up. Even more angry than before Eggman began pushing buttons and pulling levers. The great metal giant moved forward and strike out with its steel limbs so fast it nearly hit Amy.

Amy swung her hammer, blocking every punch it threw at her, but the machine kept moving forward. Amy could feel sweat forming as she continued trying to keep up with the fearsome robot. Suddenly her hammer could take it no more and cracked, sending splitters flying everywhere. The evil doctor grinned wickedly. "Oh no!" Gasp Amy as she stepped back.

"HA! I got you now!" Eggman yelled triumphantly.

"Think again egghead!" Both Dr. Eggman and Amy turned their heads to see Sonic the hedgehog ridding on the wing of Tails trusty X-tornado. Before Eggman could do a thing, Soinc leaped off the plane and spin dash right through Eggman's robot.

" You rotten hog! I'll get you and your friend, just you wait!" Eggman pressed the escaped button and went flying as his creation fell apart into a big heap.

"Yeah, like I never heard that one before." Sonic said smugly as he brushed off some dust.

"Oh Sonic!" Amy cried as she threw her arms around him. "You were great!"

"Easy Amy," Sonic reply nervously " you were 'ret so bad yourself. I sure glad you were able to hold him off long enough for Tails to come get me."

"Knowing that you would come to my rescue gave me the strength to hold on." Amy said softly as she pulled her favorite hero closer to her.

"Amy, cut that out. Your hurting me!" Sonic said as she tried to pull away from his number one fan.

"Hey!" Yelled Tails from his plane, "Is everyone okay down there?"

"Yeah buddy, we're cool." Sonic yelled back.

"Great! I'm going to take the tornado back to the shop then. See ya guys later."

Both Sonic and Amy waved at their friend as he flew away. Sonic and Amy were now completely alone in the middle of the great forest. Sonic gently cleared his throat, Amy look up at him and saw that she still had her arms around his neck. She pulled away blushing, Sonic rubbed his neck and pretended not to see the red tint on Amy's soft cheeks. "So I guess I'll see you later than, thanks for the help."

"Sonic wait, there's something I wanted to ask you."

'Oh boy, it comes, another marriage proposal or date', thought Sonic as he put on his clueless face and turned back to the young girl asking "What is it Amy?"

"Um, well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow."

'Hang out? Well at least it's not a marriage proposal, but better tests the water first.' "You mean like a date?" He asked as naively as he could.

"No, not anything like that. Just a bite to eat and maybe a nice walk."

"Sounds like a date." Sonic said flatly, while secretly amused at the new angle Amy was going for.

"Look, I'm just asking if you want to hang out with me as a friend. No holding hands, no kissing and no commitments." Amy stated firmly, her hands on her hips and bright emerald eyes glaring at him. Sonic looked cool and collect on the outside, bored even, but inside he was laughing. She really expected him to believe that she wasn't going to try any moves on him, after all the years of chasing and death hugs. 'Come on Amy, I'm not that clueless.' Still it could be fun, a very small apart of him said, while the other part yelled "RUN!" Amy glare soften as her body relaxed and said softly "I know it's hard to believe but I really just want to hang out, I mean we are friends right?"

Sonic looked at her one last time to make up his mind, then shrugged his shoulders saying, "Ah, want the heck. Sure. We can "hang out" tomorrow." "Really," Amy asked, trying not to sound too excited "you promise?"

"Yeah, I promise." He replayed smugly, winking at Amy. "Come on Amy, I'll give you a lift back home."

"Gee thanks Sonic." Amy said blushing.

"It's nothing, besides what are friends for?"


Dose Amy have a new plan or has she given up? And will Sonic be ready for anything? Find out…soon.