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Not Telling

'Okay, you can do this. All you have to do is concentrate. Man up! You are Sonic the hedgehog, the greatest, fastest, not to mention, coolest thing alive. But seriously, concentrate! You can knock down a couple of cans and win this stupid rigged game-'


Sonic blinked over at the fuming red echidna behind him. The young man behind the counter sighed, as he rested his head in his hand. He too was wishing that Sonic would just hurry up, win the game and leave. These two were at this game for ten minutes seeing who could knock down the most cans. Even he was wishing the game wasn't rigged.

"Alright, alright. Sheesh, can't a guy mediate." Sonic then pinched the small red ball at his target. The sound it made was pure music to his ears as all six cans fell onto the floor. The man rang the bell to announce the new winner. "Oh yeah!" Sonic cried triumphantly as he punched the air. "That makes it ten to ten. Still a tie Knuxs"

"That was a lucky shot. Best out of twenty!", Knuckles shouted.

"Whoa, wait I…um…break! Yeah! Going on break, sorry come back later." Said the Young Game tender as he tried to quickly close down his booth.

"Hold up!" Sonic cried "What about my prize?"

"Take anything you want! And please just go!" The man begged. Sonic scanned all the prizes in the booth till his eye's feel on the perfect one.

"That one down there."

The man threw Sonic his prize and rolled down the shutters. Knuckles and Sonic just looked at each other and shrugged. Sonic then place his new prize in his brown sack along with the other things he had won. "So, is that all the game booths?" he asked as he swung it over his shoulder.

"Are you kidding? That's not even half. I haven't even seen that side." Knuckles pointed out.

Sonic sighed, they had already played twenty two different games and they were still tied. A lot of the game tenders would let them play, but they denied them anymore prizes. At this point was just to see who could win the most games, the prizes would just mean more stuff to carry. This little war they were having was becoming old news to Sonic. So he decided to change the direction of the Guardian's mind.

"I wonder where the girls could have gone to? They should have been back by now." Sonic commented casually.

"Good point. Well I don't know about you but I'm done with the games." Knuckles said as he picked up his bag.

"Yeah, me too." Sonic replied, thinking that it had been too easy to convince him, regardless, he started walking.

"So whose idea was it for you and Amy to 'hang out' today?" Knuckles asked, trying to keep a straight face.

"What, you don't believe what Amy told you?" Sonic replied

"Nope and neither did Rouge. Tails and Cream are very stable kids for their age, plus I don't think you would be much help keeping an eye on them or anything for that matter."

"Wow, I'm impressed. You put a lot of thought in to this and your head didn't even explode." Sonic taunted sarcastically.

Knuckles gritted his teeth a bit but tried very hard to keep his friendly demeanor up. Sonic was using the oldest trick in the book to get Knuckles to drop the subject, making him mad. A cheap trick yes, but one that almost never fails. It was too bad for Sonic; there was no way Knuckles was going to let him off that easy. The blue hedgehog had been running from the pink fan girl forever. There had to be a better reason then babysitting a fourteen-year-old genius and a capable thirteen-year-old girl.

"I'm goanna guess it was Amy, actually I am betting it was Amy." The red guardian probed as he tried to keep his rage in check.

"Gee, I thought Tails was the only genius in the group." Sonic rolled his eyes, acting completely disinterested in the conversation. For a moment he thought it was working until he felt a hard punch on his left arm.

"Ow! What was that for?" Sonic yelled.

"Just tell me why you agreed or I'll beat it out of you!" Knuckles yelled back as he put his fist up in the air.

"Alright you numb-skull, jeeze, I'm sure glad Rouge is the spy and not you." Knuckles growled with frustration as he swung another punch at the blue speedster. Sonic dodged it easily and cried, "Fine, if you want to know so bad, I'll tell you. I wanted to make up for all the other dates and meet-ups that I couldn't make it to for one reason or another. So I thought that this would be my chance to make it up to her without her being, all love crazy! But I had no idea today was Valentine's Day, that was just a fluke."

Knuckles stared at Sonic for a good long while, trying to see if that was really all he had to say. Sonic just stared back but once again the boredom started to set in. Finally Knuckles dropped his fist and relaxed as he folded his arms across his chest.

"It was about time you realize that you owe her big time, especially since she always manages to get dragged into to whatever mess you are in at the time. Just do yourself and Amy a favor and don't get too carried away with this whole 'just a friend thing." Knuckles advised as he picked up his bag again and started walking.

"Come on Knuckles, what are you talking about? Amy's is my friend." Sonic said as he followed.

"Whatever you say Sonic. Just remember that if you mess up big time, you will have your butt handed to you."

"Gee thanks. With friends like you, who needs Eggman." The blue blur replied as he rolled his eyes.

He knew that Knuckles was just looking out for Amy like everyone else. But it bothered him that Knuckles would even imply that he, Sonic the hedgehog, would even think of mistreating Amy. 'Maybe it's not much as mistreating but misleading her that he is worried about.' The more familiar side of him spoke with serenity. Sonic frowned to himself thinking that while it was true, it didn't sound quite right. Surprisingly, it was the other side that completed the idea. ' You are misleading yourself, you can only deny yourself for so long.'

"Alright that's enough! This is way too cliché, so stop!" Sonic yelled out loud to keep his mind from talking anymore. People moved a few steps away from the crazy blue hedgehog. Knuckles was about to ask what the hell had gotten in to him, when he spotted someone at one of the booths...


"Rouge," Amy said as she and the G.U.N spy neared the game booths, "please do me a favor and don't tell Sonic anything about Scourge."

The white bat snapped her head around so fast that it looked like it would have hurt. "Amy are you crazy! You didn't tell Sonic anything about what that creep did to you?"

"No," Amy replied trying not to look at Rouge, "I would have told him, but then he would have gone after Scourge."

"And beat him to a pulp!"

"And leave me standing there, just like he does with Eggman." Amy explained bitterly.

"Amy, Sonic is a hero. Saving the world is what he does." Rouge reasoned with the young girl.

"I know that and I'm fine with that. I love Sonic for everything he is, but sending him after Scourge is something that Scourge would have wanted."

"And you having doubts about Sonic's moral code isn't"

Rouge stopped walking and put her forehead in her hand. She did understand what Amy was talking about but Scourge was really dangerous and unpredictable. He was everything Sonic was except for personality, which was the definition of deranged. Amy was lucky to get away from with just a kiss on the cheek.

"Amy, I really don't think that it's a good idea. I mean what if he decides to come back for you?" Amy could hear the plea in Rouge's voice and Rouge pleading was not a common thing. Amy was about to give in but then a thought hit her.

"Rouge, I don't think that will happen. Why would he even bother with me?"

"Because you are close to Sonic!" Rouge nearly yelled at her. Amy sighed, knowing when she had lost and nodded her head. "Fine I'll tell him, but after the fireworks."

Before Rouge could argue again Amy held up her hand and said, "Look Sonic is going to be with me the rest of the night so no harm can come to me. If I tell him when the night is over he may be little upset about it but I know he will understand. I have waited too long for this night and I am not going to let some sick, cheap, knock off ruin it for me."

The older friend opened and closed her mouth. It was always a treat for Rouge to see this side of Amy but it also was a pain. And just like Amy knew when she was hitting a brick wall, Rouge could see that the foolish fan girl had made up her mind.

"Okay, fine." Rouge said as she breathed in heavily. "But you stick like glue to Sonic all night."

"That was never a problem for me." Amy joked.

"I'm serious Amy, don't go away alone."

"And if I need to use the lady's room?"

"Have him wait outside for you. I meant it, or I will tell him." Rouge threaten.

"Okay, okay. I will." Amy said as she crossed her heart. Rouge felt a little better, but not much. That last thing she wanted was to see this girl get hurt or worse. The two started walking again to the game area as they talked about more pleasant things.

A few feet behind them a green hedgehog leaned against a post, wiping his shades as he watched the two girls argue. The noise of the crowd and music was too loud for Scourge to hear what they were talking about so adamantly. Whatever their topic of discussion he knew that it had to do with him. The usually cool white bat was too distressed about something. Not to mention that the Mobian hero never did come after him. So the girl must not have told Sonic anything.

Too bad, he was really hoping to get a chance to mess with old blue. Still messing with his pretty little fan girl will be a lot more fun. Getting her away from Sonic and her friends would be a challenge, but that was all part the fun. If he was lucky she would do it for him. As the pair walked into the game area Scourge pushed off the post. Placing the sun glasses back on his head, as he carefully followed after them.


'Ding, Ding!'

"And we have a winner!" Shouted a middle aged man with thick black hair and mustache as he rang his bell. He then turned to the glowing rabbit as she stood next to a two tailed fox.

"Young lady, you may pick any prize you want." He said as he smiled warmly at her. She gasped as her eyes shined and gazed over all the cute toys in the stand.

"I would like that one please." The pretty rabbit said as she pointed to a fluffy pink cat with a red bow around its neck and a little heart shaped nose. The man nodded and turned to get her the toy. The boy she was with smiled proudly as he set down the bb gun he used to win the game.

"Hey Tails!"

The orange fox turned around to see Knuckles walking his way. Tails smiled and waved at him as the man tipped his yellow hat to Cream.

"Hey Knuckles I didn't know you were here?" Tails said to the treasure hunter.

"Yeah, Rouge managed to drag me down here and put Shadow on emerald duty." Knuckled smirked.

"Oh, I like your hat Knuckles." Cream comment as she walked next to Tails.

"Thanks Cream, nice cat. Did Tails just win it for you?" He asked as he grinned at the blushing fox.

"He sure did." Cream said proudly, making Tails blush more as he shuffled his feet. Cream blinked as her eyes spotted another friend walking towards them.

"Hi Sonic." Cream cried cheerily, making Tails turn to say "hi" as well. When Tails saw him alone his smile dropped and was replace with a frown.

"Hey guys. You look very nice Cream." Sonic said as he stopped next to Knuckles.

"Thank you Sonic, where is Amy?"

"Yeah Sonic. Where is Amy?" Tails asked as he put in emphasis in his voice. 'You better not have left her behind somewhere. I'll never hear the end of it if you messed up!' Sonic stepped back as he smiled nervously. This was one of those rare incidences when Tails could actually intimidate Sonic with just a stare. Sonic could even read what he was thinking.

"She's off with Rouge getting something to drink. Sonic and I just finished playing some games." Knuckles explained as Sonic coughed to tried and get himself together.

"Sonic are you okay?" Cream asked worriedly.

"Fine Cream." Sonic replied as his confidence came flooding back and Tails face relaxed, liked nothing happened.

"So Sonic, how has your date with Amy going?" Tails asked, relieved that he didn't bail out on her.

"It's not a date Tails. But for your information this day has been surprisingly fun." Sonic paused, not really sure what else to say. Cream gasped happily and could not wait to see Amy later and talk about it with her.

"How about you guys? Tails been treating you good right, Cream?" Sonic teased as he ruffled the fur on the top on Tails' head.

"Of course, we've been here nearly all day. We just started playing some of the games to try and kill time until the fireworks start." Cream sweetly said, not really noting Sonic's teasing. Tails smiled at Cream then he noticed the bags that his friends were carrying on their backs.

"What's with the bags?" Tails pointed.

"Prizes." The two plainly stated. Tails laughed as Cream's eyes widened. Tails shook his head as he slipped off his backpack and reached inside to pull out two metal disks. They were each two inches thick and three inches wide. He held them out as he said "Here"

Sonic and Knuckles each took one and looked them over. "What are they?" Asked Knuckles.

"Storage disks. All you have to do is place this side on any item, click the top and voila. It is safely stored and easy to put away." Tails instructed proudly as his tails swooshed behind him. Cream beamed at the clever fox and suppressed her giggles as she watch his twin tails do the same movement they always do when Tails was showing off.

"Neat, this will come in handy." Knuckles said as he tried it out. Just as Tails had said, his bag was gone and in the disk.

"To get it back, just click it fast two times." Tails said as Knuckles put it away. Sonic was about to try his out when he heard a familiar voice.

"I see you guys got same new toys" Rouge said coolly as she strutted up to Knuckles and linked arms with him. As she rested her head on his shoulder, Knuckles turned and coughed into fist to try and hide his blush. Sonic was about to say something smart when he heard Cream cry out.

"Hi Amy!"

"Hi Cream, Tails." Amy said happily as she hugged her friends.

"Cute Cat." Amy commented as she pulled away.

"Tails won it for me!" Cream said proudly as she hugged it to her just liked Rouge had done earlier. Rouge looked over at Sonic and smirked. "Hey Amy, I wonder if Sonic won anything for you."

Sonic and Amy froze as they remembered the deal they had made before they bumped into all of their friends. Amy's eyes widened even more when she the saw bag Sonic had with him.

"How many games did you play!" Amy asked.

"Twenty two, but we both came out even." Sonic answered as he put his bag down and looked for the prize he had just won before bumping into Tails and Cream.

"Here you go." Sonic said as he held out the soft toy. It was soft cute pink bunny, almost like Rouge's but the ears flopped down. The other difference was, that instead of a bow around its neck, the bunny had a red heart pillow in its hands.

"Oh, Sonic," Amy said breathlessly as she reach out for it, "it's perfect. Thank you."

Rouge winked up at Knuckles as Tails and Cream held hands and smiled at the two hedgehogs. Amy hugged Sonic and quickly whispered in his ear "Now?" "Later." He quickly answered back as they pulled away.

Cream frowned a bit as Rouge rolled her eyes. Knuckles and Tails looked at each other and shrugged. Amy never acted so calmly around Sonic before so it didn't make much sense to start now. Seeing that the two would never get anywhere with a crowd around Rouge cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

"Well it was nice seeing you guys but there's still plenty of things Knuckles wanted to see."

"There is?" Knuckles asked. Rouge nudged him a bit and Knuckles said "Uh, yeah. Like I said, I haven't been to the other side of the game area."

Cream nodded, taking Rouge's hint and turned to Amy and Sonic saying "Tails and I haven't eaten in a while, I think we should head off too."

"Oh, okay. Maybe we will see you guys at the show later." Amy said looking around at her friends.



"Sounds good."

"We will see you there, Amy." Said Rouge as she gave her a look. Amy nodded, knowing that Rouge was telling her not to forget her promise. Cream saw the exchange and wondered what it meant. Sonic was more than ready to get away from the others that he stored his bag away and took Amy's hand.

"Well, we'll see you guys later." Sonic said as he lead Amy way. Rouge knew that Sonic would take care of her, but her spy alarm was going off like mad. Amy hearing things, like a low whistle, didn't not help her fears.

"Sonic!" Rouge called out as she let go of Knuckle's arm. Hearing the concern in her voice Knuckles looked at her with even more suspicion. Sonic stopped and looked at Rouge.

"Don't let her out of your sight. She's so pretty that someone would steal her away." Rouge said trying to be playful, but she really hoped that Sonic would somehow understand her that Amy just might be in danger. Sonic gulped and laughed nervously as Amy glared at Rouge. "Alright Rouge, duly noted."

Rouge watched them go and sighed heavily.

"What was that about?" Knuckles asked. Even if Sonic didn't understand, Knuckles could tell that she was trying to tell him something.

"I'll tell you in a bit." Rouge said lowly as she turned to Tails and Cream. "Well you two have fun and behave yourselves." And without another word Rouge and Knuckles walked away quickly. Tails was blushing again and laughing nervously as he waved goodbye to them. Cream on the other hand was in deep thought as she ignored Rouge's subliminal message.

"Tails?" Cream said as she turned to the still laughing fox. Tails stopped and looked at her.

"I think something is up."


Scourge scoffed as Rouge called out to Sonic to give him a warning. Still he was pleased that the rest of the group was going their separate ways. Scourge was two booths down from the aisle Sonic and Amy were walking. He turned so not to be seen but glanced over his shoulder as they walked passed him. He turned around to make sure her friends weren't planning on following. When he saw Rouge and Knuckles walk the other way he started walking again, careful to keep his distance.

He followed them for while, thinking of a way to get to her when he saw Sonic and Amy stop and looked around. Scourge got behind a tent before they could spot him. Sonic and Amy then slipped behind another tent. 'What the heck are they hiding?' Scourge thought as he sped up to get a closer look, he stood on the other side of the tent and felt his jaw drop.

Amy had her arms around Sonic's neck and was gently kissing him on the cheek. She pulled away and smiled sweetly saying "There, my thanks for my prize. I know that deal was for every game you won but that would take all night." Sonic laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his head, making Scourge want to puke.

"Your right, the hot-head wouldn't give up until one of us came up on top. I'm just glad Tails gave us those storage disks. So what do you want to do now." Sonic asked Amy as they walked out from around the tent.

"Let's go on some rides, I heard this year they have a rollercoaster that's supposed to be the fastest in the world." Amy suggested knowing that Sonic wouldn't be able to resist.

"Oh, really?" Sonic said as he glanced down at Amy. "Well let's go then, so I can put that thing to shame."

'Friends huh,' the dark hedgehog thought evilly, 'that looked a little too friendly.' He stopped to mule it over a bit, he knew where they we're going so he didn't worry too much about losing them. Amy not telling Sonic that he was in the area was a big advantage that just couldn't go wasted. As for the kiss, well he was not prepared to see it, but it was not entirely a surprise to him. Had the Amy in his time turned out halfway decent he would have…

He burst out laughing, as another thought crossed his mind. It was crazy, absurd, and wonderfully evil. The best thing about it was that it was going to drive both Sonic and Amy insane, literally. In fact he was going to start the process now. Like he was thinking before, if Amy was going to stay quite, might as well make the best of it.


The ride zoomed through its track at an incredible speed, turning unexpectedly from left to right, up and down. The sound of excited screams and rushing wind filled the air all around. The heart was accelerated at full speed as g-forces made the pink hedgehogs body move from side to side. Amy then felt a protecting arm pulling her close. Sonic's laugh ringed in her ears as the crazy train fell down the last and highest point of the ride. A scream escaped her lips as she buried her head into his chest.

"Open your eyes Amy!" he shouted over the noise.

Amy peeked, feeling the wind rushing against through her fur. Her face flushed as she saw that she was safely close to the boy who always ran from her. His arm was still wrapped around her while his other hand griped the bar. He kept looking forward not really knowing that he was holding Amy so close to him. The excitement in his eyes brought a smile to her lips as she continued to look up to him. His laugher died down as the ride came to a steady stop. His hand released the bar and went to his face to wipe away a tear. "That was fun." He said cheerfully as he pulled his arm back.

Amy sat up in her seat, still smiling at him. "So what do you think, being the current fastest thing alive how would you rate this ride?"

"Oh five stars all the way." He said as he climbed out of the cart, he held out his hand to help Amy out as well.

"Mind you, I can go so much faster than this thing will ever go, but it was a good effort on the maker's part." He finished as he winked at her. Amy giggled as a ride-worker handed Amy the toy Sonic had won for her.

"So what's next?" Sonic asked Amy as they left the ride. Amy thought it over as they walked through the crowd. She looked over the other rides when her eyes fell on someone that made her gasp. Sonic looked down at her asking what was wrong. Amy blinked her eyes and looked again, but he was gone. She did not see his whole face but it looked like a green hedgehog with a black leather jacket leaning against a pole.

"It was nothing, I thought I saw something but it was my imagination." Amy said hurriedly. 'It must have been another hedgehog, Scourge is not the only green one around I'm sure.' She told herself.

"How about we go to the highest drop ride here!" Amy said excitedly to try and distract Sonic from her odd behavior. Sonic smiled at her as he nodded his head, "Okay."

It didn't take them long to reach the next ride and get on. As the ride slowly lifted the platform up the tall tower, Amy looked out at the festival to try and relax her mind. Again her eye's fell on the same green hedgehog standing outside the gate for the ride she was on, facing the other way. She focused on him trying to see his face when Sonic turned to her, "Here we go, Ames."

"Hmm." She looked and saw that they made it to the top and that the drop would happen at any second. She quickly turn to look for the green hedgehog, but he was gone and the platform dropped. She closed her eyes and looked away as she fell. When the ride was finally over she got out of the seat and hurried to the outside gate. Her mind was running so fast she didn't hear Sonic tell her to wait. She stopped at the exit and looked around at all the people, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey Amy, wait up. I thought I was supposed to be the impatient one. Amy?" Sonic said as he stared at her. She acted like she was looking for someone important. He frowned and put his hand on her shoulder. She jumped, smacking his hand away and turning around.

"Oh, sorry Sonic."

"Amy what's going on, your acting like you did back at the restaurant." Sonic said worriedly. Amy sighed, she had the terrible feeling that Rouge might've been right and that she should have told Sonic about Scourge earlier.

"Sorry, it's just that I thought I saw someone I knew standing here, but I guess I was wrong." It wasn't a complete lie, but it still felt wrong. She looked at Sonic and saw that he didn't buy it. "Amy…"

"Oh! I almost forgot! Sonic can you wait here so I can go get my prize back?" Amy said worriedly, Sonic sighed. Despite how long he has known Amy, he's never gotten used to her mood swings.

"Okay." He nodded at her. Amy turned and ran back into the gate to find the man she who had taken her bunny. Sonic had offered to store it away with the other prizes he had win for her, but she refused saying that it was too cute to be put away. Amy looked around franticly knowing that Sonic's patience would be running out by now. Also she had promised Rouge not to go off on her own so this was a big no-no. She spotted the man and ran over to him.


Outside, Sonic was tapping his foot as he waited for Amy to come back. He didn't believe that nothing was going on, Amy was never any good at keeping things from him. That, and the fact that Rouge gave him a warning about Amy being stolen away. But by who? Not Eggman surely, it wouldn't be the first, but he was sure he gave the fat genius a run for his money. So who else?

Before Sonic could go through his own list of enemies he stumbled forward as he felt someone throwing arm their around him. He heard her giggles and smiled to himself. Amy took him by surprise and was hugging him tight. "I almost forgot to pay my part for the ride." She said smoothly in his ear. Sonic flushed as she pulled from the embrace.

"Come on, there's still plenty to see before the show." She said as she pulled his hand and leading him away.

Sonic let Amy lead the way as he kept holding onto her hand. He swallowed smoothly, still not used to the whole being-with-Amy thing. He was really grateful that Amy had promise to keep her emotions in check. Even though it was his great idea to have her hug and kiss him as payment he couldn't understand the weird flips his stomach did or the rapid beating in his chest. But there was one thing he was sure of as Amy let go of his hand and turned smiling up at him as she pointed to another ride. If anyone wanted to steal her away they will have to get pass him first.


Sonic is ready for a challenge but is he ready for the plan Scourge has up his sleeve? Find out in the next chapter LET THE MADDNESS BEGIN. Will try to finish soon, but please be patience. My Muse is being difficult at the moment but I do have the basic idea down. As always thank you for reading and please tell what you think. Cheers!