A/N: This whole story's been inspired by the song Lullaby by Nickelback. And before you wonder, yes, I do listen to it while writing, I mean, to that song only! :)

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1. I know the feeling.

"Well I know the feeling Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge And there ain't no healing From cutting yourself with the jagged edge"

That really had been the strangest day of my whole life. I mean, where else than in your dreams would something like this happen? It really was strange, weird, odd, any word you choose, but I really didn't expect it to be so exciting!

If you really want to know the whole story, it all began on a party evening. My flatmates had decided to host a party without asking me, so I had decided to flee to my cousin Amanda's place. I didn't really care if Michael or Piranha would be there, I just wanted a quiet evening, just me and Matthew McFadyen. Wha'? Most women prefer Colin Firth's Darcy, but my eyes only glitter when I see those damn blue eyes showing up on screen.

Let me be clear about it. I only read Pride and Prejudice once, and I didn't like it. I'm much a picture person. Each and every Jane Austen I've watched (Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson's the best) and loved it, but that's it, I'm not obsessed with it... Oh, and, you can hate me even more if you want, the character I really despise the most (except in that version of course) is Fitzwilliam Darcy. You read it right, I hate him! No, my mind was fully set on Bingley when it came to theatre or 1995 versions.

Anyway, I knocked on Am's door and of course there was no reply until few minutes. But, to my astonishment, it wasn't Amanda who opened the door, it was a beautiful young woman wearing a gorgeous georgian dress and a bonnet that hid her curled dark brown hair. She was just stunning and I wished I was on the other side of the bench to hit on her. I really thought those things from time to time, don't blame me...

"I'm so sorry Miss, we haven't been introduced properly and yet I keep staring at you in a very improper way. I'm Elizabeth Bennett." She bowed to me in a gracious curtsy, and I imitated her, being acquainted (thanks to my actress formation at school) with those pretty bows. It only reached me then.

"Elizabeth Bennett? You kidding?" I really must have sounded impolite or something, because she looked a little annoyed. I rebowed and said "Angelina Johnson" and again she bowed back.

"Pleasure to meet you Miss Johnson."

"Please, call me Angelina." I looked at her more closely, and it was true she was looking just like the perfect Lizzie. Even Keira looked poor beside her. She cleared her throat as I had resumed staring. I coughed. "Sorry. I was expecting to see my cousin. Amanda?"

Her eyes lit up at once. "Miss Price? She's just gone to my house!"

I giggled. Amanda? In the Bennett's house? As much as this story was already being a strange nightmare, my cousin being "stuck" in her favourite book was just too funny to keep inside.

"Have I said something amusing?" Lizzie asked as I was heading towards the couch and sat myself (or lied in it as a proper git would be more correct).

"No, no, you haven't. It's just that...how has she gone?" The question was stupid, she should have been sucked into the book or something, and yet Elizabeth was knowing her name.

"Miss Price and I met yesterday evening. It appears there's a door linking my house and hers, a door that usually never opened, for it did, it would open on empty air. Your cousin got through it barely minutes ago." She pointed towards the bathroom.

I got up and headed towards it, Lizzie on my heels.

"See, that is the door." She pointed the wall behind which normally lied the plumbing. "I see it in your eyes, Miss Johnson. You wish to join her." Her eyes were warm yet I felt as if they were piercing my soul. I just nodded. "Then you must take my clothes. My father wouldn't allow another young woman to step into his house in such clothing."

I looked down at my torn jeans, my biker boots and my leather jacket, thought under it I only wore a simple white shirt. We switched clothes, and I must say she was really even more gorgeous wearing biker boots. Holy shit I was staring at Elizabeth Bennett!

I myself didn't look bad in her dress and bonnet, my long hair pinned on my head. It felt good to be wearing these, as if I was allowed to enter the movie. Though it would be different. Shit!

I greeted Lizzie a hug and opened the door, revealing a faintly lit corridor. I could hear voices across and decided to go and try to find Mr Bennett, as Lizzie presented him to be the kindest and most sensible person in the house.

The door closed behind me and I could only catch a glimpse of Elizabeth before my world was left behind.


"Here we go. D'you think Matthew lives somewhere near? You could pay him a visit!" Great. Now I was talking to myself.