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She relives that night all the time. Every time she closes her eyes in a vain attempt to try and get some sleep, a peaceful slumber away from demon haunting her; the cruel laugh manifesting itself in her ears. Every time she doesn't. It's etched into her mind, like a dirty mark that no matter how hard it's scrubbed won't fade.

No escape.

It's there, festering away inside her. The word 'raped' still feels foreign to her; like it happened to somebody else, it wasn't her, just someone who looked like her.

The flat; her home. It doesn't feel like home, not anymore. He saw to that. It's as if she is a stranger, living in someone else's life, but the mirror tells her otherwise. The reflection stares back at her; the green eyes once sparkled, now they are dull, lifeless orbs. She doesn't have the energy left to shed anymore tears; physically, mentally and emotionally, she's exhausted.

She can still feel his dirty hands running up her thigh, the callousness of his hands as he edged crossing the line. His touch was once so gentle, now it's rough and harsh. The pain as she was thrown onto the floor, her back colliding with the cold hard surface beneath her as she was slammed into it.

His weight on top of her; pinning her down, trapping her, like a spider about to feast on the fly caught in its proverbial web. The brutality as he forced himself inside her, each thrust more violent than the last, the feeling of her insides being ripped apart. The bile; rising in her throat at the violation of her body, and her dignity.

Her own screams of 'No!' ring in her ears. The words reverberating in her mind, the silent prayer that someone would come to her rescue. Begging him to stop, pleading with him, screaming she was sorry, screaming 'No'; it all fell on deaf ears. Her screams eventually gave out and she fell silent, her throat constricted with the choked back sobs wracking her body.

The look in his eyes; one of pure contempt, the spark of rage dancing within them. She had never seen him like that before. She thought she was going to die. His eyes dark; devoid of remorse, empty of compassion.

And the words which ring in her ears.

"It's your fault, you made me do it."

Her hand held the glass, fingers curled around the stem as she numbed her senses with alcohol, blocking it all out, if only for a short while. On the table next to her sat the bottle of sleeping tablets. Reaching for the bottle and unscrewing the lid, she tipped a handful into her palm, one step closer towards relief.

It was time to end the nightmare once and for all.