"Best Dream Ever"

Rated T

Disclaimer: It's gonna take a lot of river to wash my blues away!

A fire seemed to be sparkling around the mess hall at night. The owls were hooting, the waves roaring quietly in the wind. And all seemed very quiet, warm, and tenacious. The red light in the room had lit as two shadows appeared just cuddling each other in such a warm, passionate embrace through a very thick red couch.

"Oh, Anne Maria...I never dreamed it would be like this between us for a long time. Your eyes, your hair, your face...it takes my breath away..." Lightning said as he was holding Anne Maria tenderly and romantically in a warm room alongside a warm couch. This all started when Lightning had bought some rare scented raspberry candles just to relax himself, until Anne Maria had appeared and just feel seduced by the smell. was out of town for the whole weekend to attend an important meeting by Forrester creations.

"Oh, Lightning...I have no idea that you can become quite the gentleman to me. I always felt like Vito was just hot as hell itself, but...you make me feel like I'm in heaven with you already..." Anne Maria said in quite the desperate, yet seductive tone. She was so sweet, so pretty, and so heart-stopping that it just melted Lightning's heart altogether. Not to mention his warm insides as well.

"Really...? Well...my lips are about to meet yours at Cloud Nine..." Lightning said, being the ravishing gentleman that he was as he neared to her pretty Jersey face.

"Oh, Lightning...Kiss me..." Anne Maria swooned in a murmur as he kissed the gorgeous athlete with passionate force. Both of their long tongues battled out just like electric eels shocking each other to death until there was the last pink eel standing. Their tongues started to rub inside each other's mouth's. But out of nowhere...

...a certain gamer broke out of Lightning's deep romantic fantasy.

"Uh, Lightning? What are you doing?" said a shocked Sam who saw his best friend Lightning on the red couch. Lightning was with someone alright, but it definitely wasn't Anne Maria.

"Making out with Anne Maria, what else?" said Lightning who was trying his darnedest to make up an excuse. Sam didn't really see it that way...

"Well, from what it looks like in my angle, you've been making out with a pillow for the last 10 minutes..." Sam responded as he just freaked out a little.

"Yeah well...can pigs fly? This is the actual Anne Maria here!" Lightning spoke to Sam as he was pointing at the pillow. In Sam's angle, it like Lightning was hallucinating.

"Yeah, I'm gonna pretend I never saw that. Later..." Sam replied as he left with such disturbance to his face. This left Lightning once again with 'Anne Maria'.

"That guy must be on dope...now...where we're we? Oh, yeah...my lips are getting ready for takeoff and you're about to enter first class on the Lightning Airlines..." Lightning spoke to 'Anne Maria', or his pillow once again.

"Well...I'm ready for takeoff then..." Anne Maria said right to Lightning in his mind with a seductive grin as they continued to make out when in reality, he was now going all the way with a piece of pillow.

Talk about awkward...

Like anyone would ever imagine that a desperate guy would make out with a pillow, visualizing a hot girl in their sleep. That is weird! Anyway, read and review!