On the Run

Summary: It is graduation day and Tohru failed in her mission to save Kyo before he entered his confinement, So she takes a huge risk and breaks him out with the help of some other members of the zodiac, but now they are on the run. Can they break the curse before Akito finds them.

Chapter One

It was graduation day and most of the students were happy, but Tohru was miserable. She knew what was to happen after the ceremony, and she felt a tear slide down her cheek.

"Tohru, what's wrong?" Uo asked, suddenly alarmed. "Did any of the guys hurt you?" Tohru shook her head.

"I failed" She whispered. She turned and ran down the hall in her cap and gown. Uo made to go after her, but Yuki's voice stopped her.

"If I may, I know what is wrong with her and I think it's time you knew the truth" Of course, Yuki wasn't planning on telling them about the Zodiac, but he knew that for them to comfort Tohru, they had to know what she was going through.

"Spill it Prince" Uo demanded. Hana said nothing, just stared at him with her eerie eyes.

"Our family doesn't really have a liking for Kyo" Yuki said. "Upon graduation, the family will keep him locked up until he dies" Uo looked shocked, but Hana did not. Of course, that was just Hana.

"I knew something was wrong with the orange haired boy" She said. "His waves are strong" Yuki ran a hand through his hair.

"I know that Tohru loves him. I am going to ask you to do something for me. When the head of the family comes to collect Kyo this afternoon, will you be there? I can't comfort Tohru like I'd want, but I know you girls can" Yuki knew that if they were there, the separation might be easier for Tohru, plus Akito would have no choice but to be civil. Uo and Hana nodded.

After graduation, Kyo, Yuki, Haru, Momiji, Hana, Uo and Tohru all walked in silence to the house. All knowing what was coming, some knew better than others. Silent tears streamed down Tohru's cheeks and Hana gentle placed an arm around her shoulders. She leaned into the black haired girl, but said nothing. When they got there, Akito and Hatori were already waiting. Shigure stood on the porch, hands in his pockets, looking sad.

Akito was not at all happy that two school girls had accompanied the group home. Kyo straightened his shoulders and walked over to the car.

"No!" Tohru screamed. Yuki had warned Uo and Hana about this and they grabbed her shoulders and held her back as she tried to reach Kyo. If Kyo was surprised by her reaction, he didn't show it. Akito smirked at Tohru and pushed Kyo into the car. Tohru watched the car until it was out of sight, then collapsed, sobbing. Uo wrapped her arms around the frail girl. Tohru, Hana and Uo stayed huddled in a group for a while, so Haru, Momiji and Yuki went inside. Yuki made some tea and they sat in the living room.

That evening, Tohru couldn't sleep, so she got out of bed and went downstairs to make herself a cup of tea. To her surprise, no one was a sleep. All the guys were sitting around the table, drinking some more tea. She poured herself a cup, and then said something that shocked them all.

"I'm going to go get Kyo" She said. Yuki blinked.

"But, it's dangerous" He protested. Tohru shook her head.

"I don't care" She said quietly. "I need to rescue him. He doesn't belong there. He's a human Yuki, with feelings. I don't care what the rest of the Sohmas think, he's not a monster" Yuki placed a hand on her arm.

"I know" he replied. "I'm going with you"

"Me too" came a chorus around the table. Tohru blinked.

"You can't! What if Akito…."

"Screw Akito" Haru said, slamming a fist on the table. "You love Kyo, right?" Tohru was shocked. She didn't think it was so obvious. She slowly nodded her head.

"Then of course we'll get him out" Momiji said jumping up and down. "You both deserve happiness" Tohru smiled. Shigure glanced at his watch.

"We'd better get going" he said. "If we want to be sneaky" They nodded and quickly went out to Shigure's car. Tohru was nervous. What if Kyo pushed her away? What if he didn't want to be rescued? She shook her head. Of course he did! No one wanted to be locked up. When they reached the Sohma estate, Shigure shut off the engine and they crept inside the gate, trying to be as quiet as possible.

"Does anyone know where the cat gets held?" Yuki asked suddenly. They all stopped short. No one had actually seen the cell that was used to confine the cat. Yuki slapped a palm to his forehead.

"We are so going to get caught" Tohru said nervously.

"Are you looking for Kyo?" A whisper came from behind them. They whirled around to see Kagura. Yuki nodded and Kagura came closer. She stepped in front of Tohru.

"I know you love him" She said quietly. "I admit defeat. Please, take care of him" She pressed an item into Tohru's hand and whispered something in her ear, then took off. Tohru looked at the item and saw that it was a key. She remembered Kagura's words.

"They keep Kyo in the North wing" She turned to the group.

"Does anyone know where the North wing is?" She asked. Haru nodded. He had been there once before. Haru led the way and when they reached the North wing, Tohru shivered. She couldn't believe it was so cold. At the far end of the wing was a cell with a barred window and iron door. Tohru peeked through the window and her heart broke at what she saw. Kyo was huddled in a corner of the cell, shivering. He was only in a t-shirt and shorts. It was almost as if Akito's plan was to make him freeze to death. She slid the key into the lock and opened the door.

Kyo heard the door open and was afraid. Perhaps Akito had decided to beat him again. He looked up and couldn't believe what he saw. Tohru was staring at him, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Hurry up you stupid cat. We haven't got all night" a familiar voice said from the doorway. Kyo stood up with difficulty.

"I think one of my ribs is broken" He whispered. Haru was in the room in a flash and picked up Kyo, much to the orange haired boys contempt, but he said nothing. The group slipped out of the cell and made their way to the car where Shigure was waiting. They all piled into the car and drove away.

"Where are we going to go?" Momiji suddenly asked. Shigure didn't say anything, he just kept on driving. Tohru was nervous and kept glancing out the window, as if expecting Akito to pop up suddenly. The car pulled to a stop and everyone got out, gaping at the beautiful building. A young woman with long black hair pulled into a ponytail and wearing a priestess robe, was standing in the front yard.

"Rei Hino?" Shigure enquired. The woman nodded.

"Please, come in" She said softly. The woman led them inside, to a room where a fire was burning. "Please, have a seat" For some reason, She reminded Yuki and Kyo of Hana, the creepy friend of Tohru's. Once they were all seated, Rei turned to them.

"I know why you are here" She said. Her eyes flashed slightly, making Kyo really nervous. "You will be safe here for the time being, but Akito will find you eventually"

"Who are you?" Kyo asked grumpily, wondering if she knew about the zodiac curse as well, or just knew that he was running away from home.

"I am a Shinto priestess" Rei replied. "And a skilled warrior"

(A/N: I know nothing about Shintoism, being of a different religion, but I think that's the type of priestess Rei was)

Kyo's ears perked up at that. Perhaps he would have someone to help him beat Yuki, finally.

"Tohru Honda" Rei said suddenly. Tohru looked up.

"Ye..es" She said nervously.

"I would like to speak with you, alone" Yuki and Kyo were about to protest, when they were ushered out of the room by Shigure, Haru and Momiji. Tohru was very nervous. The woman seemed very mysterious. Rei's harsh face relaxed into a smile and Tohru smiled back.

"I trust that you know Kyo's true form" She said, sitting down on an arm chair. Tohru nodded.

"When the time comes and Akito finds us, there is something you must do. It will break the curse on Kyo, but it may cost you your life"

"I'll do it!" Tohru said, without hesitation. Rei knew she would say this.

"Tohru, how much do you know about the legendary Sailor Senshi?" She asked. Tohru thought for a minute.

"Only that about ten years ago, they protected Japan from forces of evil, but then they disappeared and no one has seen them since" Tohru said. Rei nodded.

"They disappeared because there was no more danger to Japan and they wanted to live ordinary lives, have jobs, families and be able to do things that they couldn't do before. Sailor Mars moved to the mountains and built a temple, because the fire told her that one day, it would be used as a refuge for members of the Chinese zodiac. The fire also told her that only one person could break the curse of the zodiac and that her name was Tohru Honda" Rei explained.

"How do you know all of this?" Tohru asked.

"Because, I am Sailor Mars" Rei replied. Tohru's eyes widened.

"Are you going to help us defeat Akito?" She asked. Rei nodded.

"But, you are the key to bringing the end to the curse. You must declare your love for Kyo to Akito, but the reason this may cost you your life is Akito's temper. She wants Kyo to remain unloved. If she brings others with her, I may not be there to save you, if she goes after you" Rei warned.

"I understand" Tohru said quietly. "Um, Rei-san, Kyo was hurt pretty badly. One of his ribs may be broken"

"I know" Rei replied quietly. "A doctor is on her way" When they exited the room, Yuki and Haru pretended that they had not been listening at the door. Shigure and Momiji were tending to Kyo in one of the rooms. Rei and Tohru entered the room.

"Doctor Mizuno is on her way" Rei told them.

"No I'm not, I'm here" A voice said from behind them. A young woman with short blue hair strode into the room. When Kyo saw her, he wondered if she had ever been teased about her hair, since it was a much stranger color than his. Ami was wearing a long white coat and carried a black bag. "Is this Kyo?" She asked, motioning to the boy lying in the bed. Tohru nodded and Ami knelt beside the bed.

"How do you feel Kyo?" She asked, placing a hand on his stomach.

"My body aches" He groaned. Ami listened as he explained how he had been beaten almost to death by Akito. Ami stood up and turned to Rei.

"I can't help him" She said. "I could if we were in a hospital, but I sense internal damage. He could die, unless…"

"Hotaru" They both said at the same time.

"Did someone call" a voice said from behind Momiji. The blonde shrieked and hid behind Tohru. A young teenager, a bit younger than Tohru, (I'm going with her growing up normally), stood behind them. She was holding a glaive and had shoulder length purple hair and was wearing a short outfit, almost like something Ayame would create. Rei and Ami nodded.

"This boy needs healing" Rei said, pointing at Kyo. Hotaru nodded and walked over to the bed.

"Where does it hurt?" She asked. Kyo pointed to the spot where the pain was unbearable and Hotaru laid a gloved hand on the spot. She closed her eyes and a purple light glowed on Kyo's body. When the light was gone, so was the pain. Kyo couldn't believe it, but before he could ask, Hotaru was gone.