The Swan Princess

Summary: from the day Tohru was born, Prince Kyo of the Sohma Kingdom and Princess Tohru of the Honda Kingdom were destined to be married, so Queen Kyoko and King Kazuma brought the children together every summer in hopes that they would fall for each other.

A long time ago, there was a queen named Kyoko who ruled a large and mighty kingdom. The one thing she longed for the most was a child. Then, happily, a daughter was born to her… A princess. And she was given the name Tohru. Kings and Queens came from all around to offer their gifts to the child. Among them was the widower Kazuma and his young son, Prince Kyo. It was then that Kyoko and Kazuma happened upon the same idea. Kyo and Tohru would be brought together each summer in hopes that they would fall in love and join their kingdoms forever. But unknown to all was another plan, that of the evil enchantress, Akito. Tohru's birth was of little concern to her, for she was preparing to take Queen Kyoko's kingdom by means of the Forbidden Arts. On the eve of his assault, Kyoko attacked and Akito's powers were plunged into darkness. Despite calls for her death, the enchantress was only banished.Many feared that the Queen was too kind. But in time the threat was forgotten and all hopes turned to that not-too-distant summer, when Kyo and Tohru would meet.

"Here they come you're majesty" Uotani said, bowing low. Queen Kyoko nodded and went out to the gates with her young daughter Tohru. King Kazuma dismounted his horse.

"Dear Kyoko, as lovely as ever, I see" He said, kissing her hand. Kyoko smiled and looked to the flaming haired boy standing behind the king.

"And who might this strapping young man be? Young Prince Kyo, no doubt" Kyoko winked at the boy, who scowled in response. "Welcome to our fair kingdom, dear Kazuma" Princess Tohru smiled slightly, but her smile faded as it was clear that Prince Kyo had no intention of being friends with her. Kazuma pushed the young prince, who was 7 forward, towards the 5 year old princess.

"Hello, Princess Tohru. I'm very pleased to meet you" Kyo said, looking anything but pleased.

"Pleased to meet you, Prince Kyo" Tohru curtseyed, but Kyo had just frowned. Tohru wasn't sure if they would have fun this summer. That summer consisted mainly of Tohru and Kyo fighting. Kyo's best friend, Yuki, thought it was hilarious. Tohru wished that her friend Hana was there with her.

The years went by quickly, and each summer seemed worse than the next. This summer, Tohru was 16 and was blossoming into a beautiful young flower, but no matter what, Kyo seemed not to notice her. Yuki certainly had though and thought that Kyo was being slightly irritating, but Tohru and Hana came up with a plan to make Kyo jealous.

" She's always flirting with the castle guards!" Kyo muttered one day, watching Tohru from behind a pillar. Yuki hid a smile.

"I think you really sorta like her, fess-up" He said, with a knowing smile. Kyo just snorted and walked away. Tohru saw him walk away and frowned. No matter what, he just didn't care about her. How could they ever get married? The following year the king and queen spent their time writing letters back and forth.

-What if Tohru doesn't go for the merger?-Kyoko wrote. Kazuma responded with…

-Urge her!-

Tohru was finally 18, the age of marriage and it was to be her final summer at the Sohma castle. This summer would make or break it, or so her mother said. Kyo was 20 and entered the ballroom begrudgingly, but then he saw her. She was wearing a beautiful pale blue dress and her long brown hair was in a braid down her back. Tohru saw him staring at her and smiled shyly as he walked over to her. They began to dance, unaware of the orchestra beginning to play. Tohru felt like she could get lost in his red eyes.

"Arrange the marriage!" Kyo said, when the dance was done. The people who had been hiding behind the curtains, cheered. Kyoko and Kazuma smiled.

"Wait!" Tohru said. The cheers died down.

"What? You're all I ever wanted. You're beautiful!" Kyo said. Tohru's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Thank you" She said shortly. "But what else?"

"What else?" Kyo asked, disbelievingly.

"Is beauty all that matters to you?" Tohru asked.

"Kyo… What else?" Kazuma prodded his son.

"I, uh… What else is there?" Kyo asked. Yuki face palmed and Shigure made a strange whimpering noise. Tohru burst into tears and fled the room. Later that day, Kyo watched from the window as Kyoko, Hana and Tohru made their departure.

"You're an idiot" Kyo spun around to see Hatsuharu and Yuki standing in the doorway.

"Tell me something I don't know" Kyo snapped.

"What else is there? She says, "Is beauty all that matters?" And you say, "What else is there?" Shigure said, coming into the room.

"It was dumb, I know" Kyo frowned, not sure why he was being bombarded by these three.

"You should write a book. 'How to Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less'" Haru said, smirking.

"I didn't know what else to say" Kyo snapped, slumping into a chair.

"Think! You must see something other than Tohru's beauty" Shigure drawled.

"Of course I do, Shigure. She's like… You know! I don't know how to say it! I'll prove it to her. I'll prove my love!" Kyo said, raising a fist. Yuki and Haru just stared at him like he had lost his marbles.

Meanwhile, Kyoko, Tohru and Hana were headed home in the royal carriage.

"I – I just don't understand… What else did you want him to say?" Kyoko asked her daughter. Tohru sighed.

"I need to know that he loves me for just being me" She explained. Suddenly the carriage stopped.

"Stay inside, Tohru" Kyoko said worriedly. Kyo and Yuki were outside when Hana came riding up to the house out of breath. On the back of the horse was a limp woman. Kyo ran to Hana and helped her off the horse, then lifted the queen in his strong arms. Hana was shaking and Haru led her inside.

"We… We were attacked. A Great Animal…" She whispered.

"Where's Tohru?" Kyo asked. Hana looked down.

"It took her" She whispered, before passing out in Haru's arms.