In short: Malfoy just outed himself to his father,… and he didn't take it well. Now Malfoy has to face a lot of angry Weasels ^.^

Drarry, EWE, Yaoi, established relationship, fluff?

A/N: I've never written anything like this before, so I don't know if it will be fluff or lemon or smut or whatever, I predict kissing and I hate sad endings, so don't expect one :D

(Btw: I have no idea how this will end, … it's all a bit vague in my mind… )

Warning: Boy X Boy, don't like? Please don't watch…

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, places of concepts or whatever that are used in this story, any resemblance to certain fantasy books is definitely NOT a coincidence. I wrote this for fun and not for profit.

First chappy: nothing happens, it's just to get in the mood and to know how canon it is

The sun was at it's highest point when Harry decided to walk outside for a while. The war was over, it had been for almost half a year already. The sun was shining high over the Burrow when he was walking over a small path in the huge garden. He was thinking about the past few months. He had somehow succeeded into killing Voldemort, but he didn't really remember the details.
It was all so chaotic and 6 months of intense work and sadness had helped him forget it all a lot easier. However one thing still stood clear in his mind: the pain. And the sorrow. The intense feelings that had surged through his body in those days were memories he could not easily forget. All he had to do was close his eyes and they would be surging back…

Harry shook his head. These weren't the thoughts he wanted to have. He had just left the house to bask in the sun in order to forget about them for once. The past months had been busy. The rebuilding of the castle, the burying of the dead, the dealing with the caught criminals,… Now it was over. Sure, the ministry was still busy trying to get back up its feet, and the minister had a lot of reforming to do, but that had nothing to do with him.

Inside the house he could hear laugher. Ginny and her new boyfriend were loudly commenting on someone's joke. The guy was somebody she'd met while Harry had been of traveling with Hermione and Ron. Those last two were a couple now, obviously, and it was impossible to separate them. Harry shook his head again.

Don't think about that, you'll only get sad again.

Because thinking about the happy couple made him think about himself, when he had been part of a happy couple… even if it had only been for a few weeks. Harry looked up at the sun and turned back to the house. This was pointless, he would only depress himself more. But it had been 6 months since the end of the war, why hadn't they talked? Like, at all? Where was he? Was he all right?
Not a moment went by without something reminding him of his boyfriend. True, they had only spent 2 weeks as an actual couple, doing stuff couples do. However, he knew that neither of them ever thought of the other as anything more or less than 'boyfriend'.

This was the point where he sighed deeply and decided to walk back to the house. Except for the fact that he was suddenly facing one very angry Lucius Malfoy. Wand risen, face filled with hate, Harry could barely process the sight in front of him before he was lying on the ground, writhing in pain.