A/N: I have been a long time reader on this site, mostly (OK all) Chuck. This is my first attempt at Fan Fiction. I know this chapter is short, but I wanted to get the feel of writing chapters and get some feedback as to whether people would be interested in hearing more. Read and Review please!

Summary: Five years after the events of Season 5, Chuck and the gang are blindsided when one of their own is kidnapped. Will have adventure, drama, action, and, of course, romance.

Undisclosed Location

The six foot, white haired senior citizen leered down at his captive. He heard a slight whimper, almost a sob, escape the kidnapee's gagged mouth. He chuckled lightly.

"You have no clue why you're here, do you young lady?"

Burbank, CA

Sarah walks into the armory in Castle and grabs her Heckler and Koch G36C off the rack and begins to disassemble and clean it. She gazes around at the various submachine guns, assault rifles, body armor, tactical equipment, and handguns. Replacing the G36C on the wall, she reaches over to grab her Smith and Wesson M&P off the counter to clean it next, and sighs. Sarah looks down at her ten month old daughter, smiling at her, and instantly snaps out of it.

The armory hadn't had that kind of weaponry in almost five years.

Sarah looks down in her hands, realizing instead of her M&P and a cleaning rag, she held a bottle of baby powder and a baby wipe.

With a heart-stopping smile on her face, she looks around the armory again. Three years ago, they had decided to turn it into their own little family den. It was Chuck's idea. He wanted to spend more time with their children when they were working, so they completely transformed the room. They put in a big comfy leather couch, a huge flatscreen on the wall, a baby changing station, and computer stations. Sarah finished changing her daughter, and sat back on the couch to watch TV with her.

Chuck and Sarah loved the fact that when they were working in the main room, or in the conference room, they could always go spend some time with their young children.

It helped that they had diminished any danger to them, their family, or their friends five years ago when they shut Carmichael Industries down for good, and opened WhiteFence Diagnostics.

FIve Years Ago. Their Beach.


"Kiss me."

They met in the middle, cautiously optimistic about the impact of this kiss. After a minute, they slowly backed away, staring into each other's eyes.

Chuck was wise enough to wait for her to speak.

"Chuck…" He could swear her eyes were brightening by the millisecond.

"You're a gift."