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"I'm bored," Hichigo sighed as he lay on his side and traced, with his finger, the passing-by clouds on the window he laid on.

"…" Zangetsu didn't answer the hollow; he just looked out into the distance.

"I'm sooooooooooo bored!" Hichigo flipped onto his side and sated at the sky.


Hichigo waited for a response. "You are so boring." He huffed at Zangetsu.


"I should take over Ichigo for a minute."


"He talks!"


"Not long, apparently." Hichigo muttered.


"Tell Ichigo that I want to have some fun."

He turned to Hichigo and raised an eyebrow.

"I meant that I wanted to fight him! You pervert," Hichigo mumbled.

"Why do you need me to tell him?"

"Because," Hichigo shrugged.

"Because what?"

"You always get mad at me when I try to speak to him."

"Because you normally try to take him over, while you talk to him."

Hichigo rolled his eyes. "Just call him, Zangetsu."


"Hey! You… Me… ummmm… Hollow, wake up."

Hichigo opened his eyes and saw the orange haired teen standing above him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. "I just fell asleep for my nap." He smiled as he rubbed his eye. "I thought Zangetsu was going to call you later."

"He didn't call me."

Hichigo raised an eyebrow.

"I need your power."

"What if I say no?"


Hichigo thought and motioned for Ichigo to lean down, closer to him. He whispered some things in his ear and pointed to Zangetsu.

Ichigo looked at him and sighed. "Fine, Zangetsu."

The zanpakto spirit turned to him.

"Can you leave us alone for a while?"

Zangetsu nodded and vanished.

"That was easy."

Hichigo motion for Ichigo to bend down.

Ichigo obeyed and Hichigo placed a kiss on his cheek as he tried to remove the soul reaper's black kimono sleeve. "Do we always have to do this when I ask you for a favor?"

"No, but I get bored."

Ichigo took off his zanpakto. "I have two rules though, pants have to stay on and I get to be seme."

"Ummmmm, how about… no. The rules will be the pants have to stay on and I get to be the seme."


"That way or no deal."

"Fine," Ichigo gave-in as he helped Hichigo try to take off his kimono top.

After Hichigo removed Ichigo's top and Ichigo removed Hichigo's top, Hichigo wrapped his white arms around Ichigo and pulled him into a hug. "I get so lonely when you're not here." Hichigo whispered.

Ichigo smiled and ran his fingers through Hichigo's white hair. "Don't worry about that now." He kissed Hichigo's forehead.

Hichigo kissed his neck.

Ichigo kissed his nose.

Hichigo kissed his chin.

Their lips met or a long kiss.

Hichigo pushed Ichigo onto his back as they continued to kiss.


Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap!

Zangetsu stood on another building with a camera. The Fangirls are going to be happy this month, he smiled as he took more pictures.