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The Morra Empire: The Founding.

Chapter 1: How it all began.

Edward 'Eddie' Morra was on his knees searching through Mars Brands safe. Mr. Brand was tied up in the living room being watched by Eddies new associate.

'His boss was dead, so I didn't matter now.'

Eddie mused to himself about his new associate as he searched the safe.

'But he did not appreciate that Mars Brand had kept the pills for himself.'

Edward searched through the safe until he finds the blue bag containing the 'Limitless' pills as Eddie called them.

'And it is all still possible.'

Eddie smiled as he tucked the pills into his jacket.

Twelve Months Later

Eddie was driving his favourite car in the whole world. His black Pontiac Solstice was his pride and joy and he loved the damned thing. But as a man running for US Senator, Eddie normally drove his Toyota Prius to help him win the crowd.

He was currently on his way to his cabin for a long weekend of relaxation. His cabin was located deep within Adirondack Park. He was returning from what he liked to call a 'Vote Gathering' event that had just finished in the Big Apple itself. He had to stand, wave, smile and answer questions all in the hopes that they would like his answers and vote him into the senate.

Of course, such speculation was moot. His brain calculated the mood of the group and he was able to sway them so easily with all the promises that they would soon forget. Eddie did intend to keep most of the promises and would make sure that people remembered those promises he he drove, Eddie didn't notice that the afternoon had passed and the sun was setting. Driving through what seemed like an endless forest really made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. A beeping catches his attention. Eddie looked down to spot that small icon meaning 'refill the tank' was blinking.

He sighed at this mistake. It must have been someone on the campaign who had used his car without him realising it. Eddie knew how far this car would go with the amount of fuel in the tank, but there were anomalies that even Eddie could not predict, particularly those that he had no knowledge of, but they were relatively few.

"Just great."

Edward moaned in little disappointment. He no longer became anxious or frustrated as he used to before the 'Limitless'. As the car slowed he noticed that it was completely black all around him as night settled in. Eddie grabs his phone perched on the dashboard. He flipped the phone open and searched for two things: battery and connection. Unfortunately, one of them was not very good.

"No service. Well, it appears that the great Eddie Morra cannot escape the Murphy's Law. Ha ha…"

This was a minor hindrance, but not such a big deal for Eddie, or so he thought. He chucked the slim device onto the empty passengers seat and looks around him. He physically turned as he tried to see the road behind him. The blackness of the night prevented him from seeing too far down the road.

Eddie wondered what he should do next. There were actions he could take, but then he thought he could get some rest. He had been on the campaign trail for a while and even he was rather tired. Though the new formula of Limitless had greatly diminished his dependence on the NZT by making his brain more powerful overall, but he still needed rest once in a while.

He knew that he was going to win, no matter how many votes he may lose by delaying for a few hours by being stranded on the side of the road. So, he relaxed. He pushed back his car seat and rummaged through his bags on the back seat and took out a book. It was a science book about multi-dimension theories and some such. Eddie still had a bit of science fiction writer within him, so he liked to read up on science books once in a while.

Eddie actually through that with his improved brain, that reading was really good for him. After all, once he became a Junior Senator, then after a couple of terms, he could try for either a Governor or a Congressman, and then he would easily become President of the United States of America. He had such a vision for America and the World. In order to be a good President, he felt that he needed to expand his knowledge base, so he read.

It must have been quite a while when Eddie felt something. His powerful brain also came with heightened senses. Suddenly, the blackness began to lift as an orange light pushed it back. Only a few hundred meters down the road, a fireball came slamming down into gravel road after ploughing through the trees. Chunks of gravel and branches are shot outwards from the crash and scattered the surrounding area with debris.

Eddie looked at it with wonder. He did not hide his head, like most people would, as his brain had calculated that there would be no foreseeable danger from the meteor. He got out of the car in order to investigate the quickly dying fire. Meteor in such fashion was an amazing find. It could be worth something beyond money, and even if it wasn't, Eddie was quite sure that he could use it somehow to enhance the votes he wanted.

It was a rather large surprise for Eddie when he arrived at the crater. The meteor wasn't a meteor at all. In fact, it was metallic and looked vaguely like a ship, a ship that was familiar. Then his brain worked really fast to dig up everything he knew about this ship. Then his mouth gaped in awe as the smoke cleared and the fire was finally gone.

Eddie was now staring at the tail end of a Goa'uld Tel'tak Cargo Ship sitting in the crater made from its landing. It did look strange and very alien, perhaps more so because it was stuck on the road ahead with the front half obviously submerged in the tree lines with several trees fallen on top of it.

Eddie walked closer to the ship that had large dents and black scorch marks all over the rear hull. Eddie followed the hull through the forest until he came upon the open doors. As he looked a man stumbled out. Eddie, even with his logical and cool head, was somewhat surprised. Since the appearance of a spaceship that only existed in a television show had vastly increased the possibility of aliens, Eddie had to assume that this man was from the very same television show.

Eddie noticed the form of a collapsed man near the doorway.

"Uh, hello?"

Edward asked the seemingly unconscious male. As Eddie got closer to the body, it stirred causing Eddie to flinch a little despite his normally rational behaviour. After all, crashing alien star ships that didn't exist was rather a surprise. He looked around and recognised the golden design features that were so popular for a Goa'uld Tel'tak.

The interior was exactly the same as the TV show portrayed.

"Now that is really…weird…"

The man on the floor groaned, and Eddie was startled back into focus.

"Are you okay?"

Eddie asked the man as he began to pick himself up a little. The mans back was wet with what Edward assumed was sweat.

"Who are you?"

Edward asked as the man comes to his full height and turns to face him. The mans eyes glowed for a few seconds before talking. Scarlet blood was slowly running down the mans face from his forehead. Eddie's brain immediately searched for all the medical knowledge he possessed, and concluded that with such a crash, the man probably had a few broken bones and internal bleeding, possibly a man with the glowing eyes, which Eddie remembered as an identifiable symptom of having either a Goa'uld or a Tok'ra symbiote inside, spoke slowly.

"I am An'ran of the Tok'ra. I am here to deliver a message and a warning. My host is dying and there is not much time. Please I need you to meld with me. All my knowledge will be yours in return for delivering the warning."

The voice was low and with a little twang, just like in the TV show. An'ran gasped, clutching his hosts broken right arm, trying to prevent it from dangling thought for a moment. His brain raced to find any clues as to whether the alien was telling the truth. This could easily be a Goa'uld pretending to be a Tok'ra. However, Eddie decided that this 'An'ran' was a Tok'ra because if the TV show was real then even with such wounds, the alien could overpower him and jump host without permission.

This An'ran asked for permission despite his host's body deteriorating. A Goa'uld would not waste time asking for permission in such a situation. Only a Tok'ra would.

"I know of the Tok'ra, An'ran. Go ahead."

Eddie shrugged as An'ran walked closer. Eddie opened his mouth and the Symbiote jumped into Eddie's mouth. Eddie felt the pain in the back of his throat, but he took it and waited. His powerful brain told him how exactly the symbiote was moving inside him. Eddies eyes flashed for a second as the Tok'ra 'settled' in.

"Thank you, Edward Morra. Perhaps now I can deliver my message."

The Tok'ra said with great relief in his tone of thought. Then as An'ran and Eddie truly became one, their memories and knowledge intertwined. Eddie suddenly felt a sharp stabbing sensation in the back of his neck.

"I am sorry Eddie, It appears that the damage to my body is far too severe. You will now have all my knowledge and I hope you will be able to find a solution to the problem the Tok'ra now face and deliver the warning that I wanted to send…"

An'ran's thoughts were laced with genuine concerns and gratitude.

"I will try my best An'ran. But I don't see what kind of difference I can make." Eddie doubted himself.

"You have extensive knowledge of my Universe. This will serve you well in days to come…And…if you could, please bury my host in a good sunlit place beneath a tree…that the funeral tradition of his people…"

An'ran pushed his last words into Eddie's mind before truly slipping away, his body dissolving into protein markers and sending waves of Naquadah molecules throughout Eddie's body. Edward knew straight away that An'ran had sacrificed himself to preserve him, much like Jolinar had done for Major Samantha Carter.

It felt like hours had passed and eventually the throbbing in Eddies throat had disappeared. All that remained of An'ran was his knowledge and the slimy feeling left in Edwards mouth.

Eddie felt great. The last act of An'ran had been to release vast amounts of hormones that symbiotes excreted to heal their hosts. It was the real Tretonin, but without the side effects. He was already rather healthy thanks to his brain making sure that he had the perfect exercise routine, that maintained his health, but now he felt amazing. The blending and the sacrifice of An'ran had truly made him strong and healthy as well as giving him an incredible amount of knowledge.

He was exhausted from the whole ordeal, however, as the Tretonon-hormone used up much of Eddie's nutrients to fix any and every damaged cell. But more importantly, Eddie was now in possession of technology that would make the world didn't need to explore his inherited Tel'tak, he already knew where everything was. He continued to stand in the same spot, just thinking. He glanced over at the Co-pilots chair. A large purple device was strapped into the chair.

Eddie straight away got a flood of memories as he recognised the device. It was the Tok'ra equivalent to an alternate reality drive. Except this one actually worked as intended. A simple coordinate system would take someone to any reality in existence."I could go anywhere. Do anything. I could stop enemies like the Cylons from destroying the Colonies in the Battlestar Galactica Universe….I could stop the Sith from reigning destruction on the Republic in the Star Wars Universe…Destroy the Shadows and Drakh in the Babylon 5 Universe….I could help so many people. But I'd need an Empire…and allies."

Eddie planned, and plans set up so quickly like how he planned for his plan for presidency.

"I'll need help to get this right."

Eddie admitted to the need. Edward walked over to the pilots seat and sat down. Maybe it was from all of An'ran's memories, but it felt natural. Activating the ship was the easy part, and surprisingly so was flying it. It was like an instinct, he knew what to do. As he gained a little altitude and passed above the tree line, he looked down at the abandoned car.

Eddies first option was to destroy it, but he paused, realising that maybe destroying the car that Eddie was last seen driving away in, was not a very good idea. Besides 'any' remains of his presence at this location may not be a very good thing when the government comes to wrap up the scene. Eddie had to think something fast. There must be something.

Then as he searched his memories and found it. He rummaged through the crates in the Tel'tak and found several strange devices with long metallic ropes attached to them. These were retrieval magnetic hooks used by the Tok'ra to collect information packets left at secret locations by Tok'ra agents, or to rescue Tok'ra spies who had escaped in escape pods or Death Gliders.

One of the more promising ability of this particular device was that the Tok'ra managed to make any object hooked by this device could be cloaked if rightly connected to a proper cloaking field generator, like the one inside this Tel' lowered the Tel'tak next to the Pontiac, making sure that the ship was still about a meter above the road, but not too far that he couldn't climb back up. He needed to hurry because he knew that the government would be here any minute. The device was easy to connect, and Eddie attacked the hook to the Solstice, and the car, being made of metal, was safely connected.

Eddie climbed back aboard the Tel'tak and lifted up, making sure to cloak as the ship rose. Then after checking that the Pontiac was cloaked, Eddie headed home, whistling his favourite song, not realising that about half way through, he began to whistle a strangely familiar yet quite alien tune.

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