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"YOU DARE LIE TO OUR FACES!?" The Jaffa minister called He'tar barked as he slammed his fist down onto the table.

"We aren't lying and we resent the accusation." Landry said, calmly.

"You expect us to believe that the Asgard, most powerful beings next to the Ancients, simply gave you their technology and weapons?" He'tar asked, furious.

"Yes we do." Carter nodded.

"The Tau'ri are telling the truth." Teal'c said from his seat.

"And how do you know?" He'tar spat.

"Because I was there." Teal'c stated plainly.

"This is a Tau'ri lie and you bring shame to the Jaffa for playing along!" He'tar barked, rising to his feet.

"There is no lie! You talk about truth and trust, yet you build shipyards on every world. New Ha'tak are being finished each month." Teal'c snapped, jumping to his feet.

"How is that possible?" Cam asked, leaning forward.

"That is classified!" He'tar snapped.

"Several months ago, the Jaffa happened upon an abandoned Ancient shipyard on Dakara. We've since been using the advanced computer technology within to build ships without the need of a labour force." Teal'c informed, with a flash of anger on his face.

"Wait a minute, are you telling me this whole time there's been an Ancient shipyard on Dakara and we never knew. Did we even check?" Mitchell sat forward.

"We checked, but at the time the only Ancient technology we could detect was in the statue." Sam nodded.

"We only discovered it because of the Ori attack. When they invaded Dakara, those citizens that didn't make it through the Chappa'ai, sought refuge in the temple. But when the Ori weaponry struck, they suddenly found themselves in the shipyard. It took us eighteen planetary rotations to dig them out." He'tar explained.

"That explains the ships, but what about the other shipyards you've been building?" Daniel asked, confused.

"The shipyard's computer is capable of conversation. Both scientists and warriors have spoken with the shipyard and managed to gain access to simple technology. But she will not grant us all of the knowledge she holds." He'tar answered.

"Who can access it?" Daniel asked, intrigued. He'tar remained silent for a few seconds until he received a stern nod from Teal'c.

"When asked, the computer showed us the gate address of Earth." He'tar admitted, reluctantly.

"Makes sense." Vala nodded.

"It does?" Carter asked.

"Well of course. The Ancients are the ancestors of Humans and Earth was, as far as we know, their home world in this galaxy." Vala explained.

"Can you get us into the shipyard?" Samantha asked looking at the minister.

"I will need to speak to the council. But if they agree, they may want technology in exchange." He'tar answered.

"What would they want?" Landry asked, sitting forward.

"It depends what is in the shipyards data core." He'tar admitted. The group all looked around the table at one another with hundreds of questions building up.

Je'rak activated the night vision in his helmet and took his position behind a barrel between two of the wooden buildings. His helmets holographic display informed him that every other member of his team was now in position. He looked down at his wrist and pressed a blue button on the small console.

A large explosion erupted and fire lit the village as the naquadah charge activated and destroyed the villages water supply. Lights and screams began pouring out of the surrounding houses as the citizens woke and rushed into the streets.

All of the villagers came out of their homes wielding strangely advanced weapons. Je'rak sent the signal and his team jumped into action. He rose to his feet and began firing his staff weapon at the villagers. At the same moment as his hail of weapons fire struck its first victim, his squad began firing.

The villagers that survived looked around in confusion and aimed their weapons as they tried to find the source of the death. But they didn't survive another second as several thin bolts of plasma zoomed at them from the hill where Je'rak had begun his approach.

Je'rak looked around and counted the dead. This was a very small village indeed, but even he expected more defence for an operation of this magnitude. Of course maybe they were counting on secrecy and didn't require a large defence.

"Make your way to the objective. Ko'sor, continue to cover our approach." Je'rak ordered.

"I won't be able to cover you when you're in the structure." Ko'sor reminded.

"I know brother." Je'rak nodded.

"Yes, First Prime." Ko'sor said in his deep voice. Je'rak began walking towards the only stone building in the entire village and nodded to his team members as they came out of their cover. The Jaffa strike team entered the stone structure with their weapons raised.

It was a very simple layout. The wooden pews sat in two need rows and left a large parting that the cautious squad was advancing down. As they reached the large obelisk, Je'rak nodded to the only female Jaffa with him and she advanced as she holstered her pistol.

"How long?" Je'rak asked as his staff folded and he holstered it.

"Not long, Emperor willing." Sana replied. The female Jaffa pulled out a small white crystal and placed it on the obelisk. She gently pressed the crystal down and watched it glow as it activated. The gem stopped glowing and the squad was consumed with in a bright light.

Eddie sat watching the live feed from Je'rak on a holographic screen. His First Prime and Black Operations Alpha Squad were currently infiltrating a suspected Aschen outpost in order to steal all of its data. Also Je'rak had been ordered to plant a spy within the Aschen ranks.

He watched as his small squad made their way from the facilities secret entrance to their objective. He smiled to himself as Je'rak nodded to Sana, a female Jaffa assigned to Alpha Squad, and watched as she pulled a cube of Replicator blocks out of the bag Ko'sor was carrying.

The holographic screen showed Sana placing the cube on the floor and the cube unfolding into a typical spider-like Replicator. The small metal bug waited a few seconds before climbing up onto the wall and plunging its two forward legs into the wall to access the facilities computer system.

"Sana, Ko'sor, protect the hacker. I have a secondary objective to accomplish." Je'rak ordered.

"Yes First Prime." Ko'sor and Sana said in unison. The holographic screen turned away from the two other Jaffa and showed Je'rak moving down an alien designed corridor. Several bodies were scattered along the hallway, burns littering their bodies.

"Can you hear me my Emperor?" Je'rak asked over the sub-space radio.

"Yes Je'rak." Eddie nodded.

"I am heading towards the only remaining life signs that my sensors can detect. They appear to be in some sort of control room or computer hub. My sensors show that all of the facilities hard lines centralise on this room." Je'rak informed.

"I see you are making quick use of the knowledge downloads I provided." Eddie laughed. All three members of Alpha Squad had required knowledge downloads about their new equipment and weapons. Even the Instructors at the Imperial Academy had required downloads in order to teach the children of the Empire.

"Indeed my Lord." Je'rak replied, turning a corner. Je'rak walked down the corridor towards his highlighted waypoint.

"You're approaching the control room. Remember to use your secondary weapon." Eddie informed.

"Yes my Lord." Je'rak nodded before shaking his staff and watched it automatically fold itself. He removed his Stun Piston from its holster and advanced towards the room ahead.

"Proceed." Eddie smiled as Je'rak opened the large bulkhead. The room had three male Aschen within. Je'rak didn't even pause to speak, he fired his weapon instinctually and watched the three men fall to the floor.

The holographic screen showed Je'rak remove three small pills and placed one in each of the three men s mouths. Once the pills touched the saliva in their mouths, the outer casings dissolved and released millions of nanites. These nanites were the foundations of Eddie's new spy network.

Three new small screens appeared next to the main one. These were the information that the nanites were now transmitting. The information would range from vital signs to visuals. The Aschen would be spying for him without even realising it.

"Objective complete my lord." Je'rak informed as he stood up and left the room.

"Very good. Return to Athamis." Eddie smiled.

"Yes my Emperor." Je'rak replied before the holographic screen deactivated. Eddie simply sat on his throne and looked out of the large window that overlooked the city. The tall towers glistened in the sun light. Automatic transports flew around the city taking citizens anywhere they wanted to go.

"This is only the beginning." Eddie smiled.

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