The Fourteen Days of Valentine's

It was a regular Wednesday morning for the BAU team, busy writing reports. JJ was in her office going over case reports deciding which ones could be dealt with by phone conference and those which they may need to go to or those that didn't fit either of the two criteria. Upstairs, Hotch and Dave were in their respective offices going over paperwork.

Down in the bull pen, Emily, Morgan and Reid were busy chatting away while writing up their reports on their last case, of which they only got back from the day before, when the sight of the door opening caught Morgan's attention. Looking up he watched as a delivery person walked toward them.

"I'm looking for Agent Emily Prentiss," the young man in the blue delivery uniform stated. Emily spun around in her seat.

"That is me," she volunteered as the delivery man passed a clipboard with pen. Quickly she signed her name and then handed it back over. The delivery man handed over the rectangle box, before turning around and departing the BAU.

Emily set the large box on her desk and stared at it. Out of curiosity, Reid and Morgan couldn't help but look also.

"So who's the mystery man?" Morgan asked while looking over her shoulder.

"Morgan move." She pushed him away as she felt him leaning over her. Unknown to the three down below Hotch was watching from the window in his office with a smile on his face.

Emily untied the pretty red ribbon around the box and gently lifted the lid off. Then she gasped in surprise to see her favourite yellow tulip with a note inside the box. She picked up the tulip and sniffed its ultra light fragrance. She placed it back in the box as Morgan snatched up the note.

"Morgan give that back right now," Emily ordered with her hands on her hips.

Morgan moved slightly to the left as she reached for the envelop. "Nope. So who is this mystery man? I can't tell; this note is too vague. All it says is 'Keep the 14th of this month free'. Oh he's making plans for Valentine's day," Morgan teased.

"Who's making plans for Valentine's day, my sugar coated god?" Pen asked as she walked up to the trio.

"Prentiss's mystery man," Morgan supplied with a wide grin.

"Oh God Em, you have a boyfriend and you haven't told me?" Pen squealed as she rushed over to the desk saw the tulip in the box. "Oh he has good taste too, nicely packaged box, single yellow tulip, you know what yellow means don't you?" Emily gave Pen one of her looks, but Pen just chatted on. "Happiness, sunshine, cheerful…oh Em he has it bad for you, so come on spill the beans to your bestie."

All the action commotion drew the attention of Dave who left his office along with JJ to investigate the bullpen.

"My chocolate covered god who does it say it is from on the note?" asks Pen.

"It only has 'Love Me' signed, baby girl," he replied and showed her the note.

Emily chose to ignore them and sat down at her desk with the tulip in her hand. Her eyes shot daggers at the man who was her partner.

From his office, Hotch listened as he watched as JJ and Emily shared a moment.

"Oh Em, that is so beautiful," JJ complimented.

"It is, isn't it?" she remarked, a huge smile was on her face. JJ sat on the edge of her desk.

"I see Morgan has the note, do you know what it says?"

"Only what Morgan has read, but that is ok; I will get it off him soon."

Dave stood for a moment with a smile on his face; then he shook his head before turning around walking back to his office.

"Morgan can I have my note back now?" Emily requested.

"No note yet; we're still trying to work out if we may now this person or not and also we are seeing what the handwriting means. We need to make sure you're not dating some serial killer you know." He replies back his voice all serious.

"Look I can tell you he is no serial killer, and if I know him as well as I do, I total doubt he wrote the note himself. I would say the florist has written it so you won't get anything off it so pass it back now." The now being more forceful than the rest of her sentence to them. Morgan handed over the note, which she then read:


Please keep the 14th of this month free.

Love Me xoxo

She didn't try to hide the smile as she reread it a few times more. The others didn't miss the look.

Turning back to the task as hand, the rest of the afternoon passed by quickly for her - although Morgan and Pen both tried a number of times to find out who this mystery guy could be but Emily would say nothing.

As Morgan and Reid go to leave her cell phone goes off.

"Prentiss," she greeted into it not even checking to see who is calling her. The sound of her name has Morgan stopping to see if he can over hear what is going on.

"Hey you still up for tonight?"

"Yes, but you are in serious trouble," she growled under her breath.

"Really why?"

"As if you don't know why?"

"Morgan hanging around is he?"

"Yes. He's been bugging me all afternoon." Quickly she pulled her coat on and grabbed her purse.

"Maybe I should send you another one tomorrow then?"

"Don't you dare do that!" It was more a warning than a threat.

"Why not? You seemed to like the one I had sent today."

"Yes I did but I don't need them at me all day when I'm trying to do reports, my boss might get a tad grumpy with me and I don't want to piss the boss off."

"I think the boss might let you off on this one."

"Ha, ha why thank you, anyway I better get home. Will talk to you later."

"Cya later sweetheart," the voice replied before hanging up. His endearment puts a smile on Emily's face.

"Was that your mystery man?" Morgan tried to pry again.

"None of your business. And if you even think about going to Pen and asking her to track that call, think again because you will have no chance in hell of providing your mother with grandbabies or use it every again got it," she stated firmly, the seriousness of her voice cautioned him not to piss her off.

"I won't I promise." He held up two fingers as his promise.

"Good. Now I have to go home and put my tulip in water and feed Sergio, if you don't mind." Buttoning her coat, she threw her purse strap over her shoulder. Then she turned off the desk lamp and left the rest of the team to stare in surprise.

But as she pushed the button to the lift, as smile was on her face.