Dave, Hotch, Morgan and Reid all quickly move towards the four that are on the floor. Morgan keeps his gun trained on the targets while Reid checks their pulse.

"They both have gone Hotch." He says as Morgan then kicks the guns away and moves them off the two girls who are underneath.

"Emily?" Hotch says as he turns her over seeing her back covered in blood, but also her front is covered in blood.

"Get a medic here now." Morgan shouts to the other officers in the room, but someone had already done it for him and gives him the eta till they will get here.

Dave is busy checking JJ over she is also covered in blood, and he fines a bullet wound entering in her back and having gone right through her he looks and sees where it has landed.

"Office tape off this whole area and do not disturbed anything over there is a bullet possibly two." Dave says as he rips his jacket off and places it on JJ wounds.

"Stay with me Cara." He says sweetly to her. "Henry needs you; you got to fight for Henry." He says as he applies pressure as JJ moans out in pain as she starts to come around.

"Emily baby come on wake up." Hotch says as she tries to find if a bullet has entered her body and he does.

"Oh god no." He says as he looks to the ceiling and tries to get some control over himself.


"They should be arriving soon." He says back as he kneels down beside Hotch and then sees where the bullet entry is on Emily. The two look at each other and Morgan can tell why he was yelling. The bullet entry is in her lower back another through and through but has it done any damage to cause her to lose the baby is now the underlying question.

"Hotch." Reid says to his boss.

"I think Emily and JJ fired first look?" he says as he points to two FBI issues weapons that are lying on the floor.

"Check those bodies." Morgan goes over and helps Reid they roll them over and find a bullet wound in each suspect in the leg right about where the two would have had they hands resting against their sides, they had somehow manger to get their weapons un-holstered and in to their hands without the unsubs or other agents noticing..

"Ok they fired first, the suspects must have fired straight after then you guys leading to the suspects going down on the girls." Comes from Dave. "Going by the in and out of these wounds they were moving they not a straight through and through, they are on an angle." Dave says as they two sit there holding their partners as they assess what is around them.

Emily moans out and Hotch whispers something in her ear but no one hears what he has said. As she then wakes up. She feels where he is pushing down on her.

"No please not the baby." She says not even caring where she is.

"Hopefully not honey." Hotch says.

"Aaron please tell me."

"It's close but I can't say if it has or hasn't you got to go to the hospital." He says as the medics pull up and start working on the two. Thanks to Hotch and Dave's quick thinking the two haven't lost to much blood, most of the blood that is on the floor and them are from the unsubs as several bullets were fired into them after hearing the gunshots going off.

Most of the officers that are around just watch on as the two most senior Agents bark out orders as they deal with their two downed Agent's, once the medic's arrives both Dave and Hotch fire off medical information to the medic's.

"Morgan make sure this scene is processed properly, get all evidence collect, tagged and photographed. Those unsubs maybe dead but this is still a crime scene we need to make sure that everyone's statements are correct so as to tie in with the firing of our weapons."

"Got it Hotch you go with Emily and ring and let us know how she is." Morgan says as Dave and Hotch follow the downed Agents.

Two hours later

"Family of Agent Prentiss?" a doctor asks as he walks into the room. Both Hotch and Dave stand up.

"That's me is she ok and the baby?" Aaron asks the doctor hoping like god both are ok.

"Both are doing fine the bullet manger to miss everything vital including her womb she is one very lucky lady. In theatre we made sure everything was ok, we have inserted a drain as a precaution more than anything. She is in recovery and once awake and in her room I can take you through.

"What about Agent Jareau?" Dave asks.

"She has just come out of theatre as well her bullet had nicked a couple of organs nothing major an easy stitch up." Another doctor says as he walks in having heard Dave ask about his patient.

"Are they going to be having private rooms or can they share a room?" Aaron asks the doctors.

"Well we were going to give them private rooms but if you guys want them to share a room we can do that."

"Yes please if you could that would be good. Also how long do you think they need to stay in for?"

"Just a few days if everything goes to plan. A nurse will be down soon to bring you up to the two." The doctor says before leaving the room and the two Agents to sit down and breathe a sigh of relief.

Thirty minutes later Dave and Aaron are sitting beside the girls in a shared room, when Emily starts to wake up.

As she lays there she can feel Hotchs hand encasing her own, her mind is a little fogged as she slowly opens her eyes it takes a few moments for them to adjust and as she does she sees Hotch looking at her with a smile on his face.

"The baby?" Are the first words out of her mouth.

"Fine honey and so will you be in a few days." He says as he stands up and places a gentle kiss on her forehead. The curtain between them and JJ and Dave having been pulled for the time being ot allow both couples some privacy.


"Fine as well she's is through the curtain there. You are both extremely luck those bullets could have killed you both."

"I know you properly hate me for even thinking about taking them down ourselves. I just thought if we shot their legs they may get side tracked we didn't expect them to shot us." She says to him. I suppose your taking me out of the field now?" She says to him.

"Much good that will do you get into more trouble around the office than you do out in the field and like you will let me anyway." He says to her before his phone goes off.

"Hotch." He says into it.

"Hotch we have a problem the bullets that hit JJ and Emily aren't from the unsubs guns they never fired them off." Morgan says on the other end of the line.

"What are you saying Morgan."

"We shot one of our own, well two."

"Was it from our weapons or the officer's weapons?"

"Still sorting that one out as some of the offices guns carry the same ammo as ours."

"So you're saying that two of my Agents were taken down by friendly fire?"

"Yes Hotch that is what I am saying."

"Ok get everyone's guns, bag, tag and sign off. Get the chief to take yours and Reid's guns and have him bag, tag and sign it off as him having collected it. Start interviewing the officers that are there. Do we know which bullets went through JJ and Prentiss?"

"That is going to require testing of blood samples as we have several bullets lodge."

"Ok Morgan think about where the girls where and their injuries which are to their lower back. They are both in a downward angle so I would say the bullets have to be over where Dave and I were standing. Anything that would have gone behind them would have been stopped by the unsubs. I never fired my weapon as Emily was blocking me and I would take it the same was for Dave I never had a clear shot and I doubt Dave had one as well since we were standing side by side. I will all Straus and get some extras down to help out on this one." Hotch says before hanging up.

Emily can tell something is bothering him.

"Aaron what's wrong?"

"You and JJ were hit by friendly fire."

"Your joking right?" comes from Dave.

"No Dave I'm not did you fire your weapon off?"

"No I didn't have a clear line of sight."

"Thought so. Look I'm going to have to go back to the station I will need to take your weapon with me Dave."

"That is fine Hotch you head off I will stay with the girls." Dave replies back. Hotch moves over to Emily and the two share a gentle but lingering kiss.

"If you need anything just ring." He says as he leaves the hospital ringing Straus and asking for reinforcements to be sent down to help out.

Two days later Emily and JJ are aloud to leave the hospital. After an intense two days of going over statements and re-enacting the crime scene it was determine that the two bullets that hit JJ and Emily where by accident as the moving of the two unsubs as they fell to the ground could cause some to miss and hit others around them. The found out it was the two officers behind Morgan and Reid was who had fired the bullets as they tried to dodge the two agents in front of them to get at the offenders they accidently got the girls.

JJ and Emily were not worried they were please it was by accident that they got shot. The officers keep their jobs and got no warning. But Morgan offered them some intense weapon training when they could get some time off free of charge which the officers took gratefully.

Due to being two Agents down Straus put the BAU team on stand down for four weeks. Aaron and Dave took a few days off to spend with the girls before returning to work leaving the two to have girly days watching TV and relaxing allowing their injuries to heal fully. Which also gave Garcia the change to grill Emily over Hotch and their marriage and not letting the team be there. But once it was all explained that Emily had a feeling Hotch was going to propose she decided to one up him on everything he had been doing and if he did do it they were going to get married straight away. Though Emily gave in to Garcia and said they will have a party to celebrate so that their friends and family could be there.

For Hotch and Emily they both were feeling happy with the way their life was turning out. Neither had moved this fast with a relationship but taking in the fact they had worked together for so long and of course having met when she was 16 this was in fact a long time coming for them both.

Emily promise to always remind Jack about his real mother and there was several photos that took pride and place over the fake fire place in their apartment. Ones with Hayley in them.

So there you go the end what do you think do you want more or you happy with this?