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This story is rated M for a very good reason so if you're underage, I'd suggest not reading this.

I felt inspired after watching 'Orphan' so some parts may be loosely based on that.

Brittany and Quinn are in their early thirties when they become adoptive parents to two girls, Santana(16) and Rachel(10). Their marriage suffers when Santana takes an unhealthy interest in Brittany, but does Brittany feel the same?

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Chapter 1

Brittany watches from the doorway as her wife straightens the sofa cushions for what must have been the fifth time today. She smiles softly at the nervous energy radiating from the woman, walking all the way into the room and engulfing her in a hug from behind.

"You don't need to be nervous, they're gonna love you" Brittany murmurs into Quinn's ear, resting her chin on the shorter woman's shoulder.

"What if they don't?" Quinn asks in a small voice, leaning back against her wife.

"They will" the taller blonde replies simply, placing a soft kiss to her neck. She grins as she feels some of the tension leave Quinn's body, relaxing in her wife's arms. Brittany knows the other blonde is terrified, they had been waiting on this day for almost six months, Quinn growing more anxious as the days passed, her desperation to do well overwhelming her at times. Quinn turns around to briefly press her lips against Brittany's before moving out of the embrace to continue cleaning up the already impossibly tidy house. The taller blonde shakes her head in amusement as she watches her, knowing to just leave her to it after being told off earlier when she made more mess while trying to help. Glancing at the clock above the fireplace, Brittany realises that they will be here soon and chooses not to mention this to Quinn, it'd be best for the nervous woman to stay distracted until they arrive.

"Shit" Quinn breathes when she hears the car pull up outside their house.

"Relax baby" Brittany murmurs softly, drawing the woman back into her arms and kissing her cheek. "We're ready, we have been for a while. These girls have been bounced from foster family to foster family for most of their lives, we're not going to do that to them. You should be pleased..not petrified" the taller woman tells her. "We can do this" she adds sincerely, giving her wife a chaste kiss. Quinn nods, exhaling heavily and trying to calm herself down. "They wouldn't be here if they didn't already like us" Brittany adds as a reminder as the doorbell echoes through from the foyer. The taller blonde winks at her wife, taking her hand and leading her to the front door. Brittany pulls open the door, revealing an older woman with greying hair and tight forced smile, two dark haired girls standing nervously behind her. "Hey Patricia, come on in" she greets with a huge smile. "Hey guys, it's awesome to see you again" she adds as the girls follow their social worker into the house.


Rachel looks around her new bedroom in awe, taking in the light pink walls and the matching comforter on the bed, grinning from ear to ear as the reality of having her own room, for the first time in her ten years of life, sinks in. She runs her fingers along the bedspread as she sits down on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge. Quinn smiles as she watches from the doorway, thrilled that the girl likes her room.

"Are you hungry?" The woman asks kindly as Rachel looks across at her, the girl rushing across the room to throw her arms around Quinn's waist.

"Thank you for my room" The brunette grins. "It's beautiful"

"You're welcome" Quinn smiles, hugging Rachel back. "Dinner's almost ready, you want to come down?" she asks, the girl nodding and following the woman downstairs and into the dining room where Santana is already sitting, the latina looking indifferent as she files her nails. "Not at the dinner table please" Quinn chastises her gently, Santana rolling her eyes but obeying and putting the nail file into her pocket.

"My room is awesome, San" Rachel announces to her big sister as she sits down next to her. "Do you like yours?" Santana gives the girl a stiff nod in response, folding her arms and leaning back in her chair with a bored expression on her tanned features. Her dark eyes bore holes into the tablecloth as she avoids looking at anyone, her gaze only lifting briefly when Brittany enters the room, placing a plate of pasta in front of her and Rachel before heading back into the kitchen.

"Are you guys settling in alright?" Brittany asks Santana and Rachel as she returns with her and Quinn's plates, kissing her wife's cheek as she sits down next to her.

"Yes, thank you" Rachel responds politely. "Thank you for dinner" she adds and Brittany chuckles.

"You don't have to thank me for feeding you" she tells their young charge, "It's part of the deal" Brittany adds with a wink. "How about you, Santana? You doing ok?"

"Yeah...thanks" Santana murmurs, glancing at the tall blonde briefly before going back to her food. Quinn watches from the corner of her eye as the sixteen year old eats a few fork-fulls before using the fork to push the rest of the pasta around the plate. She knows that these girls have had a tough life and it will take them a while to process everything, things that seem trivial to her and Brittany, like having your own bedroom, is a much bigger deal to the girls. Patience, she thinks, is all that will be needed. Patience and support and love will help these girls flourish, to come out of their shells and open up to them and that's what Quinn plans to give them. Her eyes flicker between the two sisters, taking note of the many differences between them, something she had noticed during the many meetings she and Brittany had with them in the past. Rachel is the one that caught their eye, the passion and energy is the girl is almost inspiring, her trustful and kind nature is something that could be dangerous but not when she has an older sister like Santana. The latina always hovering behind her sister, watching her with a weary eye and a hard demeanour that she exudes around people that so much as glance at Rachel. Santana's hard outer shell would prove to be a challenge to break through.

"You don't have to eat it right now, we can always heat it up later when you're ready for it" Brittany states, surprised when Santana glances up at her, a small smile on her full lips as she nods.

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