Hannah looked up at the sky and mused to herself. She thought it a bit strange that she felt most at home in the water in the eye of a hurricane. She even smiled, until she remembered her talk with Stann.

If the artist was right, she had a year to decide weather to remain on land, or to live in the sea forever as a mermaid. She was torn. Ettie would be heartbroken, and how could she leave Stann? Oh, how she loved him! She could see his sad green eyes gazing at her in her mind. More than anything they wished to be together in the sea where they belonged. But he could not. He was permanently without a tail. Besides that, he had a great future ahead of him being a painter.

It was then that Hannah felt a presence. It was the same sort of energy that stirred within her when the painter was near. It was another mer-person, but she could tell that it wasn't Stann. Were there others out there in the ocean like her and Stann? There must be! Soon, a wet head of red hair, not unlike Hannah's own, surfaced a few yards away. The two girls swam to each other staring. Never had they seen another person quite like themselves.

The other mermaid smiled and her cheeks lit up with merriment. Dark red curls framed her round face and small freckles decorated her nose. Hannah smiled as well and was about to greet her when the hurricane hit full force once more and the wind tossed the waves. The eye of the storm had passed.

They dove down beneath the surface. Rather than talk, Hannah and her new friend ruled the giant waves of the hurricane. The huge rollers were no match for girls' powerful tails. Diving in and out of the mountains of water they laughed and smiled at each other as the humans huddled in their houses in fear. Bursting through the surface, they would flip in the air before returning to the sea. The girls swam in circles touching each other's tails. Her tail was different than Hannah's. Where Hannah's teardrop scales shone with tinges of lavender and gold, the other mermaid's were a shimmering blue. As the night grew old, they continued to play in the exciting fury of the hurricane.

Hannah felt incredible joy at being able to share her fun with someone who could experience and enjoy it with her. She wasn't alone. She wasn't the only one that didn't 'fit' on land. She wondered if the other mermaid had been through situations similar to her. It was likely.

After a while they headed back towards Egg Rock. It was then that they came upon a small fishing boat. It was being tossed like an acorn on the waves. The dark shape of the bottom loomed above the girls as they paused in their play. It was headed towards the rocks.