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Chapter 1

Clare P.O.V

As I got out of the car to the fresh, cold air outside, I look up. I saw my new school. Degrassi Community School was stuck to the middle of the school buildings.

"Have a good day sweetie!" My mother said and drove away. It was unexpected what happened at Degrassi. I wouldn't have ever expected for me to like the guy that I started liking. Well, let's start from the beginning. I'm Clare, Clare Edwards.

It was the beginning of October and I was attending a new school. You may wonder why. Well, my best friend got transferred to this school, Alli, and after she left my school...I got lonely. I had no one to talk to at my old school. It was as simple as that. I had heard some horrible things about this school, drugs, guns, death, knives, sex, everything bad. I tried not to think about it and walked up the cement, degrassi steps confidently. I pulled my Orange polo down, fiddled with the ring on my finger and gripped my bag.

I pushed the Degrassi doors open to be greeted by lockers and a wide hallway. Students were rushing up and down the halls. As I walked further in, I was greeted by a man. He was middle aged and wore a grey suit. He had pale skin but seemed to be a bit flushed and held a coffee in his hand.

"You must be Clare!" He said, "I'm Principal Simpson!"

"Hi." I said timidly

"Let's go into my office where I can give you your schedule and locker number and then you can get settled in." He said walking over to a room, which I assumed to be his office.

"Sure!" I said and followed him.

He held the door for me and I was greeted by a heated, medium sized room. There was a desk, computer and two chairs sat in front of the desk. They was also a lounge chair in the corner. I turned my attention to him as he reached in his drawer for a orange folder. He pulled out my schedule and some other papers for my parents to sign.

"So here's your locker number and-" Principal Simpson was interrupted by two boys being accompanied by a teacher. She had black hair pulled up and wore black glasses. She had a white blouse and jeans. Though my attention immediately turned the the two boys. They both wore a blue polo. One had short hair and light brown hair. The other had medium length, black hair. There was a cut on his lower lip and a bruise on his cheek. He had tan, olive skin and piercing green eyes that I got lost in. He had a guitar pick necklace and a skull ring on his thumb. He caught my stare and smirked at me. He was cute but by the way the teacher looked, probably trouble.

"Principal Simpson, I caught these two fighting in the hallway. They crashed part of the window by the North Stair." She said serious but then turned to me and her expression completely changed, "Hi, I'm Ms. Oh, Media Immersions teacher." She said thoughtfully

"I'm Clare." I smiled and saw the cute boy smirk once more.

"I can't wait to have class with you!" She turned back to Principal Simpson.

"Okay Ms Oh, you can leave them here with me." He gestured the boys to come sit at his desk. I stood in the corner while he talked to them. "This is not the first encounter with the two of you! Am I going to have to suspend you again?" He raised his voice. Suspend? Again?

"He started it!" The short haired boy pointed to the one with the breathtaking eyes.

"Yeah. Sure I did." He said, sarcasm dripping from his voice. His voice was...amazing.

"You will both pay for the damages on that window. Detention for tonight!" Principal Simpson said. "Fitz, you can go. Eli I need you to stay."

The short haired guy...Fitz...got up and grinned at me. "What might your name be?" He wiggled his eyebrows at me

"FITZ OUT NOW!" Principal Simpson shouted. "I'm sorry about this Clare." He said and Eli turned around to face me.

"It's fine." I smiled once more.

"Eli this isn't like you. I know you're a good student. What is going on?" Principal Simpson sighed. Eli. Nice name.

"It's not me, it's him. He's what you call a bully." Eli smirked, crossing his arms and sat back in his chair.

"Then why were you both fighting?" Mr Simpson sat down in his chair.

"He started saying things about...Adam. So I told him to back off and he got in my face." Eli shrugged

"And you threw the first punch?" Mr Simpson asked

"I didn't throw a punch. Do you see this bruise?" Eli gestured to his cheek

"And your cut lip?" Simpson raised his eyebrows

"Wait what? Does that mean your on my side?" Eli smirked

"I did not say that! What I'm saying is, is that I know Fitz is...difficult but just ignore him. If he's bothering you or someone else you just have to get an adult." Principal Simpson stated

"I don't work that way." Eli said smugly

"Well you're gonna have to. Unless you're okay with a bruised cheek and a cut lip?" Mr Simpson said

"I can deal." Eli stood up

"But I can't deal with a broken window, Eli." Principal Simpson sighed

"Oh Clare!" Mr Simpson raised his arms in the air, "I'm sorry I got caught up with that situation! Here are your papers and your first class. Wait, Eli!" He called after Eli before he walked out. "Can you accompany our new student? Show her around?"

He looked me up and down and shrugged. "Sure."

"Alright, Clare. Let me officially, welcome you to Degrassi!" Mr Simpson smiled

"Thanks." I laughed.

I walked after Eli who slowed down so I caught up to him. "So Clare, can I see you schedule?" He smirked

"Sure." I handed it to him

"Wow. Grade 12 Advanced English? I have that too." He said looking at me...impressed?

"Oh yeah. Well I've always been good at English. You like writing too?" I asked, my eyes full of curiosity

"Do I? I love writing." Eli smirked

"Me too." I said and felt my cheeks heating up

"Cute." Eli was looking at me. I turned away so he couldn't see my face get redder.

"So. How long have you been at Degrassi?" I asked

"Two years. Came and met my best friend Adam, he's in your grade." Eli said

"Oh cool. You're a senior right?" I tilted my head

"Correct. Blue polos are seniors." Eli walked ahead of me

"So who was that guy...Fitz?" I asked and Eli turned around

"Oh. That moron?" Eli rolled his eyes, "Just stay away from him. He's...dangerous to a cute girl like you." I blushed

"So he's a bully?" I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrows

"Yeah, I guess so." Eli said walking up to what I was guessing to be my locker

"So are you guys like enemies?" I asked putting my bag down and un-zippering it and kneeling on the floor.

"Well, it all started when he randomly damaged my car when he wouldn't move so I could park." Eli shrugged "From there, he kept being annoying and calling me names like 'Emo Boy' and picking on my friends. So I kind of got him arrested."

I froze. "How?" I asked looking up, my eyes wide. All Eli did was smirk.

"I tricked him into think the fake ID I gave him was safe. As his fake name I put the name of an escaped criminal from Canada's Top Ten Wanted." Eli kneeled down next to me.

"Wow." I said my breath hitching.

"So I called the police but then had a fight on the side of the road. The police checked our wallets and I think you know what happened after that." Eli put some books in my locker

"What did he do?" I asked.

"Well later, he tried to stab me." He said, smirking at my reaction. I dropped my books.

"What?" I was shocked

"Calm down Blue Eyes." He said

"Blue Eyes?" I grinned

"You have pretty eyes. So I'm gonna call you Blue Eyes." Eli shrugged smirking and I was blushing. "So he stabbed the wall instead. He only did that to 'scare' me. He was arrested but only for 1-2 months because he didn't stab me. Simpson let him back in and here we are now, still fighting."

"Wow, Eli. So, you're a bad-ass." I laughed

"Isn't that obvious?" Eli leaned against the lockers and I got my schedule out, I had English.

"Uh, where's the English room?" I asked

"I'll walk you to class." Eli opened the locker next to mine and got books out

"We have lockers next to each other." I smiled

"It's awesome right?" Eli winked at me and I blushed more

"So what do you have first period?" I said changing the subject

"English with you." He said

"Oh yeah." I smiled

He started walking and I followed him. Eli touched his finger to his lip to see if it had stopped bleeding. He winced at the pain on his lip.

"Does that hurt bad? What did he do to you?" I asked

"He punched my lip and threw my face into lockers." Eli smirked

"And your...happy?" I was confused

"No." Eli laughed. "I find him ridiculous, it's funny."

I shrugged and Eli smirked at me. We walked into the room and there were no empty seats...except one behind Eli. I grinned. I still didn't see Alli yet. I was late to class anyway.

"Hi! You must be Clare!" The teacher waved, "I'm Ms. Dawes."

"Hi." I smiled

"So you need an English partner..." Ms. Dawes looked around the class. "Mr Goldsworthy, you don't have an English partner, do you?"

I saw Eli shake his head no Goldsworthy. "You can pair up with Ms. Edwards."

Eli turned around and said, "We meet again Edwards."

"I guess we do." I folded my hands in my lap.

"So are you any good?" Eli tilted his head


"Writing, silly." Eli smirked

"You'll find out." I smiled and he did too. There was no question about it. I was a new student at Degrassi and I had a mini crush on a guy named Eli Goldsworthy.