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Back to the Doctor

And Doncha Come Back Part 1


June 30th


"You'll never get in if you go through the front door," Captain John Hart still talked in a calm and cool voice, even though Jack's gun was practically pressed against his temple at this point.

"So there's a back door?" Marty asked, but he felt unsure about this stranger. The fact that Jack clearly knew the man and still didn't trust him made Marty even less certain as to why they hadn't shot him and run, but if he did know of a back door maybe they could trick this man into showing it to them.

"There's always a back door. Now lower your gun," his voice became slightly stern, and with that Jack slowly lowered his arm, but still remained tense and kept the gun in his hand, just in case.

"You show us," Jack spoke with malice in his voice.

"Play nice," John smirked. "What's the magic word?"

Marty was beginning to feel overexposed in the alley. They needed to get into a hiding place before someone decided to check there. He was certain there were gunmen sweeping through every alley.

"Please," Marty stepped in front of John, not looking terribly happy but willing to play along for now – so long as Jack stayed on guard with his gun.

"Well someone has manners. Who's the pet anyway? A little young for Torchwood, isn't he?"

"He's just a civilian," Jack explained, not wanting to give any further details.

John nodded, then began walking deeper into the alley, motioning them to follow. "This way."

"Hey," Marty looked at Jack. "What's this guy's deal?"

Jack sighed, a distant look in his eyes, something was deeply troubling him. "I can never tell when he's lying – or when he's actually trying to help me – but we need to keep an eye on him," they followed, keeping a safe distance, and keeping their voices at a whisper.

"How likely is it that he's working for Morton Robotics and is leading us to our deaths?"

"Pretty likely," Jack's demeanor completely changed. He didn't even look at Marty. He just kept glaring at John.

"Should we find the Doctor?"

"Did you lose him?" A British voice asked from behind them.

Marty turned to see a tall, thin silhouette wearing a trench coat. The figure stepped into the lamplight, the Doctor, with a grin on his face.

"What happened to you?" Marty asked.

"Took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.," he nodded towards John. "Find a new friend?"

"Not new," Jack said.

"Apparently not a friend, either," Marty added.

John turned, hearing their conversation. "Oh good," he smiled, "the entire class is in session."

"He says he knows a back entrance into the Moroton Robotics warehouse," Jack explained. "We're letting him show us."

"And exactly where is this back entrance?" Asked the Doctor.

"Here," John stepped next to stack of wood leaning against a wall. He pulled it back, and to their surprise it easily swung open like a door.

"How do you know about this place?" Jack could feel his finger move to his gun's trigger.

"I'll tell you inside."

"You can tell us out here."

"Not unless you want to be caught," John disappeared into the dark doorway, leaving the three companions alone to weigh their options.

"Jack," the Doctor looked at his old friend. "Can we trust this man?"

"There was a time when I would have trusted him with my life. We were Time Agents together, but…"

"But?" Marty asked.

"But our lives went down different paths. I don't know him anymore."

"Options are limited," the Doctor could hear some men approaching. They needed to make a decision fast.

Jack took a hesitant step, then another through the door. Marty and the Doctor exchanged glances, and with a wink from the Doctor they followed the stranger into the unknown.

The doorway took them through a dark hallway, another door at the other end. Marty could see a crack of light around it, and as he saw Jack's outline reaching for the handle he got a sudden sick feeling. It was exactly the same right before Rex had opened the other door.

"Don't," Marty protested, but not fast enough. Jack opened the door and Marty caught his breath, but this time there was no room full of machinegun wielding men, just John sitting on a couch in what looked like a lush condominium. The only thing missing were windows.

"Welcome to my humble abode," John spread his arms wide, a pleasant smile on his face.

"There's a back door to Morton Robotics in your home, is there?" Jack asked skeptically.

"The truth is, I work for them. Or at least, they pay me to work for them."

"Pay you to do what?"


Jack laughed. "Consult? On what?"

"I have many desirable skills."

"So you want to help us lose your job?" Marty asked.

"I want to help you because Morton Robotics needs to be stopped. Their CEO is insane and – despite what you might think of me, Jack – I can't just sit around while the world goes to shit around me. When I heard the description of the intruders, I knew it was you. What other man wears that coat in this century?"

"You're one to talk," Marty scoffed. John looked like he has stepped off a battlefield in the war of 1812 – just better armed.

"So you want to use us to do your dirty work?" The Doctor looked slightly annoyed.

"I just want to help you do what you came here to do. What's so wrong with that?"

"Because we can't trust you," Marty stated the obvious.

"This company…" John looked off, sighing, "I didn't know what I was getting myself into, and unlike some people I'm not immortal. If I try to get away from them, they'll track me down like all the other time travellers. I can't escape them. They'll kill me."

The Doctor couldn't stop himself, helping someone in need was practically his mission in life. Besides, the man had a point: it's not like he was asking them to do anything they didn't already need to do.

"All right," the Doctor said slowly. "You get us in, and we'll help you."

John smiled, and Marty already knew it was a mistake to trust him.

To Be Continued…

(Having four men in one scene is annoying, or having one scene with multiple characters of the same sex is annoying, because it becomes such a headache to keep straight who's talking – so you can never say "he said" or "she said" because you'll have no idea who that means. So hopefully this never got too confusing. I wasn't too sure how much back-story Jack should give on John. Their history is rather complicated, and long, and it felt weird for Jack to stop and explain their life story together. So I just kept to the bare minimum. If you are interested in learning more about John Hart, watch Torchwood series 2, episode 1, 12 and 13.)