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Don't Wake Daddy

Part 1: The Order

The States really do love America. They'd do whatever he wants them to (within reason). So when he asks that no one wake him up for anything the States are determined that nothing will. No Nation can convince them otherwise and they are not afraid of using "forceful" means.

America looked down at the steps at his states. They looked back at him. America yawned. The states blinked in response. They were used to being called to the entrance of their "bonding house" to hear Americas announcements but not like this.

They came to this house twice a year every year since1865 for state bonding time. Every time America stood on those steps before them he would make a big announcement. Sometimes it would be what they were going to do; see this show, go to this meeting, make these care packages, or more often to them to behave and do what ever. The announcements would always be brief, commanding, and dramatic. So this slow and quiet time when America just stared at them was making them worry. They hadn't heard about a war starting, and they were always the first to know, but their nation looked like he had just come back from the front lines. He dark bruises under his eyes, his hair had a french fry sticking out of it (some states thought that it was a food fight), and his normally glowing smile was turned off.

After an eternity, about five minutes, one of them cleared their throat. This caused America to be startled from the stair railing he had begun to lean over. He blinked rapidly at them and they blinked worriedly at him. Finally America smiled at them, although the states noticed it did not glow.

"Ok dudes," he cheerfully announced, "I just came back from a big meeting and I know it's bonding time but can you just behave?" The states frowned in unison, something that would have been very creepy to anyone but America. They knew something was wrong. America's announcement was not as cheerful or loud like they were used to. "Guys," he whined at them, "I just want to sleep. I don't care what you do just make sure it doesn't wake me up. Ok?"

If America hadn't been so tired he would have never said that.

History Time:

1865 is the year the American Civil War ended.


I encourage all Hetalia fans to go on YouTube, search Horrible Histories WW 1 Causes, and click on the first one. Why you ask? They say, and I quote, "Austria is Germany's best friend." "Austria and Germany sitting in a tree K I S S I N G!" And every Hetalia fangirl has to giggle about that and ask what Italy thinks about it. (Don't worry GerIta fans, they haven't met yet.)