Severus searched the battle ground, passing the wounded and dead as he looked for the tell-tale messy black hair. The entire Light side had survived, so far as he'd seen, though some were severely wounded. He vaguely catalogued the wounds of the people he passed, listing the potions he would need to make or make more of.

"Professor Snape!" Someone called frantically from his left. He turned and saw Granger bent over the prone form of Harry Potter and broke into a run. He rushed over and fell to his knees, checking immediately for a pulse. Finding one, he breathed a sigh of relief and checked eye dilation and other signs of responsiveness.

"He's in a coma…he drained his magic sealing the Dark Lords soul in Hell, it would seem. He's locked inside of his mind until he's recovered fully. We can only make him comfortable until he wakes," He told the girl. She nodded, tears in her eyes, and Severus lifted the boy bridal style. He carried him back to the castle, and, knowing how much Harry hated the Hospital Wing, brought the boy to his personal chambers, laying him in his large bed. "Come back soon, Harry."

Harry looked around in the darkness as it morphed into a sunny field of sweet grass, trees bordering the field on all sides. "Come back soon, Harry…" The deep voice of the man Harry secretly loved echoed across the plain, carried by the wind. Harry looked around for his love, but saw him nowhere. A small boy sat against a tree nearby, though, and Harry moved to speak with him.

"Hello," He said cheerily.

The boy grinned. "You're not supposed to be here, silly! You have to go home!" He laughed. "You have to tell him you love him, remember?"

Harry furrowed his brow. "I know, but how do I get home? How do I get back to my Severus?" He asked.

The small boy giggled. "Follow a road, any road!" He exclaimed, gesturing around them. Harry looked around and saw dirt roads all around him, leading in every direction.

"But which one should I choose? And how far do I have to go?"

The boy giggled again. "All roads lead home, silly! But if you follow the voice, it will lead you home the quickest," He said.

Harry was about to ask what voice the boy was talking about, when the wind shifted, coming from down the road behind him. Severus' voice was carried on the wind, pleading with Harry to come home. He turned to the road and started to walk down it, but remembered to thank the boy for his help. He turned around, but the boy was gone. "Strange…" He murmured. He turned back to the road and began running against the wind, towards home, Severus' voice urging him on.

I hear the wind call my name...
Oh it's to you - I will always, always return

Severus settled into the chair beside his bed, gripping Harry's hand in both of his in this rare moment of privacy between them.

"Come on, Harry, open those bright green eyes so I can tell you how much I love you and you can rant and rave about never loving your Greasy Git of a Potions Master…" He said, kissing the knuckles of the calloused and clammy hand. He squeezed his eyes shut against the tears that threatened.

"Is the flaming blue tizzy a requirement? Because I rather think I'd like to kiss you and lament on how much I do love my Greasy Git of a Potions Master, instead," Came the raspy response.

Severus' eyes shot open, meeting the vibrant green of his love. "Harry…" He choked.

The Hero of the Wizarding World grinned. "Hey, Sev…where is everybody?"

"They've been camping out in my rooms for the last several days, barely sleeping and hardly eating for worrying about you. I convinced them all to drink some tea a few hours ago, though. It was…spiked…with a mild sedative, so they're all packed into my guest rooms. It's just the Weasley's, Draco, Miss Granger, the faculty, and your little upstart group of students, though. The headmistress, Minerva, kicked the rest of the Wizarding World out of the castle and off the grounds, saying you'd wake up and address them when you were damn good and ready," He said, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. "I was starting to lose hope that you'd ever find your way home again."

Harry smiled. "I heard you speaking to me, saying my name, and I remembered that I had to get home to you, I had to tell you how much I love you. I had to tell you, even if all I got in return was your typical sneer and sarcasm. I love you, Severus, and I have for a long time now. Thank you, for guiding me home to you. I'm sure you felt pretty crazy, being all sentimental to me while I was unconscious."

Severus brushed Harry's bangs from his forehead. "People do crazy things when they're in love, Harry. And I'm not sentimental, that's a foolish Gryffindor trait. Something I could easily accuse you of, since you seem to have foolishness in spades, Brat."

Harry grinned and tugged the man closer, fisting his hands in the dark robes. "I'm your brat, Git," He smirked. "And you love my foolishness." He pulled the man into a slow, passionate kiss.

Severus pulled away. "Harry, I don't share…If you want a relationship with me, you'll find I'm incredibly possessive. I'm not a nice person. I'm still the same Greasy Git you've fought with constantly the last 7 years, and I don't plan on changing," He admitted, cupping the boys cheek.

Harry chuckled, leaning into the touch. "I know, Sev, but I also know that you can be sweet, and kind, and terribly romantic when you want to be. I'm probably the only person in the world who could put up with all of your moods. I know you, Severus, and I love you as you are. If you ever changed for anyone, I'd probably admit you to St. Mungo's for fear you'd lost your mind. You should know, though, that once you let me into your life, I'm permanent. I don't plan on going anywhere, not once I have you."

Severus kissed the 17 year old again. "You have me, Brat, now and forever," He whispered.

Loud applause erupted behind them and Severus turned to see his godson and Harry's friends standing in the doorway. "Well, it's about time! We've been watching you two dance around each other for months! I can't believe it took the end of Voldemort and his goons-"

"Not to mention a week long coma-"

"For you two to get your act together!" Fred and George lamented cheerfully.

Ron and Hermione grinned at their friend. "If he hurts you, we'll kill him," Ron promised. Hermione nodded, and Ginny waggled her eyebrows with a dangerous smirk in agreement.

"Harry, love you as I do, if I ever hear you talking about what you and my godfather get up to in the bedroom, I'll sew your mouth shut. And if you hurt him, you'll find out the real reason people don't mess with the Malfoys," Draco said.

They all laughed and Harry sat up, inviting them all to sit on the bed. "Oh, I'm sure we'll both be hurting each other a lot in the future. Our fights are legendary, and I doubt we'll slack on insults just because we're sleeping together," Harry said as his friends crawled onto the bed, laughing at his words.

"Is my bed to be overrun by Gryffindors now?" Severus sighed as Luna and Neville came in and sat down.

"You kind of marry into the family, Uncle Sev. It's unavoidable. You marry one Gryffindor, you marry them all," Draco told him, wrapping his arm around Ginny's waist.

"Don't worry, sir, you'll adjust pretty quick," Neville added. Severus raised an eyebrow at the spine the shy Gryffindor was currently showing. Neville shrugged. "You're dating my brother, fear is not an option. Besides, if you're capable of falling in love, you've got to have a heart buried somewhere in those billowing robes."

Severus sniffed. "I do not…it's in a jar on my desk," His sneer was ruined when Harry pinched his thigh.

"Sev, be nice," The Savior admonished.

Severus huffed, but when Harry began to pout he relented and kissed the pout away. "I suppose it might be nice to have a large extended family… but I refuse to play baby sitter when any of you procreate," He growled. They all laughed and began talking about the future they never thought they'd have, while Severus looked on. Family…the concept was new, and a little frightening if he was honest. But as he watched his young lover interact with his friends, who quickly drew Severus into the conversation when they realized he had no plan to participate, he realized he was happy with the idea.