I know it's been a while. I just kinda forgot about this fic, among all the serious ones. This takes place right after Tidus comes back to Spira. It starts off serious, but

He's your WHAT?

"So it all started when we found this sphere of you…" began Yuna.

"Uh-huh," nodded Tidus, smiling. "And then what?"

"It showed you in prison, but we couldn't tell where you were. So I joined up with Rikku and became a Sphere Hunter, to travel that world looking for you!"

"Wait a minute; I never went near a prison! Well, not counting the time we crashed Seymour's wedding,"

"Anyway, it turned out to be this Unsent, who looks exactly like you,"

"Really? What happened to him?"

"He's from Zanarkand, like you, except it was the real one. He… he got caught up in the war with Bevelle, and his girlfriend, who was a Summoner, was sent to the front lines. He tried to save her, but he got captured,"

"Sounds like the two of us, huh?" said Tidus, knowing the implications of that statement.

"Yeah," replied Yuna. "He broke out, and found the first thing that could possibly stop the war- this supermachina called Vegnagun, but he and his lover were killed by guards,"

Tidus gulped. "If you're calling it a super- anything, that's probably a bad thing, right?"

"It had the power to destroy the world,"

"But then why would he do that?"

"I… guess that it's because he loved her, and he was desperate,"

"You're right. Maybe if I couldn't save you, then I might have done the same thing," said Tidus deeply. "Hey, if he was from Zanarkand, then I might have known him. What was his name?"


Tidus's expression changed from deep to shock in an instant. "D-did you just say Shuyin?"

"Yes. Did you know him?"

"Ye-yeah… He's my … how should I say this… he was my grandfather,"