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As you can tell from the title, this story is rated M for graphic sexuality. Although it will be in later chapters.

There was a good reason Kurt was keeping all of this to himself.

He could already see the disappointed looks and hear the lectures on morals.

The last thing that he needed was someone telling him what he already knew.

Yes it could be dangerous.

Yes it was crazy.

Yes it was desperate.

But with desperate times come equally desperate measures.

So he sat alone in his room, right next to Rachel's in their small apartment they found for a good price that was within walking distance from NYADA.

And things had been great for a while.

As it turns out, a 'good price' was only considered so in New York. Outside the city, it was pretty fucking expensive.

Somehow Kurt got caught up in the dream. He was too hypnotized by the lights and the cabs and the dreams of fame. So when he saw the apartment he said yes.

It was stupid and overly romantic of him to think that he would find a way to pay for it all. It was even more foolish to think that the money he saved up from working as a barista for almost two years could pay for an apartment and tuition in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

His dad offered to help and Kurt appreciated the offer but always turned it down. He knew that since his dad's heart attack that he had cut back on his hours at the shop. He and Carol were already having their own fanatical issues; he didn't need his son's burden.

Plus, this was Kurt's fault any way.

He had gotten himself into this position and now he actually thinks he found a way out.

This is what leads him to sitting alone in his room, filling out a questionnaire on some sketchy website.

Offering up his virginity to the highest bidder.

Every few moments he found his eyes glancing at his locked door, the fearing that Rachel would come walking through any moment.

If she only knew what he was doing…

It wasn't as if this were his first option. He had looked into other ways of making money. He considered getting a job but anything he could get wouldn't even be worth the time it took to get there. And anything that paid well required a higher form of education or lots of spare time. Kurt had neither.

So he went online, looking to sell some of his priceless Playbills when he came across a site that didn't look like any of the others. It was an auction site for sure, but not for objects. For people.

At first he scoffed and wondered about what kind of person could come up with such a twisted idea. But his curiosity got the better of him and he clicked on the link.

The first page showed some of the sites "Best Sells" and underneath several pictures of girls and boys, half naked with their faces blurred out, where dollar amounts. All of them in the five and six figures range.

The scoff and sarcastic smile was wiped from Kurt's face as he found himself leaning closer to the screen, clicking on some of the highest amounts and reading the person's profile.

Turned out most of them weren't even selling their virginity; they weren't virgins to begin with. Instead they offered one night stand opportunities, some even offered whole weekends.

A night, or nights, to do whatever you wanted, wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

With every profile came very detailed information like number of partners, sexuality, STD test results and the like. It also said that the person selling themselves had the right to set a "lowest bid limit". Meaning that if they didn't sell for the lowest amount they allowed, the auction would be considered void and the highest bidder would not get their prize. It also said the owner of the profile had the right to decline any winning bidder with no explanation or responsibility to the website.

A whore site with dignity.

And it was a whore site, being that the website very much played the part of the pimp, keeping 40% of the profits.

And as much as Kurt didn't want to admit it, he found the whole thing very intriguing.

So, with little thought and an idea that he was just doing it for kicks, Kurt clicked on the Create Profile button and began to answer a series of prying questions. He couldn't help but laugh at the way that the word "sex" was replaced with "meet up".

Location: New York City, New York

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: Gay

Would you be willing to meet up with your highest bidder if they were not the gender of your sexual preference?

That stumped Kurt.

He wasn't sure how he would feel having sex with a woman. It honestly hadn't crossed his mind. Not that he had given the whole thing much thought. He had made the drastic change from selling his possessions to selling himself in less than 15 minutes.

But with no better options and being in no position to be picky, he clicked yes.

Not that he would like it.

But he figured he wouldn't much enjoy himself either way.

Answer the following Yes, No or Maybe. Please provide additional information where required.

Have you ever received oral sex? If yes, how many times: No

Have you ever given oral sex? If yes, how many times: No

Have you ever been penetrated vaginally or anally? If yes, how many times: No

Have you ever penetrated another person vaginally or anally? If yes, how many times: No

Have you ever had any form of interaction that you would consider sexual? If yes, how many times: No

Would you be willing to agree to additional STD screenings at the request of the highest bidder?: Yes

Do you have any history of drug abuse? If yes, what drugs and for how long did you use them: No

Would you be willing to agree to a drug test at the request of the highest bidder?: Yes

Are you willing to meet the highest bidder at their personal residence?: Maybe

Are you willing to travel outside of your state for your meet up with the highest bidder?: Maybe

Are you willing to incorporate toys, other participants, games (such as roll playing), public places, forms of transportation or anything of the like to your meet up with the highest bidder?: No

Kurt had to draw the line somewhere.

Would you be willing to answer any additional questions by potential bidders as the bidding process is occurring? Yes

What is the lowest amount you would be willing to accept?

Beneath the question was the small disclaimer that the winning bidder is fully aware that their bid will be doubled to give the website their equal 50/50 share. The site's 50% would not be taken from the "lowest bid amount".

Kurt went through all of his bills in his mind; factoring in rent, cost of living, tuitions, supplies for class, cost of travel, student loans, self worth…

How does one put a price on their virginity?

He didn't want to pick a lowball number; he was worth more than that. But he also didn't want to pick anything outrageously high and end up with nothing. Because if that happened, he didn't think he would have the stomach to go through all of this again.


Looking at the number, he couldn't tell if that was a lot or not.

It was a bit lower than the "best sells" list, but this was just a bottom line. He could always turn down the offer if it was still too low for his liking.

The rest of the questions required much more detail and were what Kurt considered to be wishy-washy. Things such as favorite movies, favorite kind of music, hobbies and various other things the bidders probably couldn't care less about. But the site most likely used to make you feel like less of a whore as you filled everything out and checked all the appropriate boxes.

Lastly, he had to submit his picture.

He wondered if he should take a new one or if he should use something he already has. Pulling up his Facebook, he scrolled through his old profile pictures and albums he had been tagged in. None of them seemed appropriate for the site. Compared to the various naked, compromising photos that the site was made up of, his looked less than… stimulating.

He decided that a simple picture of his face should be enough for now and if anyone wanted more he would deal with it then.

Turning on the camera on his laptop he turned on all the lights in the room, not wanting it to look like a sketchy late night porn shot. Satisfied with the light, he took a seat and angled his face to his most flattering angle. He was glad for all those nights of starting in a mirror and practicing catching the light.

Not wanting to look quite so clean cut, he decided to ruffle his hair a bit and take off his NYADA sweatshirt. Facing the camera, he took several pictures, tilting his head this way and that way with each click. He found himself feeling foolish and flustered. After a dozen or so photos he put an ended his own misery and stopped.

Scrolling through his pictures he found himself looking stiff and uninspired. After moving to New York he always had dreams of his photo being taken. Now he realizes that he should have been more specific.

He rapidly deleted each photo, finding each one more awkward than the last. And just as he had given up hope and had begun mentally thinking of a Facebook photo to use, he found it.

It was the last photo he had taken.

The eyes gave the impression of passion instead of the nervous frustration he had actually been feeling. And his cheeks were flushed, also giving the impression of someone overcome with passion instead of the blush that came with slight humiliation.

He looked hot.

And he was never one to consider himself hot.

Before he lost his nerve or found a reason to nitpick at the picture, he attached it to his profile and with one final click, he had gone viral.

Now he waited.

*6 Days Later*

Kurt had lost his nerve.

Every time he thought of the site he mentally kicked himself, wondering how he could have ever convinced himself that auctioning off his virginity was a viable option.

So half due to denial and half due to embarrassment, he didn't check the site again. He knew that he was supposed to check in periodically to see if anyone had any questions or requests but he couldn't make himself log back in.

He wasn't sure what he was more afraid of; the idea that someone had bid on him and he would have to go through with it, or the idea that no one had bid on him at all.

Finally, after sitting in his room for an hour, glass of wine in hand and staring at his sleeping laptop, he logged back into the site.

Time Left For Bidding: 2 hours, 48 minutes

Mail: 8 messages

Number of Offers: 31

Highest Offer: $33,000

He almost spit out his wine.

Never had he thought that he would get more than 5 offers, much less 31. And he had almost reached his bottom limit.

He began to feel dizzy and set the glass of wine down, trying to regain his center of gravity once more. Taking several deep breaths he clicked on the number of offers and found that 17 different people had bid on him with it now down to 3 who were going back and forth, outbidding each other by the lowest limit of $250.

And much to his relief, it seemed that they were all men.

This was going to be hard enough without having to worry about it being a woman.

He could only see their usernames; he would only be able to see the profile of the person who won. Otherwise all additional information would have to come at Kurt's request.

Next, he clicked on the messages to see what questions people had. It turned out that five of the eight were just pervy messages from four different men. He deleted those right away, not even wanting to read anything else but the subject line.

The sixth one asked him if he would be willing to go to New Jersey. He replied with a simple yes.

The seventh asked him if he really was a virgin, followed by why he found it so hard to believe and followed further by a description of what he wanted to do to Kurt. A couple sentences in, Kurt decided he had read enough and just answered the 'are you sure you're a virgin' question with a simple, 'yes I'm sure'.

The eighth message was by the current highest bidder. It lad no subject line and when Kurt opened the message it had two simple words.

You're beautiful.

He could feel himself blush.

Thank you, he replied.

He heard a ping and went back to the highest bid page to find that his new highest bid was now $33,250. Apparently, are-you-sure-you're-a-virgin-guy liked his answer and decided to bid again. But Kurt's eyes were looking for the username of the man who had told him he was beautiful.


Kurt was surprised that anyone on this site was capable of using not only a non-sexual related username but also not using the number 69 on the end.

Just then his computer pinged and he saw that he had a new message. Again, it was from Anderson04.

What is your name?

Yet another non sex related question.

I'm Kurt.

He wanted to ask what his name was, but he figured it was best to not put too much pressure on him. He didn't want to scare away the only non-creepy person who bid on him.

He heard another ping and went back to the highest bid page.


Anderson04 had bid on him again.

Another ping from his mailbox.

Beautiful name for a beautiful boy.

Okay, this couldn't be real. There was no way that some sweet guy with a lot of money would be on a site like this. He had to be putting on a front, trying to get Kurt to think he was some nice guy. And then when the time comes to meet up he is going to turn out to be just as bad as the rest of the guys. Worse, even.

So, going against his better judgment, he decided to press Anderson04 for answers.

You sound too good to be true. What are you doing on a site like this?

As he hit send, he heard another ping.

Highest Offer: $33,750

Are-you-sure-you're-a-virgin guy had taken the lead once again. It seemed that the third bidder had dropped out all together.

It was down to the obvious pervert and the maybe closeted pervert/nice guy.

Another ping.

Anderson04: I could ask the same of you.

Kurt laughed.

Touché. He tipped his wine glass toward the screen, giving props to the man.

He chanced a glance at the time remaining in his bid time. 1 hour. 37 minutes


Anderson04: Well?

Kurt raised a curious eyebrow.

Well what?

He heard two pings no more than 10 seconds apart. Both for a new bid and a new message.

Highest Offer: $34,000

It appeared that Anderson04 was enjoying their conversation and that Kurt would reach his limit after all at the rate things were going.

Anderson04: What brings you to a site like this? No offense, but you don't seem the type.

Kurt wondered how he 'seemed' and what it was about him that gave the impression that he didn't belong on a site like this. Although he shouldn't have given it too much thought. It actually was a bit of a compliment.

He tried to think of something sassy or witty to say. But nothing came to mind so he chose to be honest.

I need the money.


Highest Offer: $35,000

Are-you-sure-you're-a-virgin guy had apparently decided to make his mark and jumped the price a clean $1,000. Kurt wasn't quite sure how to feel about it.


Anderson04: Seems like someone really wants you.

Kurt couldn't help but smirk.

I have that effect on people.

He sent the message without thinking and cursed himself.

Hopefully the guy would understand his sense of humor or get that it was a joke. He was supposed to be drawing men in, not sounding like a prima-donna. His sarcasm didn't always translate well in person, much less through messaging.


Anderson04: Cute and funny.

He got it.

He understood Kurt's humor. And he wasn't sure why, but it make him smile and, oddly enough, a bit giddy.


Highest Offer: $36,000

His new chat buddy was now the highest bidder and there seemed to be a silent agreement between the two final bidders that $250 raises weren't going to cut it anymore.

Kurt instantly thought of a bold reply to Anderson04, but he wasn't sure if he should actually say it or not. He had gotten lucky that his last comment came off as funny, he might not be so lucky again.

Also, Kurt was never known for his sexyness. And it was something he completely understood. Some men have something about them that makes people turn their heads and look. The raw sexyness that made people stop and say, I wanna fuck that guy. Kurt was just not one of those guys. He had a much more delicate look about himself. It wasn't that he didn't think he was completely unattractive. He just wouldn't put himself under the 'sexy' category.

But now was the time to be bold. So with another sip of his liquid courage, he sent back a reply.

Looks like he isn't the only one who really wants me.


Highest Offer: $37,000

Anderson04 had been outbid yet again.

A glance at the time remaining made Kurt feel anxious. With less than 25 minutes left, the reality of the situation was starting to crash down on him.

This was really happening.

He was really about to offer up his virginity to someone he doesn't know.

And he was accepting money for it.

Like a prostitute.

No, actually, this is worse.

Prostitutes offer sex. But a person's virginity is something much more special. It is something that is held sacred in most societies and losing it is something that you will always take with you. It is something that you can only give once and the person who has it gets to keep it forever.

He was going to need more wine.

Several minutes later he returned with a glass full to the brim, 12 minutes left in his auction time and a message in his inbox.

It was from the pervert: Looks like I've got you won.

Kurt looked back and, sure enough, the last bid of $37,000 was still holding its ground. It appeared that Anderson04 had given up on bidding.

It surprised Kurt at how let down he felt.

And slowly, he watched the minutes tick down. Every passing second seemed to drag and Kurt tried to imagine how he was going to find it within himself to sleep with a man who repulsed him. If he was this bad online he could only be that much worse in person.

Once the time got below a minute, the seconds began counting down from 59. Kurt couldn't stand to watch it anymore so he closed his eyes, still sipping his wine.

He never realized how long 59 seconds could be.




Kurt physically jumped out of his chair at the three sequential noises.

The buzzing noise apparently signaled that the auction was over.

He also had a message.

Anderson04: This is going to be fun.

A chill ran down Kurt's spine and his glass shuddered in his hand.

Taking a final deep breath he went to look at the final bid.

He dropped his glass and it landed with a soft thud on the carpet at his feet.

FINAL BID: $1,000,000

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