Disclaimer: I donĀ“t own any of the characters Derek and others are from the lovely Miss Cp Coulter and Sebastian from Ryan Murphy.

They were both laying on the bed naked cover in sweat. The room smelled of a mix of sweat and sex, and both boys were trying to catch their breaths. The short brunet snuggled closer to the tall brunet. They had spend a lot a time together lately, it was supposed to be a onetime thing, but the tall brunet came back and the short brunet always let him in. They didn't always have sex; sometimes they just stayed in the room doing homework or something different, but it had to be together in the others presences.

The shorter one didn't know what they were, he knew that he had feelings for the taller one, but the tall brunet had never said anything. At first he would leave after sex, but later he would start staying a few hours and then the entire night sleeping with him, letting the short one cuddle closer to him. Just like at this moment, the taller brunet was playing with the short ones hand, watching his fingers move between his.

Sebastian broke the silence first, "You said with a few words that you wanted me, but you never said you love me".

Derek kept his eyes in their intertwined hands, tightening the grip harder.

Sebastian kept on going "But, I will say it for the both of us," he paused "I love you".

Derek released his hand, and took Sebastian's face between his hands and kissed him slowly. He broke the kiss and hugged him closer to his chest and kissed his hair. Sebastian sighed and started to drift into sleep, still waiting for Derek to say those three words.

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