Sebastian walked into the Lima Bean after Warbler's practice one afternoon, ordering his usual. He inhaled the scent of the dark liquid, smiling to himself as he went to find a table. He walked by a table, stopping as he saw a familiar face. "Kurt? What are you doing here without Blaine? You're usually dragging him everywhere by a bedazzled leash.."

"Not that it's any of your business but he's with Brittany." Kurt said, rolling his eyes at Sebastian.

Sebastian sat across from Kurt. "Well I thought you two were practically fused together.." he said, cocky grin plastered to his face.

"Only when you're around," Kurt said, a little aggravated that Sebastian sat with him. "Blaine may be naive about your intentions. But see right through you. Seriously, you reek of Craigslist."

"Well it's better than smelling like lipstick and baby powder.." Sebastian chuckled, tilting his head slightly. "Besides, I'm sure Blaine would like the way I smell.."

Kurt laughed. "I highly doubt that. Meerkat isn't his type."

"Really?..How could you be so sure?" Sebastian asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm dating him. I would know my own boyfriend." Kurt said, looking Sebastian up and down. "Why are you so cocky? I don't see what's so special."

"Well, I'm sure if you asked any of my previous...involvements...You would know what's so...special." Sebastian answered, smirking.

"They probably just felt bad for you." Kurt said, leaning in. "I think this whole cocky attitude is just a front."

"Really?" Sebastian asked, raising his eyebrows.

Kurt sat back in his chair. "With your obnoxious CW hair and that annoying smirk...I just don't see why someone would fall for your act."

"You wound me, Kurt.." Sebastian said, placing a hand over his heart in feigned offence.

"I'm sure," Kurt said, rolling his eyes. "Why are you even here anyways?"

"Well I always come after school for my afternoon coffee.." Sebastian shrugged.

"No. Why are you here sitting with me?"

"Just checking up on the competition..." Sebastian said, eying Kurt as he sipped his coffee.

Kurt chuckled. "Oh honey, you're not competition. Not even close."

"I think you seem to have underestimated me..." Sebastian said darkly.

"Oh really, chipmunk?" Kurt asked, amused. "Why is that?"

"Because..I'm pretty sure I can make anyone fall apart...Especially Blaine.." The taller boy said simply.

"What makes you so sure?" Kurt asked. It took everything he had to control himself. "I doubt you could seduce just anyone. Even Blaine."

"Well if the only sexual experiences he's had are with you, I doubt it would be too hard.."

"Oh really?" Kurt smiled. He normally wouldn't be so open. But he felt the need to prove Sebastian wrong. "Because I can make him cum without even touching him."

Sebastian smiled, "I would say I was impressed but I've..Kind of already done that to three guys.."

"Trying to impress me now? I'm proud that I've only been with Blaine." Kurt said, closing his eyes and licking his lips. "Knowing that no one could ever make Blaine writhe and scream like I do...I wouldn't give that up and I sure as hell am not letting you even try to mess that up."

Sebastian watched as Kurt licked his lips, biting his own. "I hardly believe you could make anyone scream.."

"There's plenty you don't know about me." Kurt smirked.

"Well, I'm sure if you asked Blaine, he'd want to try something a bit..More experienced.."

"I think that he'd agree with me in that we've had plenty with each other. I can take care of my man. I don't need your help."

"You'll excuse me if I have some trouble believing you.." Sebastian said, sitting back in his chair.

"That's your choice," Kurt said simply. "But if it came down to the two of us. I have no doubt that he'd pick me."

"You don't have what Blaine needs..Sure you've got your show tune romance..But what he needs is a real man..Not a boy in Prada..He needs someone to make him feel like no one else can in the bedroom..I can give him that.." Sebastian said confidently.

Kurt giggled. "I don't know what it is about you. But I just think you're all talk and if it came down to it, you couldn't deliver as well as you say you could."

"Well I'd love to prove you wrong.." Sebastian said, smiling crookedly.

Kurt's eyebrows narrowed. "And how would you do that?"

"Well if your sexual prowess is as honed as your deducing skills, I'm in for one hell of a night.." Sebastian sighed.

Kurt just stared at Sebastian. "You're kidding. I'm dating Blaine. Sorry, I'm not a whore."

"Well it sounds terrible when you say it like that.." Sebastian said scoffing.

"You couldn't get me in bed no matter how hard you tried." Kurt smirked. "And even if you could, how do I know this isn't your attempt of coming between Blaine and I?"

"Just think of this as more of a...Friendly competition of sorts. If you're really as good as you say you are, I'll back off. But I bet I can have you cumming in your lacy little boxers at any second.." Sebastian grinned slyly.

Kurt bit his lip, staring back at Sebastian before smiling. "When and where?"

"Tonight..The Blue Moon Motel.. My treat.."

"Meet you in the parking lot. Ten." Kurt said before he leaned in close. "I'm gonna make you forget your name." He whispered in Sebastian's ear as he got up and strutted out.

Sebastian kept his cool, watching Kurt's tight ass as he walked out. Truth be told, he thought it would take more convincing, but the thrill of a new challenge always sent a bit of a chill through him. He finished his coffee, standing and going to get ready for the evening's events.

Kurt couldn't believe he had agreed to this but it would make Sebastian leave Blaine alone. He was doing this for them. He pulled into the parking lot waiting until he saw a red mustang pull in. That had to be him. Always trying to out stage someone. He got out of his car and leaned against the hood. Kurt wore his tightest skinny jeans that showed off his ass.

Sebastian got out of the cherry red car, as Kurt predicted, wearing a tight fitting blue Polo that showed off his slim waist, but slightly defined abs, along with some not too tight, not too loose jeans.
"Not bad.." Sebastian said, his eyes roaming up and down Kurt's frame.

"Not so bad yourself," Kurt said slyly. "After you."

Sebastian scoffed, walking over to a room and pulling out a key that he came by and got earlier. He pushed it into the lock and turned it before opening the door and walking inside.

Kurt wasted no time. He ripped open Sebastian's shirt, hating himself for wanting to touch his abs.

Sebastian smiled, grabbing Kurt by his hips. "My my...Eager aren't we?"

"Just doing my part," Kurt said before taking his own off. "Have anything in particular you like? You are the one doubting me."

"Well since you're so confident about making me scream..I could bottom...this time." Sebastian said smoothly.

"I was planning on that," Kurt said, his voice a little deeper as he stepped back. "Strip."

Sebastian scowled. He wasn't going to let Kurt take control so easily. "Show me yours I'll show you mine.."

Kurt rolled his eyes before slowly removing all his clothes. "Happy? Now you." He demanded, hands on his hip.

Sebastian inhaled sharply. Damn... Kurt actually had a really nice body. Sebastian slowly pulled off his jeans and boxer briefs, smiling confidently.

Kurt licked his lips. Not what he was expecting. He walked over, pulling Sebastian's head to the side by his hair as he attached his lips and teeth to his gorgeous neck.

Sebastian wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, holding back a moan as he reached down, massaging his perfectly rounded ass.

Kurt bit down harder to distract himself from making any noises. Kurt knew what really got Sebastian going. He dropped to his knees, looking up at him with big, blue and innocent school boy eyes before licking up the lines of his lightly defined abs.

Sebastian gasped, falling back against the wall as a small moan escaped his lips.

Kurt batted his this lashes at him as he went lower, licking up the slit and sucking the head of Sebastian's, now fully erect, cock into his mouth.

Sebastian's eyes fluttered closed for a moment before snapping open again. No, he couldn't lose control. He grabbed Kurt by his hair, pulling him off with a pop.

"Too much for you?" Kurt asked, smirking.

"Of course not.." Sebastian said, giving that crooked smile. "I just want to hear you beg for it.."

Kurt stood up, running a finger down his chest. "You're the one that should beg. After all, you'll be the one screaming later."

"Please..You couldn't make me beg if your life depended on it.." He smiled running his hands down Kurt's sides to his ass again.

Kurt laughed, trying not to give in and moan. "That's funny. Get on the bed. Hands and knees."

"Fuck you.." Sebastian growled, pushing Kurt away lightly, and walking over to the bed.

"No, no sweetie. I'm fucking you." Kurt chuckled as he watched Sebastian.

Sebastian got on the bed, sitting back on his haunches. "Happy?"

Kurt shook his head, walking over and smacking his ass hard. "Hands too."

Sebastian gasped lightly, trying not to let his back arch too much as he placed his hands on the bed as well.

"Good boy," Kurt cooed, running his hands up Sebastian's back and tangling them in his hair. "Tell me you want me inside you."

"You seem to have mistaken me for being submissive.." Sebastian chuckled, looking up at Kurt.

Kurt kept one hand in his hair, pulling hard as he used the other to smack his ass again. "What was that?"

Sebastian bit his lip hard as he looked back up at Kurt. His eyes dark with lust and anger. "I fucking hate you. "

"Don't worry. I hate you too," Kurt smiled, walking around so he was in front of him. "Suck me."

Sebastian smirked, immediately swallowing Kurt whole, hoping he could quickly make Kurt fall apart as he looked up, green eyes flashing.

Kurt gasped before quickly composed himself. Two could play at this game. Kurt grabbed him by his hair as he started to fuck his mouth. "Look at you...not even a remark when I told you to suck me. Such a good little cock slut."

Sebastian growled around Kurt, his eyes showing nothing but pure, animalistic lust and hate as he took Kurt.

Kurt pulled out. "That's enough. You're not too bad," he said, shrugging.

Sebastian scoffed. "Not too bad?"

Kurt nodded. "Blaine's better. The way he hallows his cheeks, looking up at me with those gorgeous honey eyes. Something, you'll never see."

"You don't know that yet.." Sebastian said matter of factly.

"Oh, but I do." Kurt said smugly as he got a condom out of his jeans and put it on. "I have a plan."

"And what's that?" Sebastian asked, unable to keep from licking his lips a bit as he watched Kurt roll the condom down his length.

"You'll just have to wait and see. Turn back around," Kurt said as he stood behind Sebastian.

Sebastian rolled his eyes, turning around so his ass was to Kurt.

Kurt spread his ass, letting him think Kurt was ready. He bent down licking around the exposed hole before pressing his tongue inside.

"Ah!" Sebastian gasped, he sure as hell wasn't expecting that. He bit his lip, trying to be quiet.

Kurt smiled to himself. This was going to be easier than he thought. He went a little deeper, using one hand to wrap around Sebastian's length, pumping him slowly.

Sebastian shuddered, looking back at Kurt. "You're really not good at this are you?" He lied, trying not to cry out.

Kurt pulled back. "Your body shaking is telling me otherwise."

Sebastian mumbled something under his breath, sighing heavily.

Kurt brought a little bottle of lube and slicked himself up, rubbing Sebastian's ass before grabbing roughly. "I wish you could see yourself like this..." He said, his voice suddenly deeper as he slammed into the waiting boy.

Sebastian gasped loudly, collapsing forward onto his elbows. He didn't usually bottom, so Kurt stretching him roughly made him whimper, tears gathering in his eyes.

Kurt stayed there, panting heavily. Fuck! He was tight! "A-are you okay? I...I wasn't expecting you to be damn tight!"

"Yeah..Well.." Sebastian panted. "I don't usually take it, so give me a minute.." He said through grit teeth.

Kurt nodded, rubbing up and down Sebastian's ass and back. "Just tell me when."

Sebastian was a bit surprised at the intimacy and care behind the simple action and looked down to the drab bedspread, not used to such treatment.
"Just go.."

Kurt was a little shocked. He was just trying to be nice. He grabbed Sebastian by the hips as he started rolling his hips, sliding in and out of the incredibly tight heat.

Sebastian groaned. It still hurt, but hopefully it would fade. "God damn..."

Kurt licked his lips, giving him a little time to get used to him. Though it was Sebastian, Kurt did feel a little bad. He knew how much that hurt. After a minute, he started speeding his thrusts, moaning quietly at the feel.

"Oh my god..." Sebastian gasped. "Kurt.." God he felt so full.

Kurt kept his speed, his breathing growing rapidly. "Fuck..."

Sebastian let out a long loud moan, not caring about who was in control anymore. "Kurt!"

Kurt gasped, watching Sebastian's body tremble. "Say my name...Say it again..." he rasped, ghosting over his prostate.

"Kurt...Kurt!..Oh..Shit..F-faster..Please..Please..." Sebastian whimpered.

Kurt didn't even care about giving a witty remark about Sebastian begging. He sped up, angling himself to push against that bundle of nerves. "Scream for loud..."

Sebastian let out a cry, his legs shaking. "Yes! Fuck! I-I...Oh my god...Kurt!"

Kurt bit his lip, making sure to hit that spot with every thrust. "Louder...If you're can...I'll let you fuck me later..."

That by itself was enough to make Sebastian scream at the top of his lungs, thrusting himself back onto Kurt.

Kurt let out a sharp whine. "Cum for me, Sebastian.." he growled, thrusting faster.

Sebastian let out sharp, short breaths, resting his face against the mattress before his body started shaking uncontrollably.
"Kurt..Fuck! Kurt!" He screamed as he came hard and long.

"Unnghh!" Kurt moaned, cumming deep inside Sebastian as his muscles fluttered around him.

Sebastian collapsed onto the bed, his body still quivering as Kurt took off the condom and tossed it in the trash.

Kurt laid down on the bed, smiling to himself as he looked at Sebastian. "Still doubt me?"

"Not at all.." Sebastian panted. "That was...Oh my god.."

"Well thank you," Kurt said, relaxing on the bed.

Sebastian closed his eyes, unable to stop thinking about the way Kurt touched him when he first entered him. It just seemed like he cared...His first didn't even do that..

Kurt caught his breath, getting up and walking to the mini fridge to get a bottled water. "You want some?" he asked Sebastian.

"Please..." Sebastian said, turning down the bed and climbing under the covers.

Kurt handed him the bottle before climbing into bed on the opposite side. He looked over at Sebastian, who was completely sated. "So...after you rest...Is...fucking me something you'd be...interested in...?"

"Definitely...I can't wait to make you scream my name.." Sebastian said, his cockiness slowly returning.

Kurt shivered, biting his lip as he held back a moan. He got on his knees, his ass facing Sebastian as he licked the beautiful lines of his abs. He moaned and reveled in the taste of the slightly salty skin. He got dangerously closer to the base of Sebastian's dick before he got an idea. Kurt got up, moving the covers and straddling the other boy. He looked up and gave that sexy innocent school boy look again and saw a spark in Sebastian's eyes. Kurt smiled, leaning in to whisper to him, pausing every so often to breathe heavily in his ear. "Here are my terms. You can fuck me however you want to. One position or multiple. Slow and steady or fast and hard...But you have to do a few things first. I want you to put me on my hands and knees...There's something you don't know about me...Something I hid from you earlier...I love dirty to me. Call me your cock slut or dirty whore...Get behind me and barely lick over my hole before setting a finger there but not pressing in. Move your finger around and make me nice and hard for you. Then I want you to move to my face. To where if I inch forward, my lips are just out of reach...Tease me with your cock...I want you to tease me before fucking my throat...Wait until I get really into it before pulling out...Maybe even using your hard, and now wet, dick to slap my cheeks. I want you to lay me back, licking up and down my shaft, lightly sucking before taking me deep...You're so fucking good at that...Pull back, biting my inner thighs...Make me need you...I want to be as hard as a fucking rock, writhing with need before you even consider fucking me. I'll be so hot and close that I'll think I won't be able to last...Make me...Don't let me cum until you tell me to...Not until you're ready...Do that for me and you can have me in any way imaginable..." Kurt finished, panting from just talking about it. He pressed his ass back onto Sebastian's already growing length. "Just tell me when you're ready," Kurt breathed out before climbing off of him and laying back down, ass sticking out just inches away from Sebastian's hands.

Sebastian let out a choked moan. "Fuck...Kurt.." He panted, reaching over to grip Kurt's ass roughly.

Kurt rolled his body. "Yes?"

Sebastian pressed his chest to Kurt's back, growling in his ear. "You're such a fucking cock tease..."

Kurt gasped, biting his lip. "And keep up with that...that cocky voice..."

"You like that?" Sebastian asked in his ear, slipping his finger between Kurt's cheeks as stroking his hole lightly.

Kurt's body jumped lightly. "'s a"

"Only a little?" Sebastian asked, pressing lightly. "You're hurting my feelings Kurt..." he sighed, licking at Kurt's earlobe.

"Fuck you..." Kurt breathed out heavily. "It's...ahh...very sexy..."

"Mmm...You know what I think is sexy?..When you're a bitch..It gets me so hot..." Sebastian moaned, pulling Kurt closer.

Kurt whimpered, pushing his ass back against Sebastian.

"Fuck..Get up..Hands and knees..Now.." Sebastian said roughly.

Kurt quickly did as he was told, waiting to see what Sebastian would do first.

"So you want me to treat you like the dirty little whore you are?" Sebastian asked, sitting up and reaching for the lube.

"Yes...oh please, Sebastian," Kurt moaned as he watched. "Make me scream..."

Sebastian leaned down do he could talk to Kurt in a low voice. "Tell me..Tell me something Blaine would never do for you.."

Kurt shivered. "U-use's not something we've talked about yet..."

Sebastian smiled smugly before moving behind Kurt and spreading his cheeks, admiring him before leaning in to ghost his tongue over Kurt's tight pink entrance.

Kurt moaned. It was weird but in the most amazing way, his ass automatically moving back towards Sebastian when Kurt's phone rang. It was Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. "'s Blaine..."

"Pick it up..." Sebastian said, licking over his hole again.

Kurt's head snapped around. "Are you serious?"

"Pick..up..The phone.." Sebastian growled, his eyes flashing in the dim light.

Kurt quickly picked up.
"H-hey baby...I was just talking about you..."

Sebastian chuckled, slowly pushing his tongue into Kurt.

"Hey baby..I just got home..I just missed you and wanted to talk a bit before I head off to bed.." Blaine said in a heartbreakingly sweet voice.

Kurt bit back a moan. "I miss you too...what are you doing?"

"Just getting ready for bed...You?"

Sebastian started sliding his tongue in and out of Kurt, squeezing his ass cheeks roughly.

Kurt gasped. Fuck that felt good! He turned to glare at Sebastian who just smirked.
"Mercedez, I'll be right back..." Kurt said. "Blaine needs to talk..."

"Sorry baby. I'm staying with Mercedes...What were we talking about?"

"Nothing actually...Are you okay Kurt?"

Sebastian pulled his tongue out and started to slick up his fingers.

Kurt bit his lip. "Just...thinking about you laying in bed..."

"Really?" Blaine asked, sounding a bit more interested. "What are you thinking about?"

Sebastian slowly pushed a finger into Kurt as his other hand cupped his balls, squeezing ever so lightly.

Kurt couldn't hold back his moan. "You...ohhh fuck...touching yourself and letting me listen...ahh! To your noises."

"Oh fuck.." Blaine gasped. "Kurt...Are you…Touching yourself?"

Sebastian chuckled. "Can't hold back eh?" He said quietly.

"Se...shit!" Kurt almost groaned Sebastian's name. "Yes baby...I am...ohmygod..." he moaned into the phone.

Sebastian laughed softly as he started to work his finger in and out of Kurt, massaging his balls in his palm.

"That's so hot Kurt..." Blaine breathed out as Kurt heard shifting and the familiar squeak of Blaine's bed springs. "W-what are you doing?"

"Umm..oh fuck! Fingering" Kurt breathed out, his legs shaking slightly.

"Stroking my cock..Wishing it was you..Fuck baby..I want you so bad."

Sebastian added another finger, pushing in deeper.

Kurt arched his back, gasping. "I want you too...I don't have much time to me..."

"Kurt..Oh god..I wish you were here so I could fuck you..Oh shit..I want to be inside you..Making you scream..."

Sebastian sped up, running his other hand over Kurt's ass and digging his nails into the soft pale flesh.

Kurt couldn't take it. He put his phone on speaker so he could ball his fists in the sheets.
"Oh fuck...I wish you could...but ahh! Oh god...Mercedes would never let me forget it...we don't have much time...fuck me baby..."

"Kurt..Tell me how I feel..Please..Fuck..I-I'm not gonna last that long.." Blaine whimpered.

Sebastian added another finger, smiling as he grazed over the shorter boy's prostate.

Kurt trembled. What the hell was Sebastian doing? He was already close.
"So fucking feels ahh! Fuck! So good! I'm so close baby..." Kurt whimpered, turning to let Sebastian know he wasn't kidding.

Sebastian pulled his fingers out, laughing silently as Kurt glared at him.

"Kuurrrrt! Ah!" Blaine moaned as he came.

Kurt panted harshly. "Oh god, Blaine...You're so hot..."

"I love you Kurt...So much.."

Kurt felt horrible but forced a smile. "I love you too, Blaine. Good night baby," he said hanging up and facing Sebastian. He brought his hand up like he was going to slap him.
"You are a fucking asshole!"

Sebastian grabbed his wrist. "You can't say It didn't make it more exciting.." he said darkly.

Kurt bit his lip, holding back a whimper. "Were you finished with that position?"

"Yes..Now come here.." he said, standing on his knees and wrapping his fingers in Kurt's hair, pushing him down.

Kurt groaned, sighing as he thought of Blaine.

"Stop.." Sebastian said, noting Kurt's drop of enthusiasm. "Stop thinking about him when I'm right in front of you.." he commanded.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Fine."

He pulled his hair tighter, causing Kurt to look up at him. "You want this..Don't you.."

Kurt didn't look up as he nodded, leaning in to try to get a taste.

Sebastian pulled him back. "Nuh uh..Not yet.." he said darkly.

Kurt whimpered. "I want to taste you..."

Sebastian reached down, tracing the head of his cock along Kurt's plump pink lips. "But you're not ready yet..."

Kurt looked up with those pleading eyes. "Please, Sebastian?"

Sebastian shivered. "Fuck..You're such a cock slut..."

Kurt gave a small smile. "I want to feel you deep in my throat..."

"How bad..How bad do you want me to fuck that dirtly little whore mouth?" Sebastian asked, pressing the head against the corner of Kurt's mouth.

Kurt turned slightly, licking the slit. "So bad, Sebastian. Please..."

Sebastian moaned, fisting his hands in Kurt's hair before pushing all the way down his throat, causing him to sputter and choke a bit. He was longer than Blaine, but not as thick.

Kurt breathed through his nose as he relaxed his throat, allowing Sebastian a little deeper.

Sebastian slowly rolled his hips, holding Kurt's head in place. "Good? You like that?" He panted, looking down at Kurt.

Kurt let his eyes close as he moaned, sending vibrations through Sebastian.

Sebastian groaned, letting his head fall back. "So..Good..."
He thrust faster, making Kurt whine a bit louder as he tugged on the countertenor's hair.

Kurt hallowed his cheeks, sucking harder as he moaned.

Sebastian pulled out of Kurt's mouth, admiring his swollen ;ips as a whine escaped them.

"Just a little more?" Kurt breathed out, licking his lips. "You feel so good in my mouth..."

Sebastian nodded, pushing back into Kurt's mouth and rolling his hips slowly.

Kurt moaned, bobbing his head with Sebastian's hips.

Sebastian kneaded his eyebrows together, his mouth dropping open before pulling out again. He was going to cum way too soon if Kurt didn't stop.

Kurt smiled up at Sebastian with those eyes again, making him shiver.

Sebastian regained his composure, calming down a bit before starting to lazily stroke himself.

Kurt's breathing sped up. "That's so hot..."

"Oh, you like that?" Sebastian smirked before smacking the head of his cock on Kurt's cheek lightly, hissing at the sight. "Fuck..."

Kurt nodded. "I was definitely wrong..."

"About what?"

"That whole cocky thing being just an act...Nothing but talk..." Kurt said, blushing lightly.

"Just wait until I'm inside of you.." Sebastian smiled, crawling towards Kurt, causing him to lay on his back, Sebastian on top of him.

Kurt looked up at him with flushed cheeks. "Have you decided how you want me?"

"Hmmm...I really want to taste you before I make any.." He licked along the column of Kurt's pale, flawless neck, "Decisions.."

Kurt shivered. "O-okay...Makes sense..." he stammers.

"You're really sexy when you're flustered too Kurt.." Sebastian said, giving a crooked smile as he kissed down to Kurt's nipple, sucking it into his mouth.

Kurt gasped, "Oh fuck..."

Sebastian kissed down further to Kurt's hips, sucking lightly on the angled bones that jutted out under the smooth white skin. "Damn...Everything about you is sexy Kurt..."

Kurt's face is completely red now as he looks down. "Please...Please Sebastian...I need to feel your mouth..."

Sebastian smiled lightly, licking down to the base of Kurt's cock, sticking his tongue out to lick up the seam of Kurt's balls.

Kurt moaned. "Holy shit, Sebastian!"

Sebastian hummed softly, sucking Kurt's sac into his mouth and running his tongue over his balls.

Kurt arched his back. Fuck! Neither he nor Blaine had done that before. His hands traveled down, finding Sebastian's hair and pulling as he gasped.

Sebastian moaned as he sucked lightly, reaching up to stroke Kurt's length slowly.

Kurt lost all sense of coherence as his head fell back, his body writhing with pleasure.

Sebastian looked up at Kurt. Damn he was hot. Sebastian sucked for a bit longer before pulling off slowly, letting them slip out of his mouth.

Kurt looked down at Sebastian, shaking his head. "'re so good at that..."

Sebastian chuckled. "Practice makes perfect..." he said, getting up to pull a condom out of his wallet and returning to the bed.

"Well I'm guessing you've had a lot...I can't see how this...could feel any better..."

"We haven't even started yet.." Sebastian smiled, ripping open the wrapper with his teeth.

Kurt bit his bottom lip. "You are sexy...Especially that...voice..."

Sebastian just smiled, rolling the condom on and climbing back on top of Kurt.

Kurt batted his thick lashes as he watched, waiting for the taller boy's next move.

Sebastian grabbed Kurt's legs, placing them on his shoulders before he slowly pushed into Kurt.

Kurt's hands gripped the sheets, gasping as Sebastian stretched him.

Sebastian moaned at how tight Kurt was, digging his nails into his thighs as he continued to fill him.

Kurt's lip quivered. "Holy shit..."

Sebastian reached the base, breathing harshly as he thought about what Kurt did for him earlier. He bit his lip, running a hand up and down his side soothingly.

That shocked Kurt a little bit. He didn't mind, but it just seemed too sweet of a gesture for Sebastian. He looked up at him as he got used to the feel. "You..You can go..."

Sebastian retracted his hand, nodding as he slowly started to rock his hips.

Kurt's eyes fluttered before closing. "You're so big..."

Sebastian moaned, speeding up and thrusting a bit harder. "You're so fucking tight..." he got out, looking down at Kurt. Fuck, he never thought he would be in this position. Having dirty sex in a skeezy motel with Kurt Hummel..

Kurt let out a shaky breath. "F-faster...please..."

He complied, speeding up and watching as Kurt's back arched. "Kurt...Oh..Shit.."

"Sebastian...Ohmygod...Fuck me, Sebastian!" Kurt breathed out, his hands tracing up and down his own chest.

Sebastian groaned. "Louder..." He said darkly.

"Oh fuck...Sebastian!" He yelled, looking up with those innocent blue eyes. "I...oohhh...I'm not going to last...fuck!"

Sebastian pounded into Kurt harder. "Cum...Cum and then I want you to suck me and let me cum all over your little slut face.."

Kurt panted harshly, screaming Sebastian's name and cumming hard all over his stomach.

Sebastian held on as he felt Kurt's muscles tighten and flutter around him, trying not to cum right then as he watched Kurt's face contort in pleasure.

Kurt caught his breath, looking up at Sebastian and smiling. "Holy shit..."

Sebastian winked at him before pulling out and tossing the condom into the trash can.

Kurt rolled his eyes playfully, getting up on his knees and waiting for Sebastian to get back to the bed.

Sebastian returned to the bed, smiling as he saw Kurt was staring at his member.

Kurt sat on the bed, reaching around to grip Sebastian's ass as he sucked the head into his mouth.

"Oooh..Kurt..." Sebastian moaned, placing his hand on the back of Kurt's head.

Kurt relaxed his throat before taking Sebastian to the base, moaning as he bobbed his head on the taller boy's throbbing length.

"Holy shit.." Sebastian growled, Kurt must not have a gag reflex, because he could really take a dick..

Kurt looked up, locking eyes with Sebastian as he sucked harder.

"Kurt..I..I'm close.." Sebastian whispered.

Kurt pulled off, watching as Sebastian pumped himself as he waited for the taste.

Sebastian held onto Kurt's hair, tilting his head back as he moaned loudly, shooting his cum in long, thick ropes across Kurt's features.

Kurt closed his eyes, moaning as a little got in his mouth.

Sebastian finished, releasing Kurt's hair and panting as he watched Kurt lick up what was around his mouth.

Kurt smiled up at Sebastian. "Wanna taste?"

Sebastian moaned, leaning in to lick up his cum off of Kurt's skin.

When he finished, Kurt laced his fingers in Sebastian's hair and pulled him on top of him as Kurt crashed their lips together.

Sebastian gasped. They hadn't kissed all night. He usually didn't kiss his...Involvements, too personal, but he couldn't pull away. The way Kurt's lips felt against his own. He wasn't sure what to do with his hands momentarily before gingerly placing them on Kurt's hips.

Kurt pulled back, his eyes still closed as he gave a sated sigh. He looked up and took in Sebastian's face. "I'm sorry...Was that too much?"

Sebastian's eyes were wide, a blush high on his cheeks. Kurt was sure that was the first time he had ever seen Sebastian blush. He shook his head, composing himself. "Umm..No..That..That was fine.."

Kurt smiled. "You're cute when you blush."

That caused heat to rise in the green-eyed boy's cheeks again. He looked away, rolling off of Kurt and laying next to him.

Kurt giggled, resting against the pillow as he sighed.

"I think that went past friendly competition.." Sebastian said, still not looking at Kurt.

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked.

"Towards the end..It seemed less competitive, and more..Just sex.." Sebastian explained quietly.

"I noticed.." Kurt nodded. "Is that...bad?"

Sebastian looked at Kurt. "I loved it.." he said softly before he realized what he said and quickly let his walls fly back up. "You can suck a mean cock Hummel...But what about your boy toy Anderson?" He said, the cocky smile returning. Kurt noticed that he seemed more guarded again.

Kurt's thoughts were blocked out by the thought of Blaine. "What about him?"

"Kurt..We just fucked each other...He's your boyfriend.."

"I know..." Kurt couldn't look at him. "Didn't you say if I proved myself you'd leave him alone? I thought you didn't care that I was with him..."

"Oh I'll keep my end of the deal..I'm just wondering if your twelve year old girl scout conscience can handle this.." Sebastian said.

"I guess we'll see.." Kurt sighed.

Sebastian got up, stretching before padding off to the bathroom.

Kurt got up and got dressed and sat on the bed as he waited for Sebastian to come out.

Sebastian came out, still naked as he smiled at Kurt. "Leaving so soon? I was hoping I could get another blowjob before you ran off to the gap." He said, continuing to walk to his bag.

"You didn't seem like you wanted me to stay so I got dressed," Kurt said quietly, not knowing what to do now.

Sebastian looked over at Kurt, his eyes softening a bit. "You can stay..Y-you know..If you want. "

"I don't want my dad thinking something happened with Mercedes.."

Sebastian nodded, pulling on his boxers before climbing into the bed.

Kurt took his jeans and shirt back off. "Were you surprised to see briefs and not lace?" he asked, laughing lightly.

Sebastian chuckled, "Slightly.." He said, laying on his back and switching off the lamp before putting his hands behind his head, sighing deeply.

"So tomorrow do you go back to being just the new Warbler...or what?" Kurt asked quietly.

"What do you mean?" The taller asked, looking over at Kurt.

Kurt sighed. "I don't know. I've never done this sort of thing.."

"So innocent.." Sebastian laughed lightly.

"For the most part," Kurt chuckled. "That doesn't answer the question though.."

"Well that depends on what you plan on doing with Blaine.." Sebastian said simply.

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked.

"Do you plan on telling him? Hiding it?" Sebastian asked, unable to stop admiring how Kurt's eyes looked in the dim light.

"He'd be devastated if he knew," Kurt said quietly, turning on his side and facing Sebastian.

"Hide it it is..." Sebastian said smirking. "Well..Let's just..Be here tonight..And worry about tomorrow tomorrow..."

"You confuse me..." Kurt whispered. "But okay."

"How do I confuse you?" Sebastian laughed quietly.

Kurt looked down. "It doesn't matter.."

Sebastian examined Kurt for a moment. "Tell me.."

"Your attitude. Every so often you get this look in your eyes and your voice is soft. Then you go back to sultry and guarded..." Kurt said, not looking up. "I don't understand."

"Well...Let's just say you bring out the best ..And the worst in me.." Sebastian said, closing his eyes.

"How?" Kurt asked carefully.

"That's enough questions for tonight.." Sebastian said sighing.

"Alright..." Kurt said, turning away from him.

Sebastian looked at Kurt, wanting nothing more than to pull him close to his chest and kiss him again. "Okay..One more then."

Kurt swallowed hard. "Did...this mean anything to you...?"

Sebastian stared at the back of Kurt's head. "I don't know how to answer that yet..."

"I have one more...But it's nothing emotional so don't worry. It'll actually boost your ego, not that you need that..."

Sebastian smirked. "I could always go for an ego boost.."

Kurt was glad the light was off. He was already blushing and he hadn't even asked yet. "Can I...trace the lines of your abs...?"

"If you'd like.." Sebastian said, trying not to show his excitement at the request.

Kurt rolled over, tracing down Sebastian's chest to his abs.

Sebastian sighed softly, closing his eyes.

"Sorry...its kinda my weakness..."

"So the way to your heart is a six pack...Duly noted.." the Warbler chucked

Kurt rolled his eyes. "No. But it definitely helps...Sorry if it was weird for you earlier...I just have a thing for touching and...licking them."

"It was pretty hot actually.." Sebastian said smirking.

Kurt bit his lip. "Was there anything you...didn't like?"

Sebastian thought for a moment, truly unable to find anything that he didn't like about their encounter. "Nope..You?"

Kurt shook his head. "What was your favorite part?"

"Oh god...I can't choose..What about you?" Sebastian asked.

Kurt blushed. "I can't pick. But I've narrowed it down to four parts..."

"And what are those?"

Kurt paused. "You screaming my name...The orgasm you have me...These ridiculously sexy abs...and umm...You sucking me..."

Sebastian gave a crooked smile. "I'm glad you liked it.."

Kurt's blush grew as he stayed quiet, still drawing random patterns on Sebastian's abs.

"I have a proposition for you since you like to ask so many questions.." Sebastian sighed.

"What is it...?" Kurt asked nervously.

"You get ten questions...Ten that I have to answer completely honestly. And you have to let me know if it's one of the questions before you ask me, and you don't have to use them all tonight...But use then wisely.." Sebastian said, looking over at Kurt.

"But I can ask you like little things that don't count right?" Kurt asked. "And I would like to use one now..."

"Yes..And go ahead.." Sebastian said quietly, closing his eyes again.

"This said I don't have to use them all tonight. And I don't want to. So does that mean...we'll be spending more time together...?"

"If you want to..." Sebastian said, looking at Kurt again.

Kurt nodded. "Okay...Do you have any questions?"

"No..Not yet at least.." Sebastian said as Kurt pressed his palm flat against his stomach.

"Alright.." Kurt said softly.

"So do I get ten honest questions, or unlimited maybe true, maybe not questions?" Sebastian asked.

Kurt thought for a moment. "No limit and I'll answer as honest as I can."

"That works." Sebastian said contentedly.

Kurt smiled, pulling his arm back and curling up under the blankets.

Sebastian turned his head to look at Kurt. "Do you really think I look like a meerkat?"

Kurt giggled. "No."

"Good.." Sebastian said closing his eyes again.

"Did you mean all the things you said about me? The Gap? Lipstick, baby powder and lace?

"That depends on if you want to scoot closer to me or not..." Sebastian said carefully.

"Well...I know my answer to that...But why would it affect your answer?"

"Hmm...I don't know..." Sebastian said playfully.

"And you won't answer me truthfully if I don't use it as one of my questions right?" Kurt asked.

"I never said that...With the questions its guaranteed honesty…You're taking your chances any other way."

Kurt eyed him. "Well I guess I'll just have to take my chances," he said, scooting closer.

Sebastian smiled as he felt Kurt's chest against his arm. "No..I don't really think those things about you."

"Then I want to use one more question tonight..." Kurt said softly.

"Mhmm.." Sebastian hummed, waiting for the question.

Kurt took a deep breath. "What were you thinking when I kissed you?"

Sebastian was quiet for a long time, looking at the ceiling. "That I don't usually kiss the people I have sex with..."

Kurt thought for a moment before nodding in response.

"What were you thinking?"

"For once...I wasn't...I was just doing..." Kurt explained.

Sebastian nodded in understanding. "I think we should both get to sleep.."

"Good night Sebastian.."

"Good night...Kurt.."
He lay there watching Kurt for a while. He looked so peaceful. His long lashes resting right above his full, pink cheeks. Sebastian was so confused. He was a stud. A player. He didn't fall for guys...Especially not guys whose boyfriend he was previously trying to steal. How could this..Pale boy steal his heart after one night? He closed his eyes. This was completely idiotic. Kurt had a boyfriend. He didn't want to get hurt again..Not after last time. But one thing was for sure, even if he didn't like it..

Sebastian Smythe was falling for Kurt Hummel.