The Legend Of Kaiser

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Normal Speech: "Speech"

Thinking Speech: "Speech"

Chapter 1


There she was, lying on the rocky uncomfortable ground. Bruised, violated and beaten up. She tried to resist, fight back but there was nothing she could do against a Saiyan Elite. Nakor was his name, he was one of the weakest of the Saiyan Elites but still he was more powerful than the average person.

She tried to lift her self up but she couldn't. She was too weak. She cursed inside her head," Damn him, now I bare his child, what disgrace and the worst part is, a lower class can't do shit against an Elite". Realizing this, tears of grief ran down her face. Feeling defeated and tired, she closed her eyes and fell asleep

1 Hour Later Elsewhere…

"Nakor, did you hear about Bardock? The guy has gone mad haha. Just because he lost a battle, he thinks everything is lost. What a fool." He said with a smirk.

"Well what would you expect from a Lower Class Oaf. He might be quite the warrior but he's still a lower class scum." He walked towards the fridge and grabbed himself some water to drink. He appeared to be quite bulky one himself but he had a sick and disgusting look on his face. He had short black hair and your black traditional Saiyan eyes.

"Where is Lila though? I thought she was with you, I don't know you even bother with that low class piece of crap." Joining his friend with a glass of water.

"Well Dake, let's just say I ra—" he stopped realizing the planet was shaking. He ran outside the building and saw deathball heading towards the planet. It was as big as the moon.

"Shit Bardock was right!" the death ball approached the planet at great speed.

They could only watch in horror as the death ball slowly started to engulf the planet.

"DAMN YOU FRIEZA!" Both yelled in unison as the flames of the death ball slowly engulfed them reducing them into ashes and the next thing you know, the planet had exploded. They knew that was Frieza's doing as they had witnessed Frieza using the same attack on another planet that he didn't 'need'.


"There that takes care of those Saiyan monkeys." Frieza said with a smirk of delight on his face while looking at the empty space where once the proud Saiyan Empire used to be. His two guards had a similar smirk on. " Zarbon Dodoria send a message home to my family. Tell them that the monkeys are dead." With that he chuckled softly.

30 minutes earlier

She realized she couldn't go to sleep and decided she would take one of the space pods and get off her home planet to recover because she knew that if Nakor saw her again, he'd kill her. After a while of struggle she managed to get on one of the pods, closed the latch and hit the dial. She wanted to go to a planet nearby but she hadn't realized what planet she had selected. Her energy was running out and she was on the verge of passing out, the last thing she read on the dial was."Y-Yardrat? D-Damn…." she thought in her head and the passed out.


She hadn't been awoken due to the rumbling of the planets destruction and thus she was heading towards the unknown planet she had accidently selected. What she doesn't know, is that that certain planet would cause her death and the birth of her baby boy, Kaiser.

After months of travel…

Penetrating the ozone layer of Yardrat had finally woken her up after her slumber. There was a beeping noise and the Pod said." Safety Landing Protocol Terminated-ed-ed-ed-ed-ed-ed-" She knew that was bad news, she wasn't going to land in a safe place. The pod had received damage after being hit by debris from the explosion of Vegeta however that was unknown to her.

Suddenly out of nowhere the pod exploded and her body fell into the arctic region of the planet where she fell into the icy cold water. She tried to swim out however her body had been injured yet again from that exploding pod. Luck was totally against her as the water was so cold, that she froze after 2 minutes. Her body was now inside ice.

She had floated to a piece of land and thanks to the waves she was thrown on to the snowy land.

Is this the end for her? How will she escape the ice? Was there no hope for her?

Power Levels

Nakor: 6,000

Dake: 5,000

Lila: 1,200

Frieza's Death ball: 800,000

Frieza: 450,000

Zarbon: 30,000

Dodoria: 25,000

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