The Legend Of Kaiser

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Chapter 54

The Path to Power

"Goku." The old wrinkly witch spoke. "It's time go back to the otherworld."

Goku frowned at the purple haired witch and said, "Alright Baba."

Goten and Trunks looked up to the veteran Saiyan with a determined look and gave him a nod. Said veteran Saiyan turned his head to his Namekian rival and saw a faint smirk form on his lips.

"I am proud of you two." He said as he rested his hands on both the demi Saiyans' head. "Defeat Majin Buu and restore peace and balance."

Goku smiled at how mature they had become in a matter of a few hours and then, finally, took off with the Baba.

After ascending into the clear skies, they vanished.

Piccolo sighed and turned his attention to the two brats that were going to save the universe.

"I am not going to be as lenient as Goku." He started out rough. "You two are going to go through some of the hardships your brothers and fathers had to go through."

He expected the kids to falter a little but they remained as serious as ever. They were hell bent on killing the monster responsible for Kaiser's, Gohan's and Vegeta's death.

"Now start practicing." The Namekian growled.

In the Otherworld…

Goku and Baba materialized outside the check in station. They were still in the sky when the witch bid her farewell. Goku thought that he might as well say hi to his son and brother. Could he really face them with the guilt he carried? Could he really?

He could. No one held anything against him…he hoped.

He made his way inside the check in station, completely ignoring the blue assistants of King Yenma – the latter of whom tried to stop him from cutting in line.

"Ah Goku!" The ogre smiled at his favorite visitor. "Back already?"

"Yes King Yenma." Goku replied – with a rather stern tone. The ogre picked this up and he knew that the veteran Saiyan was here for something important.

"I take it that you're not here to say hi." The ogre grunted – leaning forward. This was going to be interesting.

"My son…and my brother…they were both killed by a monster back on Earth."

King Yenma's eyes widened at this revelation. He knew next to nothing about Goku's son but he knew Kaiser very well. Him being shocked was an understatement.

Wait a minute…did he say that they had been, 'killed'?

"Killed, you say?"

"That's right. I wish to meet them."

"Goku…Kaiser is not dead."

A spark ignited in Goku's eyes as he heard this. "How do you know this?!"

"I knew Kaiser personally. I would've known if he died and his mother would've been here too."

"W-What about my son! What about Gohan?!"

"Hold on. Let me check." He said as he flipped on his book that had the names of all the people that had passed on.

"Son Gohan…Son Gohan...Son Gohan…" He said as he carefully read the contents of the book.

"Well?" Goku asked anxiously.

King Yenma breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the worried father with a smile. "Your son his alive."

Goku felt countless of tons lift off of his shoulders. Not only was Kaiser alive but Gohan too! But that begged the question – where were they?

"Do you know where they are?" Goku asked hopefully.

"Nope. I don't know where they are. It's up to you to find them."

Oh well, it couldn't hurt to try.

"Thank you so much King Yenma." Goku said with the first genuine smile since the supposed death of Kaiser and Gohan.

"No problem and try to not let any more people die. It's getting kinda tough up here." The ogre chuckled.

Goku chuckled as well and waved him goodbye. He flew outside the check in station and remained stationary in the air when the question broke into his mind.

Where were they?

He expanded his senses and hoped that he could pick something out. He remained in the air for a good few minutes when he finally picked something up.

It was Gohan. He had gotten stronger. But there was another. This one was much weaker and so…defeated.


Goku put his index and middle finger on his fore head and focused hard and the next thing he knew, a blade had stopped right in front of him.

"G-Goku?" Kaiser gasped in disbelief.

"Dad!" Gohan said cheerfully.

"Goku! How did you get here?!" The Supreme Kai gasped.

"Great. Another one who is undeserving." Kibito growled.

Goku didn't say anything in response. He just pulled Kaiser and Gohan into a hug. He hugged them as tight as he could. Kaiser winced slightly while Gohan just smiled.

"I thought you two were dead." Goku said weakly.

Kaiser and Gohan took this opportunity to explain everything to the veteran Saiyan. Goku being relieved was an understatement. It felt as if a part of his soul had been restored.

"So your eyes can't be restored and you can't get stronger." Goku frowned.

"That is correct. If Kibito can't heal me, nothing can." Kaiser replied. "The injuries I have sustained can never be healed."

"You couldn't show yourself to Brila and the others like this. That's the reason you didn't come back, isn't it?" Goku said.

"That wasn't the only reason. I had to stay here and train Gohan. Shin and Kibito are too weak to train him." Kaiser said.

"Hey!" Both the God and his servant growled but they shut up immediately when they met Kaiser's blind glare. He was intimidating even without his sight.

Goku chuckled at the sight but then he noticed the Z-Sword that they mentioned.

"That's the Z-Sword?" Goku asked – receiving nods in response. "It doesn't look like much. I thought it'd be a little cooler." The Veteran Saiyan chuckled.

"Have some respect!" Kibito growled.

Ignoring the purple servant, Goku took the sword off of his son and began swinging it.

"Damn!" Goku exclaimed. "This thing is heavy!" He huffed as he gave it back to Gohan. Then an idea came into his head. "Let's see how sharp it is."

"That sounds like fun. We haven't quite tested its sharpness." Kaiser noted.

"Okay!" Gohan said as he jumped into a stance.

Goku picked up a nearby boulder and was about to throw it but the Supreme Kai stopped him.

"Goku. That boulder is no real challenge." He mused. "Try this instead." He said as he extended his arm upwards. A black metal cube materialized above him. He threw it over to Goku who caught it with ease.

"Wow…this is some really hard metal." He said as he knocked on the base.

"It is indeed." Shin said. "It's the hardest metal in the universe. It's called Katchin Alloy."

"I see." Goku said. "You ready Gohan?" He asked as his son – receiving a nod in response.

"I don't think you should do that." Kaiser interjected.

"Why not?" Goku asked.

"It'll snap."

"How dare you insult the legacy of our ancestors?" Kibito growled.

"Let me show you." Kaiser said as he took the metal cube off Goku. He concentrated his ki in his hand and unleashed a death punch at the cube. As expected, there wasn't even a scratch. "If I were to do that on the sword, it would snap like a twig."

"Such insolence." Kibito spat as he lifted the cube and threw it at Gohan. Gohan readied himself and swung at the cube.

What happened next shocked everyone, except Kaiser of course. The sword snapped in half and the cube remained undamaged. Shin's and Kibito's jaw dropped to the ground while Gohan and Goku gasped in shock. They too didn't expect the sword to just snap like that.

"T-T-T-T-The Z-Z-Z S-S-S-Sword…" Kibito managed to say.

"It can't be!" Shin objected reality.

Gohan examined the broken sword in his hands. He smiled at it and threw it away. "This sword has made me so much stronger."

"Told you so." Kaiser smirked.

"It was supposed to be strongest weapon in the universe!" Shin gasped.

"You will have better luck killing Buu by throwing those cubes at Buu than using that sword." Goku chuckled.

"You guys have it wrong. I think the legend was meant to help the wielder get stronger by using it as a training tool." Kaiser said.

"He's right. I definitely feel a lot more powerful." Gohan added.

"Maybe that was the whole point!" Shin gasped. "Who knows how strong you'll be at your peak!"

"You're all wrong." An elderly man spoke.

"I didn't know you guys had retirement homes." Kaiser snickered.

"W-Who are you?" Shin gasped. Just what was going on? First the sword break and now a random old man shows up!

"I am the Supreme Kai from 15 generations ago." The old man answered.

"15 GENERATIONS?!" Shin and Kibito gasped in unison.

"The reason the sword was so heavy was because I was sealed in it by a very powerful person. Not as strong as Buu perhaps but he did that because he was terrified of me." The elderly man smirked.

"He doesn't look that tough." Kaiser grunted as he saw the old Kai conversing with his roots.

"Shall we test strength?" Goku said with a sly smile as he raised his arm.

"Are you sure we should?" Gohan asked uneasily.

"Oh don't be such a spoil sport G." Kaiser smirked. "If he's as strong as he says he is, he should literally slap that ki blast away."

"Yeah. I guess you're right."

"Of course I am right."

Goku threw a weak ki blast at the Kai and it him right on his face – sending him flying a few meters back.

"AHAHAHAHHAHAH!" Kaiser burst out laughing. Goku and Gohan couldn't help but laugh at the scene. It seemed so funny to them.

"Elder!" Shin gasped.

"Are you okay?" Kibito asked.

Said elder sat up and glared daggers at the Saiyans. "YOU ASSHOLES! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! COME HERE AND I'LL PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE!" He growled.

"Someone didn't get his morning weetabix." Kaiser burst out laughing yet again. He was joined by the other two Saiyans.

"I thought you were meant to be strong." Goku said as he wiped a tear that threatened to escape his eyes.

"Fools!" The elder Kai spat. "He did not fear me for my strength. He feared me for my powers."

"Powers?" Gohan asked.

"Yes, powers."

"Let's cut to the chase." Kaiser said as he approached the elder Kai.

The elder Kai took this opportunity to study this boy. His eyes widened slightly to see how battle damaged he was. No eyes, burnt body, countless of scars, burnt hair, decapitated tail and the list goes on and on. How was he still standing? Then something caught his attention. He felt something he thought was impossible. Despite being sealed inside the sword. He knew about what had happened outside. He knew that this generation's Kais, except for the one standing next to him, were all killed but then why? Why could he feel the Grand Supreme Kai's presence on them? It was as if they had made contact with him but it wasn't possible! He was dead! Could it be that a child of the Grand Supreme Kai escaped Bibidi's wrath?

"Elder Kai." Kaiser said respectfully. "I am in no position to make this demand but Buu is on the loose and my friend over there." He said as he pointed at Gohan. "Is our last chance of survival. You must help him get stronger. I presume that it's that what your powers do."

"Not quite. My power helps one to unlock their full potential and restore their strength." The elder Kai replied. "I will help you."

"You can replenish one's former strength?" Gohan asked curiously – hoping that he could help Kaiser.

"I should be able to do that." The Elder Kai replied.

"Then replenish his strength!" Goku demanded. Normally the elder Kai would've been offended but this matter seemed rather serious.

"I will try. What about you? I can sense potential in you." He asked Gohan.

"Him first." Gohan objected.

"I can use my powers on many people at two people at a time so sit down." He ordered and the demi Saiyan and the full blooded Saiyan sat down. "I'll unlock your potential and replenish your strength."

"W-Wait." Kaiser stopped him. "Why don't you replenish and unlock my potential?" Kaiser asked.

"Because this is the limit of your potential." The Kai replied with a faint frown.

"T-This is all I have?" Kaiser asked in disbelief.

"I have some more bad news. I can't guarantee you that I'll be able to replenish your strength because there's something odd about you. You'll only be able to get stronger through intense training."

"What's odd about me?" Kaiser asked.

"I am not sure." The Elder Kai rubbed his chin. "Anyway, let's begin."

At the lookout…

Piccolo and Dende watched curiously as the pink monster bonded with the cowardly fraud that the Z-Fighters despised.

"How is that oaf not getting killed by Buu?!" Piccolo growled.

"I don't know but whatever he's doing is beneficial for us. It'll buy us the time we need to train the boys." Dende said.

Piccolo nodded and glanced over to the boys who were practicing the fusion dance. His thoughts drifted from the two demi Saiyans to the fighters inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He hoped that they were getting stronger.

Inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber…

Brila was panting heavily. She was the furthest away from the little house and as expected, the training environment was brutal. There was hardly any oxygen. The gravity was intense. The whole area was humid and the temperature was excruciating.

She picked herself up from the white tiles and began making her way back to the house. She refused to walk despite how broken her body was. She was going to fly as fast she could. She needed to push herself. She jumped into the air and flew back.

Upon flying backwards, her gaze fell open a certain secretary who promised to avenge her boss's death. She was going to ask her if she wanted go back with her but she stopped when she felt a godly power. She gasped at the sudden exposure of ki and was shocked to find out that it came from the secretary.

How is she so strong?

When she focused her senses on said secretary, her ki seemed to be rather familiar. She felt as if she had felt that energy before. Not the same ki signature but something similar to it and it wasn't too long ago.

The aura that surrounded Rosaria was a brilliant purple color. It was so calm and at the same time so ferocious.

But how?

How is she so powerful? It has only been a few months and she's already this strong. But how is such a phenomenon possible? She wasn't even a fighter. She was just a baseball player. She was getting stronger at an alarming rate. Right now she wasn't as strong as Brila herself as a Super Saiyan but she was getting there. She and Videl were more or less on the same level.

"You okay Bri?"

Brila almost jumped out of her skin when she realized that Rosaria stood before her with a quizzical expression.

"I-I am fine." Brila chuckled. "Let's go back. We need some rest."

"Okay." Rosaria chirped as she sped towards the house.

At the house, everyone was in the process of calling it a day. Videl helped 18 to prepare dinner for everyone and that was a lengthy process. They had to feed fighters and feeding fighters was always tiresome.

Brila and Rosaria came in soon after dinner was prepared. Dinner went by smoothly. There were light conversations. Yamcha, Krillen and Master Roshi talked about old times. The rest just listened and threw in a few comments. The only ones who were quiet were Brila and 18. Brila was uncharacteristically quiet as she was deep in thought. It was as if she wasn't even here but she knew what she had to do. She needed to talk to her.

"Rosaria." She said – silencing everyone at the table. Rosaria looked up to her quizzically. "Come with me." She said as she walked out of the room.

Rosaria nodded and followed her outside the house.

Once outside, Brila turned to her and said, "You're getting stronger."

"I know right!" Rosaria said with joy.

"The question is why?" Brila said sternly.

"What do you mean?" Rosaria asked questioningly.

"Your rate of progression is unexplainable. You're progressing faster than Videl!"

"She's human like I am."

"But she's a fighter. Do you know how powerful you are?"


"You're a little weaker than I am when I am a Super Saiyan."

"That's good isn't it?"

"That is great but I want to know how."

"How am I supposed to know?"

"Your parents. Who were they?"

"My father is a scientist and my mother was just a housewife."

"Then how? Your progression rate is that of a Saiyan. One can argue that it's better."

"So you're saying that I could become stronger than you?"


"Then that's good."

"Indeed it is." Brila smiled. "I am glad to have you on our side Rosaria."

"I am glad too." She smiled evenly.

"Why are you doing this Rosaria? Why are you training with us? Is it for Kaiser?"

"Not just for him. It's for the sake of the universe but mainly for him." She giggled.

"Same." She smiled. "Are you watching? Kaiser? Gohan? Everyone is training for you. You two have inspired them."

A lone tear escaped her eye as she hoped the best for the future.

On the Kai planet…

Kaiser and Gohan sat before the elder Kai as the old man worked his magic. Gohan didn't feel too different but he could tell that he was undergoing changes.

Kaiser, however, didn't feel any better. His body still ached. His eye sockets were still empty. His scars didn't heal. Nothing. Nothing healed.

He expanded his senses and he could tell that Gohan was getting stronger – slowly but surely. He accumulated all of his ki and growled at the fact that it wasn't even half as much as the demi Saiyan's.

"No offence old man but this thing isn't working." Kaiser growled.

"Be patient young one. This process takes time and remember, I am not making you stronger. I am just restoring the strength you-" He cut himself off as his eyes widened a little.

"W-What's wrong?" Gohan asked. Goku leaned in to hear what the elder Kai had to say.

"I can't do it." The elder Kai confessed.

"What do you mean?" Kaiser asked – obviously bewildered.

"This is all you have. I can't replenish your strength. It's just not there."

"What do you mean it's not there?" Kaiser asked.

"It has been taken away from you along with your eyes. A part of you has been taken away from you but despite that…you…" The elder Kai paused as he wondered how he should put this.

"You what?!" Kaiser snapped.

"You are incomplete." The elder Kai said. He himself wasn't sure what it meant but that's the best he could tell him.

"I-Incomplete?" Kaiser said with a confused expression.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Gohan asked.

"How is he not complete? Please explain." Goku demanded an explanation.

"I am not sure myself but he's not complete. A part of his soul is just not there."

"A part of my soul? You mean my soul force? It had already been restored before I was brought back to life all those years ago."

"It isn't your soul force. Your soul force is at its peak but your soul is only…"

"Only what?" Goku asked.

"Only half." He said receiving questionable looks from the Saiyan. "I am not sure what it means. I have never seen such a phenomenon before."

Surprisingly, Kaiser did not react to this. It was as if he knew what he had to do.

"Can't you help him?" Gohan asked desperately.

"No he cannot." Kaiser answered his best friend.

"K-Kaiser?" Gohan looked at him quizzically.

"It is as he says. I cannot help him." The elder Kai said regrettably.

Gohan hit the ground in frustration. Just when things looked better, shit hit the fan. Goku felt frustrated too but it all vanished when he saw Kaiser's calm expression. He looked calm but the veteran Saiyan could tell that millions of thoughts were inside his head.

"What do you intend on doing now?" Goku asked.

It was as if Kaiser never heard him. He silently stood up from the godly grass and stared blindly at Goku.

"I know what I have to do." Kaiser said.

Before anyone could question him, he vanished from sight. No one knew what he meant or where he went. They could only hope that he would succeed.

In H.F.I.L…

A terrible place, H.F.I.L was. The temperatures were unbearable, no food, no water, no nothing. Not that anyone needed it. However, these conditions had no affect on the lone figure that walked the endless plains of hell.

Everyone feared this guy. Not just because he was strong, it was the look in his eyes. So full of pain and death. He wasn't the strongest in H.F.I.L but he was surely there in the top 5. He doesn't even fight anyone. He just naturally instills fear on the residents of hell. He does however beat one certain Saiyan up to a bloody pulp.

He didn't like this place but he deserved to be here. It was his fault that he was here and he was willing to do his time. He didn't care how long it would take. Despite what happened just before he died, he still hated and detested things. It was in his nature.

Where was he going? He didn't know. He always did this when she visited. She always said things that would make him think or make him relax. Right now it was both. He felt better since her last visit.

He remembered her first visit clearly. She came alone that time and the things she said moved him. It happened several years ago…


He sat on top of a mountain of his whimpering victims. He didn't feel very forgiving. All of them were Saiyans. All of them radiated of negative energy. He had to put them in their place. They were all scum and so was he.

It was hypocritical of him to hurt them but he didn't care. He did it because he wanted to.

He felt someone behind him and threw a ki blast without looking. To his surprise, the ki blast was sent back at him with twice the force. He jumped and kicked it upwards. He glared at the attacker who was hiding behind the smoke.

Once the smoke cleared and he got a view of the attacker. As his red eyes set on the attacker, he froze. It was her.

None of them said anything for a few moments but he was the first to break the silence. "What are you doing here?" He growled.

"I am here to talk to you." She said in a soothing voice. He growled at the affection in her voice. Why was she being affectionate towards him?! She's supposed to hate him for what he did.

"I don't want to talk to you." He growled as he blitzed away from the scene but he was cut off by her.

"I don't hate you." She said making him grit his teeth.

"You should."

"But I don't."

"WHY?!" He growled.

"Because you're my son."

"No I am NOT!" He said as he threw a ki blast at her. She deflected it effortlessly.

"Let me help you." She begged.

"NO!" He objected and threw himself at her and unleashed a planet busting right hook on her and what happened next, he could've never expected it. He hit her, on her cheek. Blood escaped from her mouth and her attacker stared at her with a bewildered expression.

"W-Why? W-Why didn't you-" He stopped in mid speech when she hugged him.

"I can feel your pain and I am one of the reasons that caused it. I am so sorry." She said as she tightened her hug.

He tried to escape. He tried to shove her off but she didn't let go. He didn't want to hear her apology. She was supposed to hate him. He deserved her hate.

"Why don't you hate me?" He growled. "I almost killed your son!"

"I know why you did those things. Those weren't the right reasons but I understand why you did it. I don't hate you. I could never hate you because you are my son as well."

"I am your son's hate and despair!"

"You are your own person."

He froze. That's exactly what his counterpart told him.

"I always have a choice…" He whispered.

"Yes. You always do." She said as she kissed his forehead. He jumped at the sudden contact.

"Do you owe this love to me?"

"No. My love for you is unconditional." She said as she hugged him tightly. "You don't need my forgiveness as I never hated you."

That was all. That was all he needed to hear. That was enough to make him explode in tears. He cried for hours in her arms because that was the first time…the first time…the first time that he felt happy.

End of Flashback…

He smiled faintly at the memory. Smiling was weird to him. He still had to get used to it. His walk came to an end when he felt a ki behind him. He didn't need to turn around to identify the person. He knew exactly who it was. He slowly turned around and his eyes widened at what he saw. Normally, looking at him would be looking at the mirror but now. Now it was the exact opposite. The scars, the empty eye sockets, the burnt spots, the lack of hair and skin. It was sickening even for him.

"We need to talk." Kaiser said.

"This should be interesting." Hell Kaiser replied.

Power Levels

Rosaria: 25,000,000,000

Rosaria (Full Power): 35,000,000,000 (A.N: YOUR POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000! Definitely stronger than paper mache or Raditz :D)

Videl Base: 2,200,000,000

Videl Kaioken: 4,700,000,000

Videl Kaioken x2: 9,700,000,000

Videl Kaioken x3: 17,200,000,000

Videl Kaioken x4: 27,200,000,000

Videl Kaioken x5: 39,700,000,000

Brila Base: 4,700,000,000

Brila Super Saiyan: 40,000,000,050

Kaiser Base: 2,500,000,000

Hell Kaiser: 620,000,000,000

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